Gartner: Android to control 10% of smartphone market in 2011

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 22, 2008

While this seems more than just a tad premature, considering that the first Android smartphone won’t be unveiled until tomorrow, research analysts at the Gartner Group are predicting that Android based smartphones will make up 10% of the smartphone market in the year 2011.  The story that references the study does not make it clear if Gartner is speaking of the U.S. or global smartphone market, though. also reports that there will be United Kingdom briefings tomorrow running at the same time as the T-Mobile USA launch event in New York, suggesting that T-Mobile UK is already eyeing up the device.  The UK’s Telegraph newspaper reported earlier that the HTC Dream based device would be heading to T-Mobile UK, though it cited no sources at all at the time.