July 3, 2009
Geeksphone front

Geeksphone front

Having finally sorted their website, news from the Geeks’phone camp is starting to come smooth and steady. What’s more, we have somewhat of an exclusive to show you here. Below are a couple of pictures of the official prototype taken at their manufacturing plant in the Far East. After a closer inspection, it is clear that the display language is in Spanish which is not great for me as I do not speak a word, but this goes to show that Geeks’phone have localization ready to roll. It would also appear as though the display is currently QVGA but we have been informed that this is purely a driver issue. Rest assured that it will become WQVGA soon. Furthermore, we also have the official word that the device will stock 256 NAND ROM and 256 mDDR RAM.

Overall the device looks very sleek and if priced correctly, could have a great impact. This will obviously come down to marketing, but if Geeks’phone are also able to target countries that do not currently have Android devices available, then we are sure they are onto a winner with their unlocked device. As long as they do not try and go after the high-end market they should cope just fine. We have also heard rumours that they are working on their very own customised UI and enlisting help from community developers involved in projects many of you guys will have heard about. We can’t wait to see the results.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.
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