Google said to be interested in acquiring Songza, but why?

by: Edgar CervantesJune 6, 2014


Google’s shopping spree is far from over. The Search Giant’s mission seems to be to take the whole industry, and Songza may just be their very next acquisition. New rumors of such a deal have just emerged, with the New York Post citing “two sources”.

These anonymous leaksters swear Google has been talking to Songza, but the latter may not find the offer too appealing. The Mountain View tech company is rumored to be offering only $15 million, an abismal number compared to Spotify and Pandora’s estimated prices. Songza’s competitors are appraised at about $4 and $5 billion, relatively.

It is true Songza’s numbers are much lower than its competitors, but 5.5 million active users is nothing to scoff at. Even when you consider the 77 million Pandora users and 10 million Spotify users, the numbers just don’t add up. But we are not here to talk business, what we really want to know is why Google would be interested in said company.

google logo Meneame Comunicacion

What does Google want with Songza?

Google Play Music All Access may be a good subscription service if what you seek is a complete collection of songs and albums. You can find nearly all music in there, but the streaming radio service is lacking. To be more specific, Google’s curating software is nowhere close to Songza’s.

Songza screenies

This service caters music based not only on similar artists and music genres, but it chooses them based on moods and environments. This means you can enjoy radio stations labeled as “working in an office”, “working out” or “getting fired up”. The service will then stream songs that relate to your desired mood.

This acquisition may very well be more than just about music. It could be about the unexpected joy one finds in discovering one’s favorite song… it’s about music discovery. This is why Pandora became so popular – it’s unpredictable, yet fun. Google Play Music All Access will need this in the future.

  • Xevro

    First : )

  • James

    So much for the whole Apple is copying Google?!

    People should get used to this cus software features like this are kind of the natural and logical upgrades. Nobody is copying anybody.

    • Adam Koueider

      Well in Google’s defence, this has been rumored for quite some time now. What you’ve got to remember is that these deals take months, even years to be completed, so it’s very likely that both Apple and Google were working on these deals way before any news outlets announced that they were both acquiring a music service company.

      Nobody is copying anybody, it’s a sector of the market that both Apple and Google clearly see as a place to grow and as such, they’re acquiring in order to improve their place in the sector.

      • James

        Yea, I feel the same about the software as well. Having Google to implement it first doesn’t necessary mean that Apple hadn’t thought of the idea before. Apple is known for taking things slow and in the process perfecting what they are working on.

  • joser116

    It doesn’t need this in the future, it needs it now.