Google announces stats for its Plus social network

by: Varun RajDecember 6, 2012

Google plus logo

Google launched its Plus social network in mid 2011. The launch was surrounded with a lot of hype and excitement partly due to the fact that the social site of one of the world’s largest tech company was invite-based only in the beginning. Fast forward to today and you’ll see Google revealing some numbers that show how the relatively new social network is doing in terms of daily usage.

According to the company, there are over 500 million Google accounts that have activated Google Plus profiles, which brings the total number of Google Plus users at about half of Facebook’s 1 billion users. Although there are 500+ million people on Google Plus, only 253 million are actively using the social network’s services:

“More than 500 million people have upgraded, 235 million are active across Google (+1′ing apps in Google Play, hanging out in Gmail, writing reviews in Maps…), and 135 million are active in just the stream.”

Google also revealed that around 135 million users are actively using the stream which is Facebook’s news feed-like feature of Plus. While the numbers revealed by Google are good, they are not that impressive especially when compared to Facebook’s stats. However when we consider the fact that Google Plus was just launched last year, the 500 million total user figure looks very impressive, and 135 million active users who check their Plus streams doesn’t seem that bad at all either.

Do you use your Android device to interact with friends via Google+?

  • Joshhud

    Im on Google+ the issue none of my friends are

    • leoingle

      same here, but i still stay active on it.

    • David Manson

      that’s the best part for me. even though my friends don’t use it i can connect to new and interesting people As someone that comes from the days of IRC I find this extremely attractive.

  • IAmVideogames

    I’m so use to people calling it Google+ that reading, “Google’s Plus social network” confused me for a second.. lol.

  • I used to say: Faceboot = old friends, Twitter = new friends. For G+ I don’t know yet, but I use it daily and am slowly building my understanding of how I should use it and also get to know … again, new people. So just give it time.

    • spongeblog

      Person-to-person conversation is for me

    • David Manson

      It’s really for both. Create a circle for people you know.. a circle for those you don’t.. a circle for companies you actually want to follow.. configure your stream for visibility from these circles and join a few communities to get started.

  • Love google+ just that no onei know is on it…

  • spongeblog

    People don’t know they have it. I used to click and sign up for everything, but now I read and constantly update my security settings despite Sergey Brin’s obsession with stealing my soul