Gmail now allows you to send larger files, thanks to Google Drive integration

by: Andrew GrushNovember 27, 2012


Ever had a situation where you needed to send a few larger files over email, only to find that what you were sending out would have went over the file limit size? The good news is the days of 25MB file limits are over for Google users, thanks to the integration of Google Drive into Gmail.

Instead of a measly 25MB, you can now upload up to 10GB through Gmail. We doubt that many of you are planning on sending 10GB attachments with your email messages anytime soon. Still, this is really useful for special circumstances such as sending family and event photos through an email that go over the small 25MB limit.

The reality is that 25MB isn’t much these days, so this is a wise move on Google’s part. Keep in mind that you really aren’t emailing these large files. Instead, Google is just sending a link to your recipients that allow them to grab the files from your Google Drive account.

To get in on the new larger file capabilities you will need to opt in to the new compose feature found in Gmail, if you haven’t already. Also keep in mind that the feature is said to be rolling out over the next few days, so it might not be available for you yet. Have you tried the new Google Drive integration with Gmail? What do you think?

  • Amin Zameel

    Excuse me .Can you send me a 25.000001 MB file.

    GOOGLE BEFORE: get lost………..

    GOOGLE NOW: have you signed up your Google Drive account ?

    • Nevi_me

      Do people need a Drive account to download the attachment? I think I have downloaded stuff from someone’s Drive without an email account.

      If so, then it makes no difference, and is actually better because some Exchange accounts are configured to reject mails with large attachments. It’s way better to receive a link saying “download incredibly huge file here” instead of “screw you, contact IT explaining why you think we should release this mail”.

      Another thing is that most desktop mail programs don’t handle downloading and uploading of mail very efficiently. I have had Outlook download a file twice in the past before showing it in my inbox, same with sending items.

      Lastly, you don’t wanna be that poor guy with limited data, who suddenly exceeds his data cap because his mail app didn’t warn him that the files he’s receiving is large (happens to us at work as we work away from the office a lot, and have Outlook open all day)

  • Chris R

    I just opted in but it did not allow me to send lager files, I guess I must wait a few days and see.

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