Gameloft Goes with Amazon

by: Carl FieldMarch 28, 2011

Amazon strikes again! Everyone knows that Amazon opened its version of the “Android Market” this week and so far, they’ve done some big things. They nailed down a few exclusive games for distribution through their market, while also offering a free paid app or game per day. They closed out the week by announcing popular developer Gameloft will publish their games though Amazons marketplace. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things Amazon App market has done in its first big week…

First and foremost, they got Gameloft. I have been a fan of their awesome (and hard to download) games since I’ve owned an Android phone. They yanked their games from the Android Market last year and now they are going through Amazon. This news will make a lot of people happy, as buying them through Gameloft’s website can be a difficult process. I’m sure Google isn’t that thrilled with the decision though.

Besides getting Gameloft, they got the exclusive rights to arguably the biggest game series on Android, Angry Birds.  The newest game in the series Angry Birds Rio, is an improvement on the already hugely popular series and a poke in the eye to Google. They also added another exclusive this week from the makers of the classic Command and Conquer games with “Highborn.”

Let’s not forget the popular free App of the day program they are running. So far they have given away Angry Birds Rio, World Series of Poker Hold’Em Legend, Shazam Encore, Doodle Jump and todays offering of SwiftKey Keyboard. Not too bad of a start with the free app program.

The only downside I have found so far to their marketplace is it’s a bit under-populated at the moment, compared to Android market. That’s a good and bad thing. It’s good as I don’t have to weed through horrible apps to find the good ones. It’s bad, on the hand, as I’m still having to go to the Android market to get 90% of my apps. Another thing I noticed is that a lot of folks I’ve talked to are checking in daily for the free games. They will grab them (who doesn’t like free), but not really browse the market.

What do you think, are you grabbing the free apps and running, or staying to browse? Does Amazon’s App Store stand a chance to compete with the Android Market?

  • Jejoma

    I’d love to try the Amazon Appstore but so far it is only available in the USA. Have you any idea when it is coming to the UK?

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hi Jejroma,

      Unfortunately, it looks like Amazon has dropped the ball here, and in a significant way. It’s unlike them actually – they really are an innovative company.

      They have claimed publicly that they are “working on it”

      The only thing we could recommend in the meantime is to go through an American proxy. Even that would likely prove impossible however, as the Amazon App Store/ Android Market looks at your IMEI and your SIM, and would immediately see you as having UK coordinates.

      Unfortunately, it looks like you will have to sit tight for at least a few months unfortunately.

      Sorry I can’t provide better news for you at this time.

      • Vexta

        Just like the mp3 store, we’ll probably never see it outside of the US :(

  • Amazon must be doing something right for the devs to get gameloft to jump on board. Maybe it’s Amazon’s DRM?

    Personally, I like a more “curated” market so I don’t have to sift through thousands of junk apps. The Android Market still isn’t that great for finding good apps easily.