Google acquires file sharing app Bump

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 16, 2013


According to a blog post from CEO and cofounder of Bump, David Lieb, the company has been acquired by Google. Bump, which failed to catch onto a large audience, will join forces with Google, but no timetable for the merger was given.

Bump allows your device to “feel” a bump, allowing for file sharing much like we enjoy with NFC. The difference is that it only requires a bump, and access to your location, not so much a back-to-back pairing. Files can be shared between mobile devices, or even a computer (which is why location sharing is so important). Google hasn’t yet announced any plans for the functionality of Bump, but we wonder if it has to do with their strongly rumored smartwatch. Shake hands, exchange contact info or files — it sounds pretty sublime.

Bump also has Flock, a group photo sharing app. Neither app reached a large audience, as other technologies stole the spotlight, but Lieb assured users both apps would continue to work as they always have. In an email, a Google spokesperson told us “The Bump team has demonstrated a strong ability to quickly build and develop products that users love, and we think they’ll be a great fit at Google.”

  • MasterMuffin

    Never heard, but sounds interesting. Maybe they’ll merge it with Drive, or better with Android to allow more ways to share files :)

    • Bryan Z

      yeah this app was kind of a big deal “the whole being able to share files by bumping phones” like 3 -4 years ago. I think they only had it for iOS back then.

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    I imagine it’ll be something they integrate into the os as an alternative to NFC for devices that lack it.

  • RanRu

    Speaking of [smart]watches, does anyone remember the Motorola Aura?
    If Google and Motorola could use the same sort of design from that phone in a smart watch, they could create something biblically beautiful. Again.

  • Gary

    think its a good move by the google team… maybe they can turn bump into something great again after it got pushed out by bigger, more useful companies like Path, Life360 (my personal favorite), and other API rich apps

  • Magnetic1

    This is the app that I used to transfer image files from ios to android. If you own an ios device then you know that you can only upload files to ios easily. Anyway I hope bump doesn’t get put out of commission.