Galaxy TabROUND concept shows us where flexible devices may be headed

by: Chris SmithJanuary 10, 2014

Galaxy TabROUND Concept

Samsung unveiled a variety of Pro-branded tablets at CES 2014, but the company may work on a completely new sub-family of tablets in the future, as its flexible display technology matures and becomes available for mass-production.

The image above shows us what a Galaxy TabROUND concept could look like in the future, assuming the company will be heading that way with tablet design.

The device looks like a big Galaxy Round smartphone – nothing surprising there – the company’s first flexible display, which we have thoroughly analyzed already, although it’s also based on Samsung’s Pro tablet user interface shown in the Pro devices we’ve seen earlier this week in Las Vegas.

As MovePlayer, which posted the concept image, reminds us, Samsung has already been awarded several design patents in which a tablet with flexible display is shown – check out the following gallery.

Furthermore, Samsung has demoed its flexible display plans for mobile devices quite a few times so far at previous CES events. The following video recorded during CES 2013, shows us (starting at around the 2:16 mark) a couple of other tablet designs the company may be considering for future years – yes, we’ll also note the sexist nature of the commercial Samsung is presenting, which is very much in line with another not particularly spectacular ad released just a few weeks ago to promote the Galaxy Gear, although that’s beside the point.

Getting back to the concept above, we can’t but notice that while the Galaxy TabROUND’s design’s makes sense when compared with the Galaxy Round handset, the curvature of the screen heavily contrasts what Samsung (and other companies) are doing with big screen TV’s. Will flexible tablets with such a curvature be useful? Or would you rather buy a tablet with a curved display similar to what the LG G Flex smartphone is proposing?

  • dodz

    im waiting for a true flexible phone or tablet. one where we cannot worry about breaking our phones when we put inside our pocket.

    • McFresh

      Well if you are referring to a curved device that would be able to be bent until completely flat, then the lg g flex would appear to meet your criteria due to its flexible battery and other components, unless you were only looking for samsung-products. However, i would wait until prices lower. Rumors have it that the 2nd generation will be able to bend 90 degrees, much greater then the first generation.

    • Balraj

      everything takes time to be reasonable priced :P
      have patience

  • Paul Williams

    I like the style of it. It looks like something that I would want to own.

  • Mr james bunt

    Why do we even need round-shaped phone anyway when the technology is just starting

  • Luka Mlinar

    So she sleeps with everyone who has a cool gadget. I hope this chick never goes to CES. Might get ugly.

  • Al-Mothafar M. Al-Hasan

    many lines, many models, hey sammy u don’t learn from Nokia

  • Magaña Guillén

    Wow and I thought I would never look Samsungs way since. GS4