The launch of the Galaxy Note 2 is upon us! To celebrate the launch of this epic device, we are giving a brand new Galaxy Note 2 to one lucky Android Authority reader! Check out our full Galaxy Note 2 coverage and learn how you can win up to 10 tickets for our sweepstakes.


Everyone knows how much of a battery guzzler 4G phones like the Galaxy Nexus can be. At a push, the stock battery should be able to last through a day, but some sacrifices... need to be made. Wouldn’t it be neat to have an extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus and enjoy that extra bit of power juice?  This is where Sprint’s generous offer comes into play.

Though Decembe...


Hey guys, as you may know, we are attending COMPUTEX, the largest technology exposition in Asia and the second largest event of this kind in the world.

UPDATE – July 2,2012

The... winner has been announced, Mike M from Clearfield, UT is the winner of the Tegra 3 prize pack giveaway, congratulations Mike and thanks to all who entered the giveaway! Stay tuned for more give-awa...


You asked for it and we listened. We decided to pony up the $800+ and give everyone another chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3. Last month’s Galaxy S3 international giveaway was... a massive success, and the lucky winner, Brian Codder from the US, won himself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3. Congrats, Brian!

At Android Authority, we’ve been lucky enough to get our hand...

This will be the phone to beat in 2012 - the Samsung Galaxy S3

This will be the phone to beat in 2012 - the Samsung Galaxy S3

Aww yeah! Who wants some Samsung Galaxy S3 goodness? Who? You! Yeah you!

Well guys, we’ve done... the giveaway and man, there was a lot demand.

And for good reason! The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the hottest device of 2012 – so far.


Samsung-Galaxy-S3 aa giveaway

We here at Android Authority, live and breathe Android, and we love nothing more than to play around with the coolest Google-powered gadgets. Oh well, maybe there is something that we like more... – sharing the joy of Android with you, our loyal readers.

It is your support and your attention that have propelled us to the forefront of the Android blogosphere. So, from time to time, we try...


It’s been one year since NVIDIA debuted the Tegra Zone, the premier destination to get games optimized for Tegra specific hardware. The jump in performance from Tegra 2 to Tegra 3 was... absolutely massive, and the number of quality titles that keep popping keep getting better as time goes by. If you’ve never seen them in action, then you’re missing out, as the titles of...

First off, a huge thanks to  iPadAlternative  for giving away their latest and greatest Android 4.0 tablet!

It was a huge success and there were over 3700 entries! We will be holding... international giveaways regularly for you guys, to show our appreciation!

The winner is?

The winner goes by the name of Mark Burdon! We’ve just contacted him with the good news, and have...


Our love for Android is unquenchable. Our loyalty to you, our readers, unfathomable. Are you excited for the next Galaxy phone?

With the Samsung Galaxy S3... launch date just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to give you, yes you, a chance to win what is likely to one of the best Android phones of 2012. We are anticipating the new Galaxy ph...