Check out this list of games that already have integrated Google’s Play Games services

by: Brad WardMay 17, 2013

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Mountain View yesterday at Google I/O announced something very exciting: Google Play Games services. At the time of this writing, the new Play Games features have only been integrated in a small handful of games, but we should see more integration as time goes on.

There’s only a few games that have implemented the new features, including popular titles like World of Goo, Triple Town, Plague Inc., Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, and Beach Buggy Blitz.

Not every game you come across in the Google Play Store is going to offer the new Play Games features. “We won’t make it a mandatory exercise, or have any certification process around it,” Google lead product manager Greg Hartrell told Engadget. “We create fantastic services that allow developers to create these great game experiences, and help promote their discovery, help retain their users and keep them engaged.

As much as I’d like to see the Play Games services become a mandatory implementation, it’d at least be nice to see a category in the Play Store that showed you which games are using the new APIs. In the meantime, Droid Gamers has a forum thread with all the games using the new services, which will be updated “until it becomes impossible to do so”.

Are you excited to see more games implement Google’s new Play Games services? Do you think it should be a requirement for all games to implement the new games services? Let everyone know in the comments!

  • Cloud saves is a must! Other stuff I can live without, but yes it should be mandatory

  • Relojo Asenime

    I would definitely like to see a special section for G+ Play enabled games in the Google Play Store. I’ll most likely be spending my cash on those titles. The cloud save feature is absolutely necessary for me.

  • Gabriele

    If I login into google play games from modern combat 4, i lose all the previous levels, degree, exp, coins… can anybody keep the gameloft live statistics inside the new service?

  • karan lamba

    I agree, cloud save should be mandatory, however its not bad for me now as I have helium (carbon) to sync my data and saves

  • Abdullah

    how to download this service… ? srry if my question is stupid haha

    • Joel Lee

      its for developers to include in their app. End users dont have to do anything.

    • Ahmed Raouf

      Open google settings, the green icon, you’ll find it there. The app updates automatically. You can start playing games that support it now :)

      • Abdullah

        aha found it, thx ^_^

  • Jean-Bernard Collet

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