January 11, 2017

Google Assistant can now take and share screenshots as of the Google App 6.10 beta. The option was previously available with Google Now on Tap, Assistant’s predecessor, as part of the screen search function but it wasn’t carried over to Assistant.

Like Google Assistant, Google Now on Tap users can press and hold the home button to deliver information regarding what’s currently on screen (albeit with a slightly different interface). They can also share that screen capture, however, meaning they don’t have to resort to the traditional multi-button press method for taking a screenshot.

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January 9, 2017

This function now appears in the Google App 6.10 beta, so it should also arrive in the final build when it’s set live (we don’t yet know when that will be). You’ll find it next to the “send feedback” button at the bottom of the cards list after you press and hold the home button.

You can then share the screenshot using any of their installed apps, though it will only work where there is text or information that Assistant can read. As such, using it to capture your home screen won’t work.

Scott Adam Gordon
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