Gameloft has silently launched a buy one, get one free sale on Android games or a £0.99 sale if you’re in the UK

by: Joe HindyNovember 14, 2012

Android gaming has taken off over the last year and Gameloft has been there every step of the way. While not all their games are hits, there are quite a few that have been popular. To help celebrate their success, Gameloft has begun a buy one, get one free sale for their Android games.

Initially, it was suspected that this was only for the Nexus 7 and only for United States customers. However, user comments over at Droid Gamers have confirmed that this sale is at least available in Canada and Romania.

In terms of devices, the Galaxy S III and the LG G2X at least can take advantage. So there are probably more devices and countries that this is available to. It has been confirmed that the UK does not get this sale. However, Droid Gamers reports that all the games have been lowered to £0.99.

So I can get any Gameloft game for free when I buy one?

If only it were that easy. According to the user comments, you can’t download some cheap game and get a big title for free. You have to buy a big title and get a cheaper game for free. Is anyone going to be buying any new games? Let us know!

  • zamir yusof

    In Malaysia, I can buy current hits titles from as low as Rm4 (~USD 1.4) with MOL credit or Rm6 (~USD 2) with credit card while still get to download 1 game for free too. If I recall correctly, this promotion has already begun as of July 2012.

  • PopeJamal

    Does not appear to work in the US.