When it comes to mobile gaming, Gameloft is one of the few companies that truly attempts to push the limit and give us more than just casual games meant to entertain us for ten or fifteen minute stretches. In a new teaser video, Gameloft has revealed to us Wild Blood, the very first Unreal 3-based game from the company.

For those who don’t follow gaming engine news, Unreal 3 is the same engine in use for many of the most cutting-edge console games out there today, including Batman: Arkham City and Gears of War. As tablet and phone hardware has advanced in the last few years so have the ambitions and capabilities of the mobile gaming scene, as evident by both this new Gameloft teaser and Phosphor Games’ Horn. These mobile titles might not quite have caught up with home console graphics, but they aren’t too terribly far behind either.

Beyond what’s in the trailer, we don’t really know much about this game’s story or even gameplay style, but it appears to perhaps be a hack’n’slash adventure style to it, judging by the trailer. As far as launch dates go, all we know is that it is “coming soon” to both Android and iOS.


Andrew Grush
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