Germany court to ban Motorola devices for infringement

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 14, 2012

The long-drawn patent war that Apple is waging against Samsung in the United States may have come to a temporary end when the jury decided to side with the iPhone maker. While Samsung tries to fight the injustice of it all by filing for an appeal, another battle is being fought in Germany, although this one involves Apple and Motorola Mobility.

It seems Android supporters can’t take a break these days, as the Munich I Regional Court in Germany has extended Apple’s winning streak in the courtroom. The panel of judges has found Motorola guilty of infringing the EP2126678 patent belonging to Apple – otherwise known as the rubber-banding patent, which refers to the bounce-back effect that users see when they reach the end of a scrollable list.

The ruling means Apple can ask the court to ban all of Motorola devices that infringed the patent, but only if it posts 25 million euros as a bond.  We don’t see why Apple would want to pass on the opportunity to do so.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom yet for Moto, as the Google-owned subsidiary can still appeal the verdict in the higher court. Unfortunately, it still means that Apple can enforce a preliminary ban, which will see Motorola phones and tablets being taken off the store shelves across the country.

The EP2126678 is the equivalent of the ‘381 patent that Apple used against Samsung in America. We’ve seen how it – along with the tap-to-zoom patent — led to Apple’s win of over $1 billion. Cupertino may also see this as a window of opportunity to go after other Android manufacturers. Of course, Apple will have less ammunition in court if all manufacturers stick with the stock Google way that replaces the overscroll bounce with a blue glow instead.

What do you think of this latest courtroom setback for the Android camp?

  • Arturo Carter

    Blue glow works for me. Sorry Apple, not enough to get me or anyone else I believe, off Android. Won’t help your market share.

  • HellG

    what kind of nazi BS is that?! patent roll up menu and then sue for it when it steals features from android with EVERY SINGLE UPDATE?! what the fuck??

  • tomn1ce

    Nothing that a OTA update can solve….and crapple can go back to its lil corner and cry me a river….

  • Dick on all Americans head!