Samsung Gear Live (demo unit) first look

by: Andrew GrushJune 26, 2014

During yesterday’s Google I/O keynote we learned that Samsung would be entering the Android Wear game right away, and since then the Gear Live has already become available for pre-order on Google Play.

Want a better look at the device? Honestly, you need look no further than the Gear Neo, since that’s essentially what the Gear Live is, albeit with the removal of Tizen and the addition of the Android Wear platform. But as Josh Vergara found out when playing around with the demo unit yesterday, there is at least one welcome change to the outerlook of the device: the clasp/band has been changed out for a design more in line with what was found with the Gear Fit.

Keep in mind, that this is a demo unit, so Josh was unable to divulge too many details related to Android Wear OS performance on the device, but we imagine the hardware behind the Gear Live should be more than enough to provide a solid experience.

For those looking for a closer look at the actual UI, Josh has since picked up his LG G Watch and will be bringing us a more in-depth look at Android Wear later today.

  • The Horsefly

    nah , strap is cheap crap & way too chunky for my taste i would end up whacking it against something , still no sale sammy

    • Stunkuf

      Too big I would feel like a dork wearing one they need to be thinner and smaller and yes the strap looks rubbish they need to take their design cues from Motorola

  • ThunderCrackR

    I thought that the Neo is made of plastic. I read that the Live is made of metal (it actually looks that way). So, saying that the Gear Live ”is essentially” a Gear Neo is not the right thing from my point of view…

  • BigDinTX

    I dig the Neo, but I don’t think I’m liking the look of the Live. The strap and clasp do look to the be the same and they are quite comfortable. The Live looks a little thicker and that fluting thing it does (pic 8) as well as the shiny chrome appearance is probably the two things that really kills it for me. The Neo is very subdued. I’m waiting for my coworker’s LG to arrive before making a decision on it. The 360 is a no-go with that bezel issue at the bottom.

  • Who cares anyway

    so does it have an ir blaster, because i dont see one

  • takpro

    Seems like everyone with a smartwatch knows Alice Yang. Or, vice-versa.