Google Android Tablet To Compete With iPad’s Sales Volume

by: glennSeptember 30, 2011
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The monthly sales of Google certified Android tablets have increased from just less than one million units early this year to about 1.5 million units last month, according to Luke Lin, senior analyst of Digitimes Research.


The figures provided by Google show the monthly sales of Android 3.x-based tablets is fast approaching the level of Android 2.x-based products. As of now, the company is expecting to reach up to 4.5 to 5 million sold Google-certified Android tablets in the third quarter of the year. However, the annual sales of Android tablets are expected to match only 33 percent to 40 percent of the total iPad’s sales, making Apple unbeatable yet again.

Lin emphasized the fact that smartphones that are Android-based took two years after its initial launch to surpass iPhone in terms of shipping and sales last year and until now, there is still an unfilled gap especially with the iPhone market’s continuous expansion.


Google’s upcoming Android operating system which they codenamed, Ice Cream Sandwich, is believed to be capable of unifying the company’s tablet and smartphone platforms in just one system. This will certainly enhance Android’s applications to finally support tablet products and at the same time, improve Android tablets lack of support for many software applications.

With the improving Android tablets’ hardware design and price, the company may just reach the satisfying point of their target market. When this happens, Android can enjoy the same shipment and sale volumes as iPad in the year 2012.

via Digitimes

  • Anonymous

    Won’t be long before Android Tablets start outselling Apple iPads. The technology is better and more compatible with other systems vs Apple.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. ios is a better os than android currently so manufacturers will need to beat Apple significantly in either price or features. And Apple prices ipads far more competitively than it did the iphone.

      Acer, Asus, Dell (and HP) are exiting the android (webos) market:

  • AppleFUD

    I really think it will be gen 2 Android tablets that start selling. The whole Honeycomb thing was a fiasco really. Not to mention the quad-core chips that will finally allow for Chrome to be ported to Android–if it isn’t then that’s a massive mistake.

    All in all Android really hasn’t been up to what it should be on tablets and tablets have been generally very over-priced. That’s all starting to change. I would expect the holiday season this year to see a massive jump in Android tablets. . . can’t wait for the Transformer 2 + Chrome and I’ll be saying goodbye to Windows forever!

  • Jon Garrett

    Now that Amazon has entered the game, I think we can definitely see a huge increase in Android tablet sales.