Gangstar Rio: City of Saints [Game Preview]

by: Will G.November 9, 2011

Android smartphones and tablets have advanced beyond being mere business tools, folks. We are now chatting, banking, listening to music, and without question, gaming.

The industry for mobile gaming has grown significantly larger over the years, and now has its own popular section in the Android Market, as well as Apple’s App Store.

Now, expanding even more, with the support from upgrading graphics chipsets and processors, games like RPG’s and their accompanying online experiences have been brought to the mobile experience.

Popular mobile game developer, Gameloft, will be producing its new game, for both Android and iOS, called Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.

You might be thinking, “Here we go! Another Grand Theft Auto look-alike.” The truth is, it really is. However, there have been a few installments of the Gangstar series, and if you are a fan, a new version of Gangstar will be on your phone shortly.

And as you know, Gameloft is well known for their role into taking greats ideas, and putting them on mobile platforms.

Some aspects about the game is that it will take place in Rio de Janeiro. You will be introduced as a gang member trying to escape, to start a new life and family. But little does the character know that he will be facing great danger.

Your job will be to fight your way throughout the game to save yourself, and also have help from local forces to stop criminals causing harm to the city. You will also have the ability to drive fast cars, and obtain multiple weapons to help people.

Below is the official video for Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, released by GameLoft.

There is still no word on when the game will be released or if a multiplayer option will added. However, I expect the game to be priced around $10 and launched in a few weeks.

And, if you are questionable about buying the game, a review will be out around the launch date, so check back here to see how it plays!

  • Can any one help me with the release date for this game on the android platform. Its seems to be released on IOS already!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I am wondering the same thing bud. They have not yet verified this for Android.

  • Titoelbambino_reggeton

    and when will come out for android?

  • Titoelbambino_reggeton


  • Umarabbas
  • Will G.

    Hey Guys…. update. It is now on the market, and a review will be made soon

  • Zohaibrose23

    Is it on android yet?