GIVEAWAY – Awesome SquareTrade Warranty for Two Years on your Android Device [$200 Value] US Residents Only

November 24, 2011
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    Hey guys!

    Our generous friends over at SquareTrade are feeling like it’s giveaway season. If you’re anything like me, you drop your device at least once a month. And sure, even though Android devices are a lot tougher than that device from the “fruit company”, they still are subject to breaking from time to time. What better way to have peace of mind than to have a warranty from SquareTrade?

    In this Giveaway, it simply doesn’t get any easier than this. All you have to do is like our Facebook Page, like SquareTrade’s Facebook page, leave a comment below, and you will be entered for the contest!

    Also, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents, so apologies to our international readers, but good luck to everyone Stateside!

    And, in case you haven’t seen this epic video that makes Apple fans cringe in terror and Android fans rejoice in delight, check it out!

    Contest Details

    Good luck!


    • Alejandro Esteban Esparza-Sand

      I am so down for this contest, I’ve just replaced my EVO 4G an second time. Cause: 3 foot drop WITH an Otterbox Defender case, it was truly an mind-blogging experience

    • Gary Finkler

      Great site – more contests like this would be even better!

    • Nas

      Sweet deal… looking for more contests

    • Jake Siemer

      Like Gary said — more contests — more incentives to visit = best Android site out there! I think you guys are already doing an awesome job… just differentiate yourselves a little bit and you’ll be unstoppable.

    • Steve Chang

      I think Android Authority is up-to-date with its contents. It’s a great site to get news and information. Like many others have said, more contests would make the site better. But I also like to see reviews and information, or a place, to buy accessories.

    • Ufuk Sepin-Curtis

      Liked both pages… Would love to win this contest :))

    • Gary Finkler

      This was a little unclear though – i may have accidentally entered three times because i clicked on each of the “i did this” buttons instead of just one of them. if so – please don’t disqualify me!

    • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

      We’ve got tons more contests, giveaways, and awesome content coming! Good luck everyone!

    • carlz

      I have a SquareTrade warranty for my Nook Color and I’d like to have on for my Toshiba Thrive!

    • Jteply13

      Ok. so I did everything and now will leave my comment. FYI, found this site be accident, but I love it. Gr8 articles and now I signed up 4 the news letter. Cant wait for te 1st copy. Also, I cant wait until Verizon releases the Nexus Prime!!

      Keep up the good work with this site!

    • Cfitz07

      Android doesn’t have to do anything to become the best, it already is! Just keep on truckin’ Google!

    • Steve Chang

      Android Authority is one of the better sites to get your news and infos. I stop on this site almost once a day to read up on the contents. Having more contests and rewards will help this site more. Also maybe an accessories page or review.

    • tim

      android authority needs to march on vzw and occupy till they release gnex

    • Eric Anderson

      Great product, great contest, great site.

    • Paul Sabatini

      Android Authority is a great website and the only thing I would suggest is having a page with all of the app reviews in it.

    • Mark G.

      Android Authority is already the best site in the world! Keep up these giveaways!

    • Hectorbribiesca

      Great Website! Aways the fastest to go live with news first!!

    • Evan Murphy Boswell

      Wow I Cant Wait to Root!

    • Carter Krone

      Love the site. Very informative

    • Steve Friedman

      In like Flint!