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Android Wear took the wearable market by storm with its unexpected March announcement. It was, simply put, insane. One wearable platform to rule them all. The hype has settled as Google I/O nears, but Google is now ready to take off again.

Of course, Android Wear will be a main topic at Google I/O, and the company wants to make sure they have apps to show. Google is calling all developers, asking them to show off their awesome apps. And of course, there is a benefit to being one of the first to develop for the new platform.

These developers may get extra exposure at the Play Store, as well as at the company’s yearly developer conference.

“Early participants can gain direct design and product feedback from our team, and possibly, higher visibility from exposure at I/O, our collections and in the Google Play store. Send us an email with a link to your APK and, optionally, open source code to” -Louis Gray

We are hoping to see a major Android Wear launch at Google IO. This is not announced or confirmed, but what event would be more fit than Google I/O to launch the Moto 360 and/or LG G Watch? And Google trying to hear from more developers is only proof that they may be getting ready. You do know what this means, right?

LG G Watch Black and White

Those who go to Google I/O are likely getting an Android Wear device. I am no psychic, but I would be willing to bet on it. The devices should become available to the general public soon afterwards!

I am especially excited about Android Wear. It seems as though Google has created a common platform that will bring uniformity to the wearable industry. Android wear is simple, helpful and uncluttered. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not. And it may very well be Google’s way of taking over this market.

Edgar Cervantes
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  • Lisandro O Oocks

    I thought about that too. Is the only thing that makes sense. That or some sort if Android TV. My money is still on a Android Wear device.

  • MasterMuffin

    It would be cool if they gave Android TV to those attending I/O! I’m going to go there some day just for the “free” stuff (free in quotes because of the price of the ticket)

    • chuckg73

      People usually sell what they get at I/O on eBay. You can save a lot of money and time just buying it that way, instead of buying a ticket, paying for your flight, hotel, and food. Plus the conference is mostly for developers and you taking a ticket just for the garb means possibly one less developer at the conference.

      • MasterMuffin

        Press ticket :P

  • Macalee Harlis Jr.

    If only google somehow put thought into fitness tracking a bit more. A pedometer is not fitness tracking IMO. Heart rate tracker, would be nice. Ik manufacturers design the hardware, but the hardware must be supported by the OS and thats why Google has made a list of preliminary required hardware restrictions for the devices. Still, I am excited to see what android wear brings

  • Kevin

    IMO – All someone needs to do, to get these to take off, is put a GPS chip inside and some memory (maybe a microsd slot), allow apps to be installed and put bluetooth on them.

    You then have a proper watch fitness tracker that you can install say ‘Runtastic Pro’ and ‘Spotify’ on, download your music tracks to the inbuilt memory, listening via your bluetooth headphones and track your run via GPS.

    At a decent price, this alone would sell them – people use phones for the above and have to buy arm bands, and with the increasing sized phones – that is becoming impracticable.