Gameloft is one of the important players in the mobile gaming world, having numerous apps available for iOS and Android devices. The latest game coming out of Gameloft’s studios is The Dark Knight Rises, the companion app of the third movie in Christopher Nolan’s modern Batman saga.

But the company will not stop there, as it looks like it’s working on a game based on the Unreal engine. The actual title of this new product is not yet public, and we have no idea when it will arrive, as Gameloft has not made any public announcements at this time.

Instead, the company teased its first mobile game based on the Unreal engine on its Facebook page, where we expect the company to reveal more details about this project soon. Naturally, in order to reveal more details, you’ll have to like their page, and the more likes come in the more details are to be unveiled.

All we have so far is the artwork image above depicting a bloody sword standing over a corpse, which means there’s definitely some sort of sword fighting over corpses in this title and it’s likely that they’ll get awfully bloody. The same image is apparently hiding a secret detail, so in case you have already spotted it, let us know what it is.

  • MasterMuffin


  • Cole Raney

    This isn’t the first mobile game based on the unreal engine. It may be the first Android game based on the unreal engine, but infinity blade is the first

    • JustinDiaz

      this is the first game from GAMELOFT… based on Unreal Engine. not the first period.

    • JustinDiaz

      title is just a little misleading. What they meant is gameloft is working on “their” first title that uses unreal.

      • Cole Raney

        Oh, that makes sense.

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