Looks like Samsung really doesn’t know what they are going to do with your original Galaxy S phone or your original Galaxy Tab 7-inch. Yesterday, we told you they were re-evaluating getting ICS on those devices, and now today, we’ve learned that Samsung will update these devices with a “value pack”.

So what exactly is a value pack? From what we understand it will bring a lot of the sexiness of ICS without the hassle of a full OS update, which we know how much of a nightmare that is, right?

So maybe the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab won’t be getting full fledged Android 4.0, but an update is better then no update at all right? This will probably satisfy the typical consumer, but for those of us that have to have the latest and greatest in technology, we will probably be looking to get a new Android device. Based on how slow OS updates have come to fruition on Android because of carriers and manufacturers, most people will probably be looking for the Galaxy Nexus, with the pure Google experience.

So what do you think Samsung will eventually do with the original Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S line? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Daum.net (translated)

  • Cruzazul0824

    Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 get Ice Cream Sandwich?

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy S1 is already 18 months old phone.
    It was released at 2010. 6.
    There is no other company upgrade their year 2010 device for android 4.0(ICS) update.
    Samsung is only company who support year 2010 device upgrade.

    HTC, Sony Ericsson, Moto and All other Android manufactures are same.
    There no upgarde for year 2010 models.

    1. Official HTC facebook
    facebook . com/notes/htc-uk/ice-cream-sandwich-android-40-updates-for-htc-handsets/300698153293006
    ; No ICS(android 4.0) upgrade for year 2010 model.

    2. Official Sony Ericsson Blog
    blogs.sonyericsson . com/products/2011/12/21/ice-cream-sandwich-coming-to-2011-xperia%E2%84%A2-smartphones-from-end-marchearly-april-2012/
    ; No ICS upgrade for year 2010 model.

    3. Official announcement from motorola
    motorola . com/blog/2011/12/07/motorola-update-on-ice-cream-sandwich/
    ; No ICS upgrade for year 2010 model.

    There is no other android OEM upgrade ICS for year 2010(and older) models.

    Samsung is only comapny who support ICS upgrade for 18 months old phone.
    In addition, They already serviced 2 times OS upgrade for Galaxy S1.

  • I’m actually tired of hearing the complaints about updates! If you want the new software so bad, go to XDA Developers and get it! If your device doesn’t support a new update (or doesn’t have Dev support), then you probably shouldn’t have gotten that weak piece of $50 crap that you bought 2yrs ago! Every Android (and some WinMo) phone that I have ever bought has cost at least $200 AFTER rebates and each one of them have been upgradeable! I have a 2.5YO HTC HD2 that has Android v2.3.7 on it now! If you actually pay something for a phone, then yes, I think you deserve updates. But whining and crying about your FREE phone not getting updates… you get NO sympathy from me!

  • Shuffl


  • Wakatsik

    go to XDA dev website, they have a lot of ROMS there(ICS included) for some cellphones but you must have the guts to flash your phone.