Gmail 4.7 brings vacation auto-responders, more file types in attachments, and printing support

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 11, 2013

gmail 4.7 android app (1)

Google is updating its Gmail Android app to version 4.7, bringing an auto-responder option, the ability to print emails (for KitKat users only), the ability to download archived attachments and to attach any type of file.

The auto-responder feature should come in handy to users taking time off from work this holiday season. The functionality is pretty straightforward – you can set the interval for the auto-responder to run, the subject line and the message text, and an option to only send automatic replies to contacts.

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The latest version of Gmail now supports cloud printing, a feature introduced in Android 4.4 KitKat. You can choose to print an entire email thread or just select messages. You are presented with the available printers and some basic options like number of copies and paper format. It’s another feature that not many users need on a mobile device, but that can turn out to be a lifesaver in some situations, and it’s good to see Google continuously beefing up the functionality of its mobile app suite.


Google removed the restriction on archive attachments downloads – up until now, the Gmail app did not allow users to download ZIP and other archive files, supposedly due to security reasons.

You can now also attach any type of file, not just videos and pics. This includes all kinds of documents, a real boon for mobile workers.

Finally, Google applied some improvements to memory consumption as part of Project Svelte, which should make the app faster and more responsive.

If you haven’t already, you should receive an update notification for Gmail over the following days.

  • NeedName

    it’s about time these ridiculous restrictions on file types were removed!

  • Tim

    Now if only we could use the signature from the web version of our Gmail accounts like I’ve been able to do on the iOS version for over a year now.

  • Alu Zeros

    Haven’t seen 4.7 or the device manager app in play store yet

  • SimonReidy

    As a recent convert from iOS to Android – I love nearly everything about Gmail on Android – its hands down the best mobile email experience. However coming from iOS there’s actually one rather large omission that bugs me – no support for rich html. With the Gmail app for iOS (or any mail client on iOS for that matter) I can select a whole web page from Chrome, copy and paste it into a new Gmail while retaining most of the original web page’s formatting. Great for when you want to share an entire article (complete with pictures and wrap around text).

    Even just the ability to change font, add bold & italics & formatted links, would be a huge benefit to me. Just as you can do on Gmail desktop.

    I know many people prefer plain text, and that there can be security vulnerabilities with html emails. Is this the reason that you cant copy rich html from one Android app to another? (& retain its formatting). Android seems to be plain text only unless I’m missing something.