November 7, 2008
Android is sad

Android is sad

Back in August we mentioned a deal that was brewing between Google and Verizon Wireless that would see Google’s search being integrated into Verizon phones, and we speculated/hoped that this might increase the chance of seeing an Android Verizon cell phone at some point.  Verizon sits firmly in the LiMo camp, after all.

Well, according to the news today, it looks like Microsoft is trying to swoop in and steal that deal from Google, which might hurt our chances of seeing a Google Android powered phone on the soon to be #1 carrier in the U.S. (once it finishes the acquisition deal with Alltel).

There is no hard connection between the search deal and Android showing up on Verizon, of course, but if Verizon spruns Google on this deal, it certainly won’t encourage Verizon bound Android fans.

Darcy LaCouvee
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