Gmail 4.7.2 Android app update enables auto-show images feature [Download]

January 9, 2014


    The Gmail Android app has been updated to version 4.7.2, which brings users a feature that’s already available in the desktop version of Gmail, and that is automatically showing images in emails.

    Back in December, Google announced that all its Gmail app versions, including desktop and mobile will get the security feature – basically Google is serving images from its own proxy servers now, which means email senders can’t use images for malicious purposes – and it’s now time for the Android application to be updated (see following image).

    gmail-4.7.2-update-1 Android Police

    Android Police has already pulled the APK which measures 4.7MB, is signed by Google and can be already downloaded (see Source link below). Alternatively, you can download it directly from the Google Play Store – the Gmail app has been updated on January 8, the store says, although it hasn’t updated the “What’s new” information yet to reflect the new additions.

    If you’d still like not to have images automatically shown in your email, you have a settings option to disable the feature even after the update to Gmail 4.7.2.


    • Nathan Buffington

      Sweet! So happy, this should have been in it for years


      who uses email today. Ever heard of snapchat.

      • Sharath

        Yeah heard of it,its database were hacked. :P

      • Phil Rigby

        That’s one of the most ignorant comments I’ve heard in a long time. Grow up, little boy.


          Ironic you haven’t actually tried snapchat.

          • Phil Rigby

            How would you know what I have or haven’t done?


              well have you.

            • Phil Rigby

              Yes I have. What’s that got to do with anything?


              then why do you use email


              or even use a messaging service if youre too much of a dinosuar for snapchat

            • Phil Rigby

              Ummm… because I’m not a spotty faced 13 yr old who thinks if it’s not “social media” it’s not cool?

              Anyway, I’m done with you.


              I’m done with you..dino

      • chirag

        your name.


          whats wrong with it?

      • swtrainer

        Yep…heard of snapchat…never heard of you…

    • Jayfeather787

      Awesome can’t wait for official update. Also, small typo, in 2nd paragraph at the end where it says “…(see followin image).