Rumor: Samsung preparing to release Galaxy Tab 3 Lite in January 2014

by: Andrew GrushDecember 5, 2013


Just yesterday we reported on a rumor that claims Samsung is gearing up to release several new Galaxy devices in Q1 of 2014, two of which are said to be ‘lite’ devices: the Galaxy Note 3 Lite and the Galaxy Grand Lite. Now we now have word of a third new low-end device as well, the so-called Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.

According to anonymous sources reporting to SamMobile, the Tab 3 Lite will be priced at around 100 euros, or roughly $135. The low-end tablet is said to come in both Wi-Fi and 3G variants, with the Wi-Fi only white model coming in week two of 2014, with the white 3G version following in week three. A black version expected a few weeks after that.

Aside from the pricing and an alleged release timeframe, not much else is known about the lite version of the Tab 3. Considering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was already relatively low-end in terms of hardware, we aren’t exactly sure what Samsung plans to change up with the lite model but we certainly shouldn’t expect anything too exciting in terms of raw power.

So why bother with these ‘lite’ devices? There have been numerous reports that the high-end market is starting to slow down, leaving the low and mid-range market as the ideal places for growth. Although Samsung is already very strong in the low-end sector, adding ‘lite’ versions of popular handsets is certainly a good way to expand their market share even further.

Keep in mind that Samsung has yet to confirm any of these lite devices, so speculation is advised.

What do you think, providing the specs of the Tab 3 Lite aren’t much worse than the original Tab 3, would you be willing to pick one up for a price under $150?

  • Tanner Hoyt

    Samsung, stahp!!!!

    • NeedName

      coming soon:
      Galaxy Tab 3 mini
      Galaxy Tab 3 mega
      Galaxy Tab 3 mega mini
      Galaxy Tab 3 mini xl
      Galaxy Tab 3 Lite mini. . .

      etc. . .
      etc. . .
      etc. . .

      • Jayfeather787

        lol mini xl and mega mini

      • MadCowOnAStick

        available in 2014:
        Galaxy Tab 3 lite mega mini
        Galaxy Tab 3 mini mega lite
        Galaxy Tab 3 mega mini lite
        Galaxy Tab 3 mini mini mega lite xL S
        Galaxy Tab 3 mega mini lite XL XL XL S S S XS lite
        Galaxy Tab 3 mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega (world’s first 100 inch tablet)

  • Joshhud

    What kind of specs coudl it have. I bought the Tab 3 7.0 and unless mine was defective it cant get much more low end. I bought a Nook HD and ran the an tutu app side by side and the Nook blew the Tab 3 away by twice as much. This “lite” must be a legal pad and a S-ink pen.

  • Jack Parker

    The Tab line is already dual core what are they going to do next?

    8/7″ qHD Display with a dual A7 Mediatek processor with 1gb of ram?
    Android 4.2 PERHAPS

    no future updates

    thats my guess

  • Cotomeo

    Galaxy Tab 3 isn’t a good tablet. I don’t wanna think how the lite version is going to be…