June 26, 2014
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During yesterday’s Google I/O keynote we learned that Samsung would be entering the Android Wear game right away, and since then the Gear Live has already become available for pre-order on Google Play.

Want a better look at the device? Honestly, you need look no further than the Gear Neo, since that’s essentially what the Gear Live is, albeit with the removal of Tizen and the addition of the Android Wear platform. But as Josh Vergara found out when playing around with the demo unit yesterday, there is at least one welcome change to the outerlook of the device: the clasp/band has been changed out for a design more in line with what was found with the Gear Fit.

Keep in mind, that this is a demo unit, so Josh was unable to divulge too many details related to Android Wear OS performance on the device, but we imagine the hardware behind the Gear Live should be more than enough to provide a solid experience.

For those looking for a closer look at the actual UI, Josh has since picked up his LG G Watch and will be bringing us a more in-depth look at Android Wear later today.

Andrew Grush
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