Good guy HTC saves the day for melted Galaxy user

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 28, 2014

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one backs aa

Good marketing is more than airing the best commercials, orchestrating the most outrageous publicity stunts, or unleashing the biggest ad budget. Sometimes good marketing is simply a matter of seizing the moment and showing that you care about your customers more than the next guy.

That’s exactly what HTC did for a Reddit user who had a bad experience with a Galaxy S4 and the support he received from Samsung.

TweektheGeek's device

TweektheGeek’s device

Long story short, TweektheGeek’s Galaxy S4 overheated and partially melted one night, without apparent reason. The Redditor got in contact with Samsung, and initially, he was very satisfied with the company’s response. Samsung promised him he would be sent a replacement unit, along with a box for mailing back the damaged device for inspection.

A month later, TweektheGeek reported back that, while he received the mail-back box, he didn’t ever get the Galaxy S4 that Samsung’s reps promised to him. That’s where Leigh Momii, a product manager with HTC, jumped in.

Leigh offered TweektheGeek a free HTC One (M8) under one condition – if Samsung ever sends him the replacement Galaxy S4, the redditor will donate it to a charity of his choice. Oh, and she made it clear that she can’t offer free smartphones to everyone who’s been through a similar problem. TweektheGeek gladly accepted the gift.

Sure, you can look at HTC’s actions like just a PR move meant to gain some goodwill from a community of tech-minded people that are likely to influence the buying decisions of many others. Even knowing that, it’s still nice to see, however, that a large company takes an interest in the problems of average users.

We’ve reached out to Samsung to see what happened on its side and we’ll update if we get a response. As the biggest smartphone maker in the world, Samsung’s devices are often involved in similar incidents. Maybe having a competitor take advantage of stories likes this one will help Samsung – and every other smartphone maker – realize the importance of proper customer care.

  • ashish bisht

    clap clap clap…

  • Abdullah Abdulaziz

    no matter what you say no matter how much you love samsung you gotta admit that samsung costumor support is not good at all i had a samsung phone and i know it. if you get any fault in your phone you need to sit in the Q for hours to get your turn because of big lines, once it took me the whole day from 12;30 in the morning to 6 in the evening and guess what happened they simply said sorry sir time is up we dont take any phones now and the time what i waited was worth nothing and there were like 10 people with me we shout at them and they were not listening so i smashed that smasung galaxy grand in the service centre and leaved promising my self that i will never ever get any samsung device

    • Vincent Gaylie

      I had a similar thing happen to me. I was in the service center waiting to get the dead micro USB port in my s2 replaced when they closed and told everyone to go home, but instead of smashing my phone I purchased the part off them for $15 and installed myself.

      • Abdullah Abdulaziz

        You did a very vice thing there but in my case I was so angry that I couldn’t control and threw it I promised my self not to use Samsung ever again is because they don’t value their customers, and they just want to sell and forget. After that I used HTC, LG, and now sony non of them treated me that way I would say LG is the best when it comes to customers support they give your phone back to you till the evening

        • SContrerasMer

          Costumer services, one of the three things i do like about apple
          the other 2 are Macs and overall design

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      • SContrerasMer

        speaking of which, my SII has lots of stability and charging issues, the Samsung’s service center said that the damage was on the charge regulator on the motherboard and the fix would cost arround $200 , so i went to amazon and bought a Moto G LTE

  • T.J.

    The sad thing is Samsung won’t learn a thing from this.

    • daftchemist

      True. But every little bit helps? It may have an effect on me at least. Which is something.

      • T.J.

        As long as it helps keep you from buying Samsung.

    • ddd

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      • T.J.

        How do you really feel?

        • Mozaik

          Dont worry I think he is a Samsung shill burned by HTC , hahaha.

  • MasterMuffin

    Counter-attack time! Samsung should offer Note 4 for free. And make this a Twitter rap battle while we’re at it :D

    • kaushal

      Yeah man let’s do it

    • coolstorybro

      I came here only to read your comment, Mr Muffin

      • Mozaik

        And Then comment also ;)

  • Abdurhman Yousef

    i have the same phone
    now I’m scared :|

  • Siralf

    Well, it worked for me. I have an even better impression of HTC after reading this. Also a deteriorated one about Samsung. With all their resources they can, definetly, do better (in many aspects)

  • Jun Pellejera

    they’re giving a free phone for someone who bought a samsung phone. what about those who bought the defective htc one (M7) with purple tint issue? we paid for a premium price and our phones are stuck in the service center…5 months and counting!!! #disappointedwithHTC

    • SContrerasMer

      Make sure a Samsung Representative learn this, you migth recive a new Note 4!

    • SP

      I had a defective HTC One (M7) as well with purple tint issue. Visited service center and they replaced the camera within 3 days. Very pleased with HTC service.

  • dandroid13

    I’d get the HTC just to set it on fire. LOL

    • Sam

      I can’t seem to find the joke here..

    • Greeley

      At least it doesn’t set itself on fire

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        DDD is a Samsung representative. Please direct all questions to him.

      • Guest

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    • the death of ddd

      Ever heard of a lithium ion battery? They are bassically a smart battery. They have a micro-chip in them that tells the phone that the battery is fully charged. Once it does that it tells the phone to DENY a charge and lets the battery drain untill about 94-95 percent. At this point it then accepts a charge and repeats the process. If you watch a battery graph you would see this. This was implemented to prevent overheating. I have left all the phones i have ever owned on the charger all night and this has NEVER happened. Please read up on your facts. Now quit being an internet troll and go get some fresh air or learn the fucking english language moron. Dont try to flame me for my post your an internet troll that knows shit all. Kindly shove your puny dick up your ass. Thanks have a great day jackass :)

    • Will S.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen you post here Richard, are you banned??

    • SContrerasMer

      The charge regulator from the phone should cut the energy supply wen charged, it shouldn´t melt

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Pathetic move of a loser(htc).

    And Android Authority happily made an article of that. Shure this will be all over the other menial apple’s propaganda tech media , too.

    Even if Samsung answer, with giving her smartphone and Tab S , just to throw the handicap cheap aluminium brick in some recycling bin, AndroidAuthority and all other apples propaganda will not let us know.

    • T.J.

      Are you sure?

      • The-Sailor-Man

        The menial media dogs will not bite the hand, that feed them.
        Samsung bashing must go on.

  • Christopher Linnett

    Had my s5 for not even two months, the fingerprint scanner had completely died and anything locked by it is inaccessible (the alternate password doesn’t even work) and the headphone jack doesn’t work at all. Not very happy and when I called Samsung (there are no Samsung shops nearby) the extent of their expertise was : try turning it off and on again…. Why do they have morons like this working with tech support.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Cool story

      • T.J.

        You mean S5?

    • SContrerasMer

      you might get a better answer from Sammobile’s Forums

  • Jose Torres

    I personally know somebody who had this same exact thing happen and she got similar treatment from Samsung! Phone “overheated” and melted the connector as it was charging and everything else. It’s disturbing enough to know that these phones are melting so often ( I’ve heard of several though most under different circumstances but all being Samsung phones) but it’s even worse to know that Samsung customer service for not fess up to this problem. This is more than enough to convince me to never EVER but any Samsung Mobile products.

  • Prasana

    I’m here to stand by Samsung. I received an entire screen replacement from samsung within a week for my Note 2 without even asking for it. I just went to the customer service center with a note 2 that won’t turn on (nothing on the screen) and they were the best. They took it apart and told me I had dropped it in the Water and the mother board was nearly fried with white patches (I put it in the swimming pool). Even then, they said I could get a replacement for the screen and they did. Go Samsung. HTC is trying to be good at this game but we already have a clear winner and thats samsung. Yup happy to be a Sammy fanboy!