Gmail app trouble hitting users. Are you affected?

by: Bams SadewoMarch 22, 2012

Following this rant on how Google’s home-cooked apps, particularly the Gmail app, don’t seem to be on the best of terms with their new Ice Cream Sandwich buddy, the timing has never been better (sorry, Google) to report this little hiccup. Our reader Jeff has tipped us off that many Gmail users have been experiencing difficulties accessing the Gmail app on their phones and tablets since yesterday. And we’re not just talking about ICS.

One common problem that users are experiencing is how the screen of the app just freezes and stops responding after being launched. Some people also report continuous screen flickering between the app and the homescreen. Unfortunately, the problems persists even after hard rebooting the device.

From a quick check, devices that are affected include Photon 4G on Sprint, Motorola Atrix on AT&T, Nexus S 4G, LG Optimus S on Sprint, Epic 4G on Sprint, HTR Raider on Rogers, MyTouch 4G Slide, Acer A500, and the list goes on. This is definitely one problem that does not discriminate, since it has been noticed on various Android platforms, both stock and rooted devices.

Have you been experiencing some abnormality with the Gmail app on your device? Chime in below and share the information. We’ll update this post as we hear more.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

[Update] Google says that a server issue caused the problems, which should now be solved. Here’s the statement from support:

We’ve isolated the issue and put a fix in and so the flickering should stop. If the flickering does not stop for you, try removing and re-adding the account on your device. If that does not work, feel free to reach out on this thread and we can continue to investigate. Thank you for all of your patience.

Does the fix work for you?

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    G-MAIL working fine on my MOTOROLA PHOTON,I was made aware of the bug via email from the G-MAIL app, how ironic.

    However,what affects one doesn’t necessarily affect all, as I recently had an issue w/new inbox mail not showing up until I manually refreshed the G-MAIL app inbox.

    I tried everything & the only remedy was a factory reset.
    May wanna try un-installing updates to the app first to see if this helps.

    • I think I remember a similar issue several weeks ago, where I wasn’t receiving email messages until I hard-reset the device (HTC Evo 4G). No issues now though :)

      • Heather012

        I have Samsung Epic 4 Touch and my gmail isn’t refreshing either. Seems to have started after an update that Sprint had me do to solve a connectivity issue, which didn’t work. I’ve update the gmail app but that hasn’t fixed it either. I don’t know what to do.

  • Frodough2k7

    works fine on SGS2 i9100, CM9 nightly

  • Colinjwickham

    Ive also just had this problem crop up on my galaxy tab 10.1

  • GBGamer

    It works fine on my DDW T989 T-Mobile Galaxy S2.

  • Sc_fleming

    Gmail on my Nexus S has been down all day and it’s KILLING me!

  • RickRussellTX

    Gmail dedicated app on Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Sprint) seems OK, but honestly my e-mail solution is the Gmail mobile web site. It makes much better use of screen space than any of the dedicated apps. I suppose if I were away from 4G networks for a long period, I’d want off-line e-mail, but for 99% of e-mail tasks the mobile web site works great.

  • eClipse

    Xoom w/ ICS – no issues.
    Vibrant, rooted but stock, no issues

  • Jmjandebeur

    3 identical bionics, works fine on 2 but the wife’s is flashing and locked. hers was bought 4 months later if thats any difference.

  • SteveO

    Not working on my Tmobile Galaxy S 2. Rooted, Juggernaut 5.0, bullet kernel.

  • quez91

    HTC Sensation 4g gmail having same issues, I wish it can be fixed now

  • dkm

    My Htc Sensation is having all these symptoms.I have 4 of my gmail accounts working fine , but my primary email has gone wacko

  • ColdFire98

    Started happening early Thursday on my Droid X. I have two Gmail accounts in my Gmail app, the main one and a work one. Only the work one is showing up. Only way to get the main account to show is to remove the work one, but then I get the freezing and screen flickering issue. Thought it was just me so I started shopping for a different phone. Guess I’ll just use the Browser or Email app until this is fixed.

    BTW, my phone isn’t rooted, and is pretty much default (don’t run very many apps).

  • Issue cropped up on my Droid Bionic running Eclipse 2.2 based off Motorola’s .902 system framework (Android 2.3.4) Issue would persist even when I force-closed Gmail, wiped data, rebooted into recovery, then wiped cache/dalvik. I restored a Nandroid from 24 hours before and my Gmail app began to behave again. Weird!

  • Noes67

    My Gmail-app stopped working yesterday. Tried everything until I read your article. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S2. Hope it will be fixed soon!

  • Ralf Schemmann

    Gmail app stopped working on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 yesterday. It keeps constantly refreshing, making it unusable.

  • Stefan

    I also experience These Problems. Seems not to be solved for me (23. March 2012 13:54 Germany).
    Nexus one with stock ROM android 2.3.6 Build GRK39F

  • PGP56

    HTC Wildfire S: gmail stopped updating to inbox a couple of days ago. Tried clearing data but screen now blank with a message saying “waiting for sync- your email will appear shortly”

  • Disgruntled

    My brand new Droid 4 began having this issue this morning (3/23/12). I rebooted several times to no avail. It is always flickering or freezing. I downloaded another app that reads gmail for the time being.

  • Uff thought something went wrong with my phone… Xperia ARC S… it seems like only primary e-mail account is causing the problem, I have 2 accounts and only one works, the other one acts strange etc…with Gmail app, stock E-mail app on the phone works ok… so till Google comes up with a fix this one can be used…

  • Linus

    Totally flashing on SGS2 running checkrom revohd, can only remove google account by restoring to factory settings, fuck this!

  • Lindsaysooy

    Not working on HTC Droid Incredible. I’ve uninstalled twice w no change.

  • Joel Schmidt100

    Not working on HTC Desire HD. Started this morning and still a problem as of now.

  • Dyuill100

    still not working on htc evo… done hard reboot and removed and re-added account, still no luck.

  • Pato

    I’ve been having the same problem since yesterday (Thursday 22nd) on my Nexus One. Rebooted but still didn’t work. I have three Google accounts, one gmail and two for work. The one for gmail is the one not working. When I try to remove this account, it warns me that I’ll loose all data on the phone! Seems to me that the app is the one with the problem.

    • Frank Attard

      Same for me on Samsung Galaxy S2 – I have two gmail accounts, one personal and one for work (dedicated domain). The standard gmail which is the primary account on my mobile is acting up. I cannot remove this primary account as
      it would reset my data. The other account works without issue.

    • Frank Attard

      Working fine for me finally

  • Gyrengimble

    Not working on my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1. Not flickering as it was yesterday, but still has blank screen for Gmail .

  • Arelle

    So, there’s obviously no real fix for this? We’re stuck having to reformat just to see if it works?

  • DroidMe

    Works fine on Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

  • BPW

    My Motorola Droid 2 (Verizon) has been plagued for 3 days with a GMail (v bug that freezes the keyboard from typing mid-email. Then it appears to slow the processing down. I also get error messages that give the option to ‘Force Close’, ‘Report’, ‘Cancel’. Hard rebooting does not work to solve problem. Under ‘Manage Settings’, after clearing data & cache, uninstalling the app and updates also gave me fits to the point that it would not uninstall the GMail app so I could reinstall it!

  • spb

    Eee pad here, same problem started 3/28/12.

  • rox

    I experienced the described problem on my nexus s and tried clearing cache and restarting phone, no diff. – then I un/reinstalled the gmail app and that didn’t help. I was on and someone mentioned having problems with flashplayer at same time and I decided to remove the flash 11.1 app I had installed and the gmail problem was resolved immediately.
    For some reason, lifehacker didn’t publish my comment (twice) !

  • Kempyz

    I am unable to set my gmail account up on my Galaxy S2. It says “can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server.” I am able to surf the internet on my phone through wifi. Am really frustrated as I can’t download any apps!!! Any help?

  • banjoonmyknee

    Yup, I’m down. Posted to #gmailoutage hashtag on G+ just to see how quickly it hits trending topics on there. :-)

    It’s not just my phone, I can’t access GMail from anywhere. I wonder if this is part of the Google Drive rollout?

  • Smadabj

    mail windows dont respond, scramble, cant see complete message or reply without going to new window. Dell mini with windstream! getting really old…

  • dingus

    Gmail not syncing. Have to go into browser. Delete mail in app, then go into browser, it’s still there. Also native yahoo client not working as well. Says ” Unable to login”. Fell like I’m on laptop, have to do everything from browser now.

  • dingus

    Also for the love of god pinch to zoom and allow us to delete trash!

  • Ericalynknight

    I have 2 gmail accounts….and I am not receiving anything to my Samsung Galaxay S2. I thought maybe it was something that I did. I even unistalled a Gmail update…and still nothing.
    Very frustrated!!!! I was still getting some calendar updates…and now nothing, notta, ziltch!!
    I reeeeally hope this doesn’t take long to fix!

  • Jason

    My gmail app recently won’t sync my email. It worked fine for about two weeks after moving from Gingerbread 2.3.4 to ICS 4.0.3, but then stopped…

    Samsung Galaxy S2, GT-i9100, running official ICS 4.0.3.

    Gmail app was updated to ver. 4.0.5, then rolled back to 4.0.3 and back to 4.0.5.
    I deleted then re-added my gmail account.
    Gmail app data and cache have been cleared several times.
    I’ve done a phone off / phone on cycle several times.
    I’ve gone to in the hope it might be a captcha problem…

    None of the above attempts have revived the app to sync – in fact, it now has no email or label, and just will NOT connect to google’s mail system. No network activity showing on the 3G connection icon in the status bar whilst the app is attempting to sync.

    I can access my email through Opera Mini, and using the native IMAP client supplied with hte Samsung ICS update.

    I can access the Play store and see my apps there. (Couldn’t do this until I deleted and re-added my gmail account.) The email app though, is still dead…

  • Pantherpoo

    Me too. Samsun Galaxy 2 – Gmail just won’t connect. I have rebooted the phone 3 times. The GMail is working online on the pc so its obviously a phone issue. Not happy :-(

    • Petey

      you need to go to the samsung www, go to “my samsung” & register, then you are away ! worked for me :)

  • Guest

    I use a Samsung Galaxy SII, Epic 4G Touch, (Sprint, Samsung model# SPH-D710). When I initially activated my phone on May 11. 2012, the Gmail App worked perfectly fine. However, I cannot pinpoint the date; but, approxiamtely 7-10 days ago the Gmail App on my GSII stopped receiving my Gmail. My phone App even indicates 2 INBOX; however, I cannot open the box. My PC Gmail account is working flawlessly and without issue. I sent several emails to my address in an attempt to view / open them on my phone. They never appeared on my phone App; but, they appeared on my PC program without issue. I believe I recall a Gmail App update that I allowed since I activated my phone and I think that is what caused these problems….the timing of 7-10 days ago seems accurate, too. This is frustrating as all, as I stronglt rely upon it. Does the iPhone platform have these issues???

  • joedogz

    I had the same problem start a couple days ago with the sync and I found my sync setting off under accoutsunami. weird cause I never touched it. it is possible an update of android unticked it. I ticked it again and Google is magically working

  • Fox

    my gmail app on my samsung galaxy s3, won’t notify me when an email has arrived. I have to open and refresh, to see whether there is any new email. This is really annoying; this is the same as me checking my mail on a PC.

  • Bug with my asus tf300.

  • My gmail is doing the old sync icon spin and frozen as a result. I went to settings, to accounts & sync, and found a sync error icon. Below it said sync is experiencing problems and will be back shortly. We’ll see. Any suggestions, folks?

  • rose

    After rebooting my HTC wildfire s phone yesterday on 29sep I couldn’t sync into my gmail account & I am still experiencing the same problem after I sign in it starts to load and then after 5 minutes it says couldnot connect to w reliable server .
    Plz someone help..what do I do????

  • Martha Christofferson

    So the only support we get for issues is this stupid forum???? Get Real! I get mail, I can’t respond to My mail….it goes to the outgoing box, tells me to resend it repeatedly….there is NOTHING on Gmail to CONTACT a PERSON about this….just rerouted to damn Android apps that I don’t need. I got my gmail as my primary on my mobile, now how does this help me if I can’t return mail and am NOT IMMOBILE in front of a computer????

  • jeff

    Samsung galaxy stratosphere 2. Its flickering and when I highlight my pw its like it trying to open and reopen over and over again. 9/29/13