GIVEAWAY Win Android Collectables – Mini Summer 2011 Special Edition

November 5, 2011
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    Haven’t gotten the Summer 2011 Android Mini Series?

    Our friends from The TakenShop in Malaysia are feeling very generous and have decided to give away two sets of the “Heroes & Villians (4 figures in a set) series to two of our lucky readers!

    The best part of this giveaway? It’s international! It doesn’t matter if you’re from Neverland or from the Shire, you’ll be sure to receive your prize – if you’re lucky enough to win. If you prefer just buying the Summer Edition straight up, remember stocks are limited. There’s also a new 2011 Halloween Don Pablo Calaveroid figure available.

    Check out their official site.

    Contest Rules

    In order to be entered for the contest, like The Taken Shop & Android Authority’s Facebook Pages.

    You will be entered into the contest each time you like each page, and if you want to be entered a 3rd and final time, you can leave a comment below!

    Contest duration – 31st October till 6th November. Closes at 11:59pm (0.00 GMT)

    For more information on the items, check out the Android Collectables at Taken Shop!

    Good luck!


    • Anonymous

      hopefully we can have tutorial how to build an android app later ;)

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        Thanks for the idea – we will definitely work on this and provide it for you ASAP!

    • mitchell lara

      nice figures

    • androidlover<3

      More about best android apps/games pls!

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        Working on it now! Thanks for the tip!

    • Ant

      More info on NFC !!

    • Kusdianto Yang

      More game review…
      tweaking tips….
      games news

      Thumbs up for Android

      best regard
      Kzd Yang

    • Yi Feng

      develope for free GPS~

    • Pavel Zeldin

      its the best content site out there, with frequently updates, and its fun to read everything in it !

    • Dan Chong

      i want these!!!!!

    • Azain

      andorid rule!!!

    • Min Min

      It is great with frequent updates of android news. Love when giving out freebies!

    • HitMit

      I want to read contents about droid goods. :-)

    • Tang Tung Ai

      Great site with very informative Droid related stuff. Love it. I wish to see more weekly review such as Weekly Top 10 New Apps if possible. Anyhow..great jobs guy! Keep it going.

    • 90

      More & More Android Updates! Following Android HERE!

    • Leet Koki

      I’d really love to see some more in-depth research and facts of the companies and patents that is related even in the slightest bit as this will increase the knowledge and will lead to an even larger knowledge base.

    • June Yong

      Just simply love when giving out freebies!. It is best content with frequent updates of android news.

    • Wayne Ymh

      cool given out and of course more updates about new products =)

    • meilian.lim

      Android Authority is an useful site to get all Android news. It would be great if you can also post some Android events happening in Malaysia and Singapore that we can participate.

    • Littlecheetah_27

      Great website for android updates! yes more game reviews please! :)

    • Linex Loh

      wow! I love the cute Anbroid soooo much!!!! hahaha!!! very creative!

    • Fendee1

      Add to my ipad destroyer series.

    • João Melo

      more top apps,tricks and features for different jobs and user types… like every week a new android user and a “Pack” of top apps/games/tricks to that type of user

    • gregory davis

      taken shop has some good stuff

    • Karin Teodorovicz

      omg they’re so cuuuuute!

    • MGray579

      I love the collectables, i think they are adorable!..

    • Mulder Sam

      Android Authority is simply awesome..great authors coming out with brilliant ideas and facts that gonna bring millions of information for Android Fans! Great job! Once an Android Fan, you never eat Apple again!

    • TeeJay

      I’d like Android Authority MORE if i ever won something!!! j/k Keep up the great werk!!!

    • Jeremie Laviolette

      Must have caped-droid!

    • Jeremie Laviolette

      Love the Moustache!

    • Eric Nirta

      Looks like robo cop became a droid!

    • Ryan Matchett

      Must Have!! Kids will love these!

    • Enrique Oropeza (Kike Oropeza)

      I just bought my new Android Phone and this would be a great start for my Android collection!…. Thanks Android Authority and Taken Shop

    • Anshu Prabhat

      android authority is awesome!
      the reviews are always quick and to the point…

    • Jowin Yip

      The Android Authority is the ultimate android site. For new Android fans like me, this site has been a gold mine of information and news. Subscribed the day I discovered it. One suggestion – include Android developer news as well – I’m hoping to come out with an app for Android soon! =)

    • Ed

      Android Authority is a go to site for everything Android. Would love to see more detailed hands on with new devices.

    • Ondrej Speta

      I read Android Authority every day! The articles are just soo interesting to read :-) The only thing, that Im missing is some video to every article. Or to as many articles, as its possible :-)

    • Steve Mathis

      Like Kool Aid says, “Oh Yeah!”

    • Sh4dy08

      This is a unique giveaway. Too good.

      • Randy Ashar Khoo

        Yup. Other sites just gives you one.
        This giveaway are 2 sets – (4 figures per set).
        It’s an amazing giveaway!

    • David Pond

      Love the giveaway. Awesome.

      It would be nice to see a daily review of the free app in the Amazon store. In reading Android Authority on a daily basis, it would be nice to see some information about how the daily free app is perceived.

    • Demetris Evagoras Drakos

      Sounds awesome!

    • Haseeb Shaikh

      Great giveaway. Android Authority is doing a great job with reviews and news!

    • DroidBoy415

      I hope I win ’cause I am a huge Android Fan!

    • Yanick Villeneuve

      Very cool! hope I will win!!!

    • Kevin Kerr

      I love the in depth comparisons between the future processors and hope to see some benchmarks!

    • Alexg

      damn nifty site, first time here looking for rooting clues for my Galaxy s device.

    • karmays

      I think this is nice to let the beginner like me to know the latest news and reviews! sharing is caring,so i hope i can see more in the future.

    • Joshua Richards

      Android Authority is actually pretty dope. I’d love to see some developer news though, I feel like the blogosphere is missing that.

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        Hey Joshua,

        There’s quite a few comments here that are saying the same thing. Good ideas – we’ll do our best to make it a more important component of our coverage going forward. Thanks for the tip!

    • Sjr2377

      Amazing giveaway!! Site is pretty good too!!

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      I’m planking on a hill in Serbia!

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      Nice giveaway! Pretty awesome! Great job Android Authority!!! :)

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      Great giveaway!

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      This is my 1st time to this site..nice for the giveaways but hope to see more comparison and benchmarking..should have more news for us to munch :)

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      You guys have a nice site, a nice layout and a very nice logo :)

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      WEEEEE, i hope that i will have this set of gorgeous android toys ;D

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      perfect !!! this shows why wp7, ios and others suck :D

    • S.Smith

      Love giveaways. Now if I could just win one. Thanks for the chance.

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      Nice collectibles.

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      first time at the site. switchover user from very excited to find a blog/info site about android news/updates.

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      You bring me the new things. Awesome…..

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      This things are awesome1!

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      love this so much

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      I want this special green robot so i can beat apple!!

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      fantastic giveaway

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      i like the android !

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      This is one of the best giveaway in internet! :-) I like this…

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      I want some Android collectibles to go well with my Android Pumpkin!

    • Anonymous

      This is cool. And, just to make a productive contribution, I particularly like Android Authority’s video reviews, such as that of the Samsung Galaxy Note, and the coverage of Ice Cream Sandwich. Good to have reliable reviews and all the latest Android news all in one place. As for what I’d like to see – I’d like more of a sense of what it’s like to use Android on a daily basis, and unusual things people get their phones to do, say with Tasker.

    • GUEST

      This is cool! Love Android and love giveaways!

    • Chew Wuan Yee

      the Android Mini Set is way too cute :D hope that I can win them! Thanks for the giveaway!

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      They are cool to be collected! =D Thanks for organizing this!

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      Android Authority really seems to be a great site for android news and reviews…too bad that I came across this website this late, but anyways better late than never indeed :) The android Collectables Mini look pretty awesome. Thanks for organizing such a good giveaway

      • Anonymous

        Agreed! Android Authority is a great site, and will be the only one I will ever write for.

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      Android Authority has helped me a lot what comes to deciding which tablet I am going to get ! :). I would want to see in the future more same kind of activity as it has been so far, you’re doing good !

    • Ruari Bush

      I LOVE THIS SITE! keeps me very up to date

    • Colton Stuckey

      I signed up for the Android Authority RSS feeds when looking to buy a new cell phone. Ever since, about a year ago, I have become something of a go-to for all questions related to android, smartphones, tablets and apps. I find it really useful that the articles range from reviews to suspected product release dates to research on the smartphone market. Things to improve? How about more of a community? It seems like people don’t comment too often on posts and I would like to see and engage in more discussion with other members and authors. The site is great though. Thanks you guys, keep it up!

    • Siddharth Parakh

      Cool stuff!

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      cool giveaway!! woohoo! i wanna win i have never won giveaways before :]

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      I just know I’ll win one of those incredible sets!
      Thanks a lot!

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      Best Android News site, first time leaving comments here though =D Very nice android figures haha.

    • Anonymous

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    • JD

      Really? Android Authority seems like any other Android site, though the page layout seems more cluttered than other Android sites. I think it goes without saying that we’d all like to see Android content (because this is an android site).

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      ermmm…who’s the winner?

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      Android authority is now the only site i log in for my android..

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      great androidians :)