Google appears to be readying a new feature for the Google App which will allow users to edit screenshots before sharing them. The new editing tools already appear to be going live for some of those with Google App beta version 6.16, 9to5Google reported yesterday.

When taking a screenshot in the new Google App, you can choose to share it as before, only the sharing box now includes options to crop and draw over it too. The drawing tools are comprised of six colors and an undo button, says 9to5Google.

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Screenshot editing isn’t a new feature as far as Android is concerned but this would be its first native implementation by Google. For now, the feature doesn’t seem to be linked to Google Assistant’s screenshot capabilities, but it may be integrated with Assistant prior to the official rollout.

The update is hitting a handful of users on the Google App beta now but there’s no telling when it will roll out further. Sign up to become a Google App beta tester here.

Scott Adam Gordon
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