Google reduces more apps to just $0.25 as celebrations continue

September 28, 2012
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Did you pick up any¬†bargain¬†apps yesterday? I must confess I did, I couldn’t resist getting the Cat in the Hat for my children and I fell to¬†temptation¬†and got¬†Granny Smith. Well it was hardly a temptation, at $0.25 I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. The good news is that the celebrations are¬†continuing¬†and Google has discounted some more great apps and games today. The sale is¬†scheduled¬†to last five days and here are today’s offers, all at $0.25

Why are all these great apps and games available so cheap? Because¬†Google is celebrating 25 billion app downloads and they are spreading the joy! If you are in any doubt, buy¬†Cut the Rope: Experiments and World of Goo without any hesitation, they are well worth their¬†original¬†price (if not more), but at $0.25 you can’t go wrong.

As you can see with my recommendations above, I like physics puzzle games, so I will most likely get Shark Dash which promises to be a highly addictive game that adds a new twist to the physics puzzler genre and includes some unique cartoon characters.

Also any soccer (football) fans will want to pick up FIFA 12.


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