Gamestop consumer electronics trade-in program now includes four additional brands, including Samsung

by: Brad WardApril 6, 2013

gamestop logo

Gamestop has greatly expanded its consumer electronics trade-in program. The retailer is now taking “popular devices” from Apple, Blackberry, Motorola and Samsung.

The video game retailer will make the trade-in deal even sweeter by offering extra credit if participants agree to take the entire trade-in as in-store credit. Between $10 – 50 in extra credit could be awarded if taking the entire trade-in as in-store credit is agreed upon.

Consumers can get a quote of what their handset is worth by heading to Gamestop‘s recommerce webpage, along with instructions on how to trade-in a handset. If a device is like new, a participant will get top dollar while broken devices will be awarded with a very low amount of credit.

Gamestop originally started its consumer electronics trade-in program last year. At that time, people could only trade-in a select amount of devices, but Gamestop has been expanding the program to take in a broader amount of handsets lately.