Samsung reportedly will launch Gear 3 at IFA, alongside the Note 4

by: Andrew GrushJune 2, 2014

Samsung Gear 2 -22

It was only late last year that we were introduced to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, their very first entry into the world of smartwatches. Since then, we’ve seen the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit. We’ve also heard reports of Galaxy Wear — which said to run on Google’s upcoming Android Wear platform — and the company is also believed to be working on SIM-packed variant of the Gear 2.

If you think Samsung has been hitting the smartwatch bandwagon hard, you’re correct. But hopefully things will slow down after it gets such a diverse level of products out to the market, right? Wrong. If a new report from Korea Herald proves correct, Samsung is already preparing to debut the Gear 3 alongside the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA later this year.

This means that Samsung could plan to permanently adopt a strategy of releasing two major Tizen-powered smartwatches a year, with other products like the Galaxy Wear, Gear Fit and Gear Solo helping to further diversify their offerings.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Samsung will unveil companion hardware with the Note 4, though previously it was believed that we would see the so-called Gear Glass or even Samsung’s virtual reality headset that it is building with the help of Facebook-owned Oculus. Who knows, maybe Samsung will unveil all three products alongside the Note 4? Not likely, but anything is possible.

What do you think, is it foolish for Samsung to release a new smartwatch so quickly or is this the best way to keep up with its competitors in this space?

  • Rickrau5

    Samsung hasnt made anything nice since the Note 2, bleh.

    • Chris

      Still using the Note 2, but I think the Note 4 will be my next phone. Either that or the Flex 2

  • jpd514

    I dont know when they are going to go out with new technology but I am a buyer. I am ready for the Note 4, I already have a friend to buy my Note 3 and my son will be very happy with my Gear 2 while I will be enjoying my Gear 3.

  • Abd

    Its smart to release a new smartwatch because other companies are building smartwatches that are built with samys smartwatchs in mind. So there will be a flood of new watches soon. Plus, technology is always moving fast. So its better to have the latest than something thats too outdated. If the company can afford it, it should produce new devices at most every 6 months

  • Chris

    Dude where are the Note 4 rumors? I want some pictures or something!!