Sprint has already made available for manual download the latest Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for users of the HTC EVO 4G. The manual download can be performed on the HTC EVO 4G by navigating to Menu > Settings > System Updates > HTC Software Update > Check Now > OK > Yes.

Reports say Sprint will start sending out notifications of the update to HTC EVO 4G users on Monday, June 6, although the update is already available for manual downloading.

The updated Gingerbread for the EVO 4G includes an app for easier access to downloaded content. It also fixes several issues with GMail, SMS, email attachments, battery discharge, and media streaming. These issues were present in the previous update, and this maintenance release is expected to resolve those issues.

The file size of the update is only 110 megabytes, and Sprint’s press statement clearly noted that the download will not include updates to the HTC Sense UI. This means that HTC EVO 4G users will still be stuck with the look and feel of HTC Sense UI 1.x.

Users who still have Android 2.2 Froyo on their HTC EVO 4G phones can expect to see a lot of performance improvements after upgrading to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, although not much change has been made to the visuals. Users report that their HTC EVO 4G phones have been running faster and smoother than ever with Gingerbread.

Users who have installed the Sprint update for the EVO 4G, however, have reported some issues after doing the upgrade. One problem commonly reported was that of a voicemail notification that doesn’t go away even if the user doesn’t have any voicemail messages waiting. A possible fix for that might be to clear all voicemail notifications.

Another commonly reported problem was that of the Netflix app no longer working. The issue probably has something to do with digital rights management (DRM). Netflix has already been notified of the issue and users can expect the issue to be remedied soon.

Has your HTC EVO 4G tasted the delicious Gingerbread already? If so, tell us what it was like for you.

  • Joshua DelPinal

    My gmail isn’t working after the update. It stays on a blank, white loading screen

  • Dave

    Got the message earlier on my phone if I wanted to update now and I opt to update later when I got home to use Wi-Fi to update my phone…Now it says there is No update available and my phone is updated…But still shows Im running 2.2….So did they take down updating to 2.3 for now??

    • mike

      U have to take wifi off find the update then turn it back on

      • Ram

        thanks, that did it.

  • Luke

    Just updated and there is no change to my phone. like nothing was ever updated??

  • Ginger

    I lost my desk clock with the upgrade. I want it back!

    • Gingerbread

      welcome to the club!

    • kram

      You have to press and hold on the main screen and hit widget. then you have to look for htc clock and select it. it will ask you what type of clock. it should be just two swipes over to the right and you should see the standard HTC clock.

  • Gingerbread

    Did the update (upgrade…?!!) and more than half of my apps either do not work or they force my phone to close. Pss me off that Netflix does not work, also that the apps I use for work are not compatible with Gingerbread. Now all i can do is buy another phone. And, of course cancel Netflix since I only use it while traveling (which is almost everyday).

  • inspector gadget

    Like other users the update made somethings more useable but I find that a lot of my apps aren’t doing what they are supposed to do. I.e. widget for turning on blutooth on/off is irradic, desktop clock doesn’t rotate in car dock mode. Pandora seems to load up a lot slower. I had a glimpse of my home screen rotating in landscape, but that was only a glimpse. But I think the worst thing is the lack of support from sprint. They know nothing and I can’t believe they can’t give you basic info on the update.

  • Evo

    I’m having a bunch of problems since the update myself. A couple of apps are a loooot slower (Google Maps, Pandora, IMDB, etc.), it no longer shows the duration of a call, the notification light doesn’t flash for texts (only e-mails and for V.M), the notification sound will ring at times although I don’t have any incoming messages, and most importantly, I’m missing calls. This update has screwed my phone up! It was working fine before. If there was a way to uninstall it, I would.

  • Evo vs Shift

    Why isn’t the Evo up for the same update as the Evo Shift? My husband has the Shift and his new screen format is great! My Evo is the same, like nothing changed except the quality in signal reception?!?!? I think its utterly unfair considering they are siblings and the only difference is the keyboard….any ideas as to why Evo is getting left out?

  • Charles

    This update killed (or severely wounded) my Evo. There is a now a looooooong pause to make a call or even to get from an app to the desktop. Is anyone else getting that?