General Mobile previews its new App store: “STOREOID”

by: Michael OrylDecember 18, 2009
STOREOID payment

STOREOID payment

General Mobile has sent me a number of images of the new application store that it plans to roll out for its Android powered smartphones.  The store is going to be called “STOREOID”.

Eh.  Not so sure about the name, but at least the application itself looks nice.

These screen shots are from a WQVGA display, such as found on General Mobile’s DSTL1, but the store will work at the other resolutions offered by its future phones, too.

I’ll be meeting up with the company in Barcelona this February for the Mobile World Congress event.  General Mobile will be in Hall 7 this year, for those of you attending.

Update: General Mobile would like to point out that the apps shown in the photos are just examples for development purposes and don’t necessarily show apps that will actually be available in STOREOID.

The full gallery is available after the jump.

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  • steve

    android store? why do we need it? google market is already effective

  • Paladin

    Right, Steve. And now please enlighten us how you suggest to install the said Android Market if the phone producer hadn’t bribe Google first.

    That’s what really annoying: that everybody just assumes every Android phone has the market, including developers who should know better. Then programs installed from SlideMe, or whatever, begin to update, try to start the market and crash.

  • Paladin

    When you think about it, it’s like some (other) phone manufacturers who need a device driver for their phones to connect with your computer and just assume you have Windows on your PC.

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  • steve

    ok paladin you are right about unaccessibility of market out of US. but there is important problem here, this market is preferred only by users who have located countries where market still does not exist. Moreover, why the developers choose this market instead of google market which is undeniably more preferrable for developers. It ıs true to say that this marjet cannot be succesfull in long time

  • Paladin

    Android Market is available uotside US (altho there are some problems with the paid apps in some countries). Android Market is not available on any phone that hasn’t gotten Google’s approval – and presumably paid them, the details are not public.

    So it’s like this: Google keeps pounding their collective chest about what great Open Source OS they made, how good they are for the community, “Do no evil” etc, but at the same time, in a move that’s on the level of Microsoft’s FUD tactics, keeps total control over Android through the Market. Android without the Market is pretty much useless, like Ubuntu would be without Sinaptic and the repos.

  • dgdıa

    good news!!!

  • Michaelle

    it is nice idea to make new market so more apps more usefull devices, thx GM

  • F.Augusztin

    @steve: “this market is preferred only by users who have located countries where market still does not exist.”

    AFAIK this is the majority of the world. Last time i checked, there was 193/203 states (depending on the international recognition of such state). Paid apps on Android Market are available only in 11 countries. That leaves the remaining 182/192 states to either ignore paid apps (because they simply can’t buy them) or seek for alternate markets.

    Until Google takes their head out of sand, we will unfortunately need alternate markets.

    BTW, it is not against EU regulations, that they sell apps in Germany or Austria, but doesn’t allow the access to that market from other EU members which are not on Google list ?

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