The Glassdoor app now tells you if you’re being paid enough

by: Scott Adam GordonOctober 19, 2016

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Glassdoor, the job search and review website, has released a new feature which can tell you if you’re being paid fairly. The search function, entitled ‘Know Your Worth’, asks for key details about your current occupation and previous experience to determine if your wage is more or less than the average for your industry.

Once you’ve filled in your details, Glassdoor will display a graph of your pay versus your market value over time, which could help inform your future business decisions.

In a blog post, Glassdoor CEO and co-founder Robert Hohman said: “Most people think that salary changes every couple years, but the truth is that salary can change every single day, demand for jobs changes every single day all of which we are in a position to see with Know Your Worth.”

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Glassdoor is one of a number of websites which offer salary estimates but this is the first time it has rolled out such a specific and comprehensive tool for analyzing the job market.

The feature is currently still in beta and doesn’t account for every possible role and location, or details like bonuses and incentives, though these may follow in a future update.

If you want to see how much you’re worth, download GlassDoor from the Google Play Store at the link. Let us know how it works for you in the comments.

Download GlassDoor from Google Play!
  • yvette.fancher

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    • McFake

      Those robots tho.

      • Pavan G

        For once these robots are at the right article :P

  • Kitty K

    lol, i work in healthcare (uk) and i KNOW we aren’t paid enough but talking about financial gains doesn’t involve job satisfaction. i used to work at a popular coffee shop and was paid far more per hour but id rather work in healthcare for simply job satisfaction. its not just about money… my opinion of course

    • Jack_Package

      how is this relevant? This tool is for comparing if you’re paid fairly in your field. It’s not for comparing apples and oranges..

      • Porscheproletos

        If you are paid fairly in your field has nothing to do with a marketing app. It has to do with your negotiation talent, your individual hard and soft skills, work experience and what the market can effort to pay for you. Such apps are nothing more than rubbish statistic nonsens. Comparing apps like this with real life is comparing apples and oranges.

      • Kitty K

        i do see where you are coming from, however i dont need an app or website to tell it me, i just speak to other professionals in my field to gauge if the company i work for is paying me enough… for example i know that if i move my job to a similar home with s similar job title i will be paid slightly more per hour because i know people who work there… i dont need a computer which works on statistics to tell me how much i should be paid…

  • Mike E

    Would be nice if they made it region-specific instead of just U.S. based.

  • ysun

    Site is down, must be so much traffic hitting that site at the moment