Google updates Auto Awesome with video support, also adds several new photo features

by: Andrew GrushOctober 29, 2013


Earlier this year at Google I/O we were introduced to a pretty cool feature called Auto Awesome, which allowed us to edit our photos in Google+ and even create our own GIFs. Now Google is bringing Auto Awesome goodness over to videos as well!

At today’s Google+ event, Vic Gundotra announced that the “Auto Awesome Movies” will allow you to take various video clips and turn them into a video highlight reel complete with image stabilization, a music soundtrack, and several other special effects.

Google is giving users the ability to manually make changes to videos, or you can even utilize Google’s advanced algorithms. The algorithms will automatically do things such as match parts of the video clips with the music of your choice.

Beyond adding Auto Awesome Movies, Google is also bringing several new changes to the photo editing side of Google+, starting with the addition of three new filters: motion, action and eraser.

Motion will create automatic GIFs from a series of photos, action will take several photos and create a new image with a movement trail behind it, and eraser gives you the ability to create action shots that remove other people from your pictures — similar to Drama Mode or Samsung’s Eraser.

Google’s auto-enhance is also getting a small update, allowing you to choose whether to use high or low settings.

While none of the changes announced today are necessarily world-changing, they are still very much welcome. So when can we expect to see these new features? From the sounds of it, we can expect the rollout to start today. Unfortunately, it is likely that the app updates will be staged, so it may take a few days for these features to reach everyone.

What do you think of Google’s newly introduced video and photo enhancements – impressed or not?

Update: Google has now taken to their official blog to offer up a few more details regarding all the new photo features unveiled today. In the info, Google also clarifies that while most of the features are widely supported by just about any Android device, Auto Awesome Movies will only work on “certain devices with Android 4.3+”.

  • mixedboi85

    BAD AZZ!!!!! Google has stepped there game up 10x

  • Jivester

    Very nice and am excited for this whole direction!

  • Christian Koch

    and still no Nexus 5…

    • adam evans

      they keep us hanging and keep building the hype all they can !!

  • Richard Borkovec

    “Works with Android 4.3+.” Is that a clue that KitKat is going to be sooner rather than later? Like…real soon?! One can hope!

  • Oli72

    awesome google.

  • systemupdate

    I love the Auto Awesome feature.

  • adam evans

    i love the gifs they make! need a better gallery app though, and better album management i feel

  • TonyTg2

    finally gif making will be easy!!! yeeees