If the Google ‘Androidbook’ comes out this year, would you buy one?

by: David GonzalesApril 2, 2013

Android x86
If you’re a fan of Google’s Android operating system — and really, who here isn’t? — then you probably already know that the tablet and smartphone iterations of Android could, at some point in the future, finally become unified. For now, it’s safe to say that Google is doing remarkably well on mobile. But what about the desktop?

Will Google push for greater adoption of the Chromebook? Does it want more people to abandon their old ways and try out stuff like the Chromebook Pixel? Perhaps. But there’s something else that you should know about. Something that, according to a new report based on research from the Taiwanese DigiTimes, could also be in the cards. What exactly is it?

They call it the Google Androidbook. Essentially, it’s an Android notebook from Google.

We know, at first it might seem as if it’s a step in the wrong direction. After all, we didn’t help you replace your laptop with Android apps for nothing. But the concept of an Androidbook, a Google-branded notebook that’s not a Chromebook, is actually nothing new. As a matter of fact, it already exists. It’s called Android-x86.

Well, okay, so that’s not actually the Androidbook, but that’s the actual technology that would allow an Androidbook to exist. It’s what would make Androidbooks possible.

We’ve been able to test Android-powered notebooks in the past — netbooks, to be more specific — and the overall experience was terribly disappointing. The finished products, if you could call them that, lacked polish. If Google does push through with an Androidbook of its own, maybe it could turn the whole Android-powered notebook industry on its head. Or what’s left of it, anyway.

DigiTimes Research estimates that Google might release the first Androidbook before the end of this year. The question is, who would buy it? Would you? Sound off in the comments.

  • They want to attract developers to develop apps for bigger screens. Awesome.

  • adi132

    No I won’t buy it, you know there is somewhere REAL computers out there.

  • Justin Winker

    Uh, depends on how it compares with Windows… If it only does what my phone does, then no.

  • ConCal

    If it is chrome OS and android rolled into one, I will definitely be buying one. 100%

  • Mamamelo Chabruto

    I guess it will depend on the price and hardware customization.

  • Nicktrance

    Probably not. I love android on mobile devices but it will take many years for android to catch up with windows. As a gamer I also doubt gaming will ever compete with windows, considering how far away mac and linux are in that aspect, and I doubt microsoft would be very happy to develop Office for android, and I will not be switching from that until a fully compatible and better alternative is available.

  • Rytkonen

    Yes Id buy it immediately and ditch my crappy and laggy Transformer Prime.

  • chris pinkston

    It could work. Especially at the right price. Cheap windows notebook alternative . Google just needs to develop apps that cover the basics. A word type app and a nice photo/video editing app, both installed .The best arm or qualcomm chips clocked maybe a little higher than phone version. 4gb of ram and 1080p screen.

  • Purlpe

    Would be nice to have a developer machine on android to make android apps

  • It’s gotta be better than Windows 8 right? I would probably buy one if I was in the market for a laptop. http://www.androidappsforwork.com

  • Andrew Mezzi

    Not happening. Google would be competing with itself. It doesn’t seem ready to give up on Chrome yet, and we now know that Chrome and Android won’t merge anytime soon. As long as Google min pushing Chrome, Android won’t come to the desktop.

  • They already have androidbooks, it’s called Android tablets.

  • Jason Bailey

    Don’t trust anything via digitimes lol “DigiTimes Research” amounts to sitting down and making up new crap every day!!!!

  • Dave Weinstein

    well… if, and it’s a big IF, they could make something that’s about the size of the Galaxy Note when folded up, and has a fold out keyboard, then I’d be all over it.

    But it’s a BIG “IF”.

    Other than that, going to a super high-res 15″ display and a truly immense (i.e. 20,000+ mAh) battery would be a way to generate interest in an Androidbook…

    In principle, I like the idea of the Chromebook Pixel, and I love the 2560×1700 display and rest of the specs, but I’m not keen on it’s sub-13in size.

  • raindog469

    When I can replace not only my commonly used desktop apps like Thunderbird (15GB of mail, not including my offline archives, is too much to manage through web mail), Pidgin (a unified buddy list, not half a dozen different apps for all the different networks I’m on), Libreoffice, VLC with full codec support included, Handbrake (and ffmpeg), Transmission, LMMS, Audacity, Eclipse, the GIMP, the Xsane network scanner client, gnome-terminal (not just an ssh client), nicotine, and pan, but also languages like perl, python and PHP and server apps like Apache, MySQL and openssh-server — and install them all from the F-droid market without paying 2 bucks here, 5 bucks there for someone’s shoddy, proprietary, ad-ridden knockoffs of these well-established free software packages (looking at you, SSHdroid… really? adding my own servers to my hosts file amounts to an “ad blocker”?) — then, and only then, would I consider using an Android (or preferably, Replicant) laptop. Till then, it’s fine for my phone and tablet, but for productivity and control over my own hardware, my Xubuntu laptop is indispensable.

    It would probably be an ARM-based laptop, though, not x86, because ARM is where Android development is strongest, and I think it’s going to stay that way.