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Earlier this month Google pushed out a major update to Gmail, bringing with it several design changes. While most of these changes were well received, some users didn’t take kindly to the disappearance of the delete button in the quick-access bar.

To be fair, the button never really went away. By default it was turned off from the quick access bar, but you could always bring it back from within the settings. The problem was that many folks either didn’t know this, or simply felt it was a foolish move to have made the change in the first place.

If you were one of those users that felt removing the delete but was a bad move on Google’s part, you’ll be happy to know that the delete button has returned to the quick-access bar by default in the latest version of Gmail. The update also brings the ability to tap on sender images to select multiple messages from within the conversation view.

Anything else? Not really, other than the changelog does make mention of unnamed “bug fixes”.This new update might not be anything revolutionary, but at least its nice to see that the Gmail team is paying attention to user feedback.

To grab the update for yourself, head over to Google Play now.

Andrew Grush
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