Game Stick After a long and successful run, the Game Stick Kickstarter project has finally come to an end. The company had hoped for around $100,000 in backing to get their concept off the ground. What they got certainly must have surprised them, as they totaled $647,658 in pledges. That’s over 600% more than they were asking for. This despite a number of setbacks, including a a full redesign of the controller.

Now the waiting begins. According to their Kickstarter page, the Game Stick crew plans on having these shipped out by April. So if you contributed, you only have a couple of months to go. If you didn’t get to, we can only hope these will be available mass produced soon.

This project, along with Ouya, really shows how much people want an Android console. The only question is do people want the classic console paradigm or something that can be unplugged and transported easily. With Ouya and Game Stick, both choices are available.

The Ouya is available for pre-order now for shipment in April. Based on that, we should see the Game Stick become available to the general public by March or April on the latest. Will anyone be picking one of these up when they become publicly available?

Joe Hindy
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  • Not to be an ass or anything, but that is not over 600% more, that is almost 550% more, not 600% more

  • Pete Smith

    I went with the Ouya. This gadget is best for people with pretty new TVs. Mine doesn’t have the right kind of port; I’d have to run a power cable to it and that kind of defeats the ‘cool’ aspect of it just being a dongle you plug into an HDMI port. I think the Ouya’s controller will be more comfortable too, but I can’t be sure of that.

    Plus I’d already backed Ouya when this project hit Kickstarter.