GoJo: The Real Hands-Free Headset

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 31, 2012

Here’s something new and fresh: GoJo Hands Free Headset—where hands-free is defined as REAL hands-free.

At first, we thought that GoJo was a spoof. But after a few minutes of research, we found out that it is VERY REAL. In fact, it calls itself as ‘the only phone accessory on earth that’s truly hands free.’ It works not only with cell phones and cordless phones but also with a 5 lbs. tablet!

What’s more is that it doesn’t require batteries or any wires—it’s simply a flexible plastic headset that you can slip over your head in one hand. When you receive a call, you can connect your phone to the headset using the suction cup and you’re all set!


The GoJo hands-free headset is a typical as-see-on-TV offer that’s available for $10 for a couple of headsets and 1 supergrip mat. As a promo, they’re throwing in another pair of headsets and supergrip mat.

Check out the video below:


    Are we supposed to be impressed that yet ANOTHER phone accessory is “hands free”? What about BlueTooth or a million OTHER phone accessories that once placed on your head (or in your ear) becomes “hands free”. What makes this device “hands free” and the others NOT? The ad clearly shows that you need your hands to start the use of this device. Just like you need your hands to start the use of sooooooo many other “hands free” accessories. On top of that, they’re asking us (the public) to pay $10 plus $7.95 for p&h and ANOTHER $7.95 for p&h for…….. a PLASTIC HEADBAND!! I can go to the Dollar Store and pay $1 plus the state tax and get something that works nearly as well. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Either lower your prices (p&h included) or stop calling it the ONLY TRULY HANDS FREE DEVICE!!

  • Jellybelly72

    I would just like to let everyone know that this is a load of crap. First of All, I hate the As seen on TV products that give you double the order but you have to pay separate process and handling that is almost the price of the item. But I thought, ‘What the hey! If it works, it’s definitely worth the $25 for all four sets and the two mats, I’ll give it a try.’ I get the package in the mail, and it came in a very tiny box, definitely did not cost $15 to ship. If a company wants to charge you for their product, up the price, do not up the p&h, it’s a load of crap. Secondly, I take out the product, excited to try it out, and put it on my head. It snaps. You’ve got to be kidding me! I’ll admit, I do have a slightly larger head, but definitely not a George Lopez size, and the main spokesperson looks like he has a bigger head than I do. So I get the second pair and have my husband try it on. He is barely able to squeeze it onto his head (at full extension) and it was the most uncomfortable thing to wear. It presses into your head so tightly, it gives you a headache. Definitely not something I would want to wear for very long, or do a back flip in. I don’t understand why a company comes out with a very sensible idea that would accommodate to many people, and make it out of cheap material just so they can screw people over. Thirdly, I hate it when these As Seen on TV companies always let you return their product, but will never refund your p&h. Well that explains why it’s so high. They charge you $15 for p&h that you can’t get back and then you have to pay for shipping to send their crappy product back to them. You could at least shell out for a return label. This whole experience was just terrible and I will probably never buy an as seen on tv product again. But anyone thinking of buying the GOJO, DON’T.