Gmail updated to version 4.5

by: Nate SwannerJune 3, 2013


Since I/O, Google has been updating quite a few of their mobile apps. A few design tweaks have been made, like removing the bottom bar in favor of two separate top menus. We told you about a Gmail update before, and we’re glad to see it’s finally happening.

This update, which brings the app in line with a few other Google-y apps, is just as nice. It follows the design cues of Play Music or Drive, with the top left menu housing your accounts and labels. The right side menu will continue to be your action and settings menu, with the “Search” and “New” buttons staying put.

Like the desktop version, Gmail for Android gets the organizational luxury of “categories”. Those tabs are meant to filter email messages into a type of sub-folder system, rather than clutter your inbox. While they’re currently static (Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums, and Primary), we hope for customization in a future update.

The tablet UI is the same, though the left menu remains on the screen. You can get it on the Play Store, but don’t hold your breath. Google plans on rolling the update out incrementally, and there are plenty of users to get through.

  • Addison Todd

    Download the APK here.

    • karthik m

      Thanks a lot!..for sharing the APK…

  • Benjamin Pavel

    Version 4.5 ?
    Doesn’t Google usualy update Gmail and some other apps to the same version as the recent or yet to be announced Android OS ?
    Could Android 4.5 be a Key Lime Pie ? =P

    • Spoken Word™

      No! Gmail and all other Google apps get updated all the time whether there’s a new OS version or not. In the last month alone almost all Google apps got an update.

      • Benjamin Pavel

        Yes they were updated but to what version ?
        4.3 version was before and we already have leaks and video that 4.3 Jelly Bean exist at least for Nexus 4.
        4.5 could be KLP and apps were updated so 4.5 Android can go under private beta testing.

        • Bill

          Gmail != Android

  • Christopher Heidt

    I downloaded the apk today, and I love the different tabs, but a concern and a question:
    Concern: in the old Gmail mobile widget, I could scroll through all of my current email. In the new widget, it gives you an option to choose a tab to view (Social, Promotions, etc), which you can’t change, unless you delete the widget and re-set it up. There IS an option to choose ‘ALL MAIL’, but it says ‘999+’ (idk why: must be referring to the mail I have archived), and if I choose THAT, it doesn’t show any of it in the widget… just says ‘View more conversations’, making me have to click it to see them and thus rendering the widget worthless.
    Question(s): In the Gmail mobile app, when I click on a tab, say Social, there are all of the emails listed there, and there are colored boxes to the left. I know the letter stands for the first letter in the name of the missive (‘F’ for ‘Facebook’, etc), but what are the colors for? I thought that each of the tabs had a color? Why are there multiple colors under one tab? And how do I tell what color means what? If orange is for Social (for example), wouldn’t it be better to have an ‘S’ in the orange box? I’m not really understanding the system, and I can’t find an answer anywhere. If someone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it :)

  • Paulo Campoy

    perfect… tks Todd!

  • sandiluna

    Why does delete button have to be in settings in 4.5. Sure would be nice if it was in the top button menu in opened mail!

    • coastaljeff

      Agree completely. usability is crushed if you have to open a message to be able to delete it. To delete 5 e-mails formerly took six clicks. Now it takes 15 clicks. Horrible.