Gartner: Over 1.1 billion Android devices to be sold in 2014

by: Chris SmithJanuary 7, 2014

Android 4.4 KitKat

Research company Gartner expects Android to continue to grow this year when it comes to the total number of shipped units, topping 1.1 billion device shipments for 2014, an impressive number for Google’s ecosystem.

According to the company, Android will grow 26% this year, from almost 900 million shipped units registered in 2013. In second place Microsoft’s Windows operating system (desktop and mobile) will account for almost 360 million device shipments this year, up from 328 million last year, while the iOS/OS X combo will be third with over 344 million buyers, up from last year’s almost 267 million customers. The numbers are expected to further increase in 2015, when 1.25 billion Android devices will be sold, as well as 422.7 million Windows PCs and smartphones and over 397 Apple devices.

Worldwide Device Shipments by Operating System (Thousands of Units) | Image credit: Gartner

Worldwide Device Shipments by Operating System (Thousands of Units) | Image credit: Gartner

In total, Android is expected to reach almost 2 billion of installed-base devices, with iOS/OS X accounting for 682 million devices.

Worldwide Device Shipments by Segment (Thousands of Units) | Image credit: Gartner

Worldwide Device Shipments by Segment (Thousands of Units) | Image credit: Gartner

The company also said that the total number of sold devices including PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones will reach 2.5 billion units this year, a 7.6% increase from last year. Combined, 1.9 billion mobile phones are expected to be sold this year, over 263 million tablets and 278 million PCs. Of those, the tablets are seeing the most important growth compared to 2013 at 47%, while regular PCs are on the decline. Ultramobile devices including hybrid and clamshell handsets will account for 39.6 million purchased units in 2014, up significantly from the 17 million of shipped units registered for last year. Tablets and ultramobiles will see further growth in 2015, while PC sales will continue to drop and handset sales will almost reach 2 billion units sales next year.

  • Guest123

    I’ll bet it ends up higher than that, and how many devices are sold second hand? In 2014 Android will be in more people’s hands on the planet than not — just look at the devices coming out for sub $200, and they will drop in price significantly over the next year.

  • Jayfeather787

    Go Android!!! Eat it Apple! I am kind of sad to see the drop in PC sales. I am glad for the advancement of mobile technology of course, but I still prefer PC’s for some things, and would hate to see them go.

  • Jack Parker

    Just think of this, im stuck on a 2 year contract which ends in 6 months, Ive decided i want a new phone until then ( obviously android ) and when my contract is up ill have another, thats 2 in a year from one person, not to mention the people who splash out on a new phone whenever they want or highly paid youtubers, I reckon itll top that

  • Christian Koch

    the perfect situation to turn android into the future windows: having so much market share and power that it becomes slow and old…
    anyway, I do not understand why they think that Apple will grow so much. Especially in the next year, they predict that Apple will greatly outperform MS. Why?

  • wat

    What here are others? Linux and what?

  • Neil

    These numbers do not add up:
    1. Windows is shrinking . Where is the growth coming from with the new competition in the low and mid-low end markets? A small rebound is possible, but of this magnitude I question.
    2. iOS was predicted to grow much faster in 2013 than it did due to Apple’s failure to enter the low end market. While I know apple will *finally* come out with large form factor phones and entered the China market, I fail to see why Apple’s growth will accelerate more than Android’s; the trend has been the opposite since Android launch…
    3. Why is the fastest growing OS (Android) expected to slow down so much? From adding 374 million new users to only adding 225 million when Android is doing well in lower cost markets where the growth is?!?

  • Neil

    Look at those early predictions. What has been consistent about Gartner is over-optimism on Windows sales and under-predicting Android… Now why would that be…

    In 2009, Gartner predicted 76 Android phones in 2012

    In 2011, Gartner predicted 310 Android phones in 2012 (tablet predictions were low)

    In 2012 there were over 503 million android devices,

    Anyone else suspect AstroTurfing?

  • Android Developer

    wait, so WP is finally selling more than IOS ?
    is it for real?
    wonder how it will change the users percentage, the apps count, and whether i will finally start seeing a lot of WP devices.
    Currently i usually (about 99% of the time) only see galaxy devices and ios devices.

    • Edward Aguiar

      The numbers are by OS in general which includes desktop and mobile. So the numbers include desktop windows 7 and 8 sales.

      • Android Developer

        I see.
        Wonder though what is the situation in the mobile world