Leaked images of the Galaxy S7 Edge

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 19, 2016

We’re just days away from the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, though we already have a pretty clear picture of what to expect. Not only have we had tons of leaks that give us a strong idea of what features Samsung will bring to the table, we even showed off a number of leaked images and even a short video showing off the Galaxy S7 recently. For those looking for a better look at the Galaxy S7 Edge, however, today brings us two new images of Samsung’s curved flagship.

First, we have a clear image of the front which comes by way of Steve Hemmerstoffer. As you can see in the image, the Galaxy S7 Edge looks very similar to its predecessor, with the biggest difference being the bumped up screen size.


The next image comes by way of @onleaks, giving us an official looking press render of Samsung’s latest. While none of these images can be 100% confirmed, we’d say it’s pretty much guaranteed that these give us a real look at what to expect from Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

Looking for more details on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge? Be sure to check out our rumor roundup, and stay tuned as we bring you all the official details on Samsung’s latest this weekend!

  • moew

    I must be the last person alive that likes a little bezel.

  • Jeena Bittenbender

    We pretty much already knew what it will look like. we want to know what’s under the hood. but mainly I want to know if they’ve improved that Edge screen??

  • RG

    Great. Looks like last year’s. But we all knew it would. It’s all LG this year

    • Every year someone says “It’s LG’s year”, then LG flops like they do every year and they are completely wrong. You sir are that guy.

      • RG

        Rejected. I am not any guy that you label me with, Sir. Even if LG flops again, what I said is true – there’s more buzz about LG this year because Samsung have been iterative. You are that predictable, boring guy. No rejections.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          I think LG is in for a shocker. The shocker is what the public’s response will be to their removable battery solution. If leaked pictures are correct, the phone’s original battery (and subsequent replacement batteries) are all connected to a bottom plate. This means that consumers will need to figure out a better place to store their spare than in their pants pocket. I think consumers will balk at that idea. The cartridge battery concept is good but I think they ruined it by having the battery and bottom plate be one single unit. Just imagine stuffing one of those things in your pocket or worse yet, trying to pull it out.

          • RG

            I don’t think LG would be daft enough to keep the battery attached to the bottom plate. Like you said, that would wreck the idea of portability. I’m sure their engineers have thought of that, and if not – someone will need to get fired.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            I’ll admit I’m not a fan of LG phones. I’m not thrilled with their past designs or software with the exception of putting the volume keys on the back. I thought that was a brilliant move that differentiated their phones. However, I do hope you are right about the bottom plate. Having it as a single unit with the battery would be more of a disaster than having two separate pieces.

        • abn

          They have to have buzzz cause for sure as hell is hot there phones are crap.

    • Hans Pedersen


    • Dhiraj

      Lg looks like shit. Worse than deadpool’s face.

    • abn

      Your one of them guys or girls that text without thinking. FOH

      • RG

        Next time you think before typing, spell the word, ‘you’re’ instead of, ‘your’. People will then not so easily dismiss you as illiterate and dumb.

        • abn

          STOP IT. Complaining and crying. I tell you what. Instead of complaining U kan spel chek thiz. Foh.

  • King_Android

    Seeing as I know how cumbersome the fingerprint scanner can be when its on the front is the only reason Ill be passing on the S7 Edge.

    • Max Fireman

      Right, because the phone has a front fingerprint scanner you’re going to pass lol. Give me a break.

      • King_Android

        Wtf you mad at. Its called an opinion and a personal choice for a goddamn reason. I don’t like the scanners on the front. Its stupid and waste of screen real estate. Plus its not practical when you use it everyday. I don’t want to loom at my phone and always see a button on the front for the sole purpose of it being a fingerprint scanner. Just like you wouldn’t get a phone that’s smaller than 4″. Why because its your goddamn choice. Get thefuck off my comment and comment on someone else dumb ass..

        • Hans Pedersen

          I agree 100% with Max. There are so, so many practical reasons why a scanner on the top rear is a really stupid idea. Hence HTCs choice to move it to the front where it belongs.

          • King_Android

            Which is as opposed to the front?

          • Max Fireman

            You slow bro?

          • Reed

            Except it’s still subjective, and telling people they’re wrong for having a preference is idiotic. I prefer the button placement on my V10, but I have no problem with it being on the front. Point is, my preference is mine and mine alone, and cannot be incorrect.

          • abn

            Phone efficiency. Scanner on front and sd card slot availability.

        • Max Fireman

          You need anger management. I can help.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          King, you’re not really showing the world you’ve got any real smarts. Saying a fingerprint “scanner on the front isn’t practical” makes no sense. When you’re phone is on the table and you want to wake it up all you have to do is put your finger on the sensor. That is actually practical. With something like the 6P or upcoming G5 you’ll have to pick the phone up each time to wake it up. That’s a totally unnecessary step and impractical. You also didn’t explain how having a button on the front makes things cumbersome for you. And if you don’t like looming at your phone then don’t loom at it. lol. Don’t comment on articles if you can’t handle people commenting back. We accept the fact that your personal preference is not to see a button on the front of the phone. It’s probably not your aesthetic. But does the phone look any better by having a button on the back? It’s a button on a slab form and is visible enough where it will be seen.

          • Gordon Bombay

            Who sits their phone on a table? Besides girls having cocktails and trying to be seen. Much more valuable to have the scanner on back, so when you’re pulling your phone from pocket to use it for an actual purpose, bam, unlocked and aesthetically pleasing.

            “But bro! How will everyone see that you have the same weak ass galaxy phone as everybody else on metro pcs if you don’t sit it on a table everytime you sit down somewhere??!”

          • SnakeSplitskin

            This is interesting. Your question “who sits their phone on a table” seems to imply you’ve never left your house in the last 25 years. First let me address the obvious and state that your phone is not glued to your hand no matter how much you try to convince me otherwise.

            Secondly, most people in the U.S. work for a living and those who work in an office ALWAYS put their phones down on their desks. They don’t put it on the floor, the don’t put it on their chairs, they don’t put it on their office worker’s chairs, they don’t hang it on the ceiling, they PUT IT ON THEIR DESKS!

            So for those who do work for a living that have desks, their phones are on their desks a majority of the time. The phones are face up so that notifications can be seen as they come in including calls. That means everyone who has a phone with a fingerprint scanner on the front can easily unlock their phones and see their notifications, reply to messages, place calls, do pretty much everything without picking up their phones. I think that’s pretty convenient. Unfortunately Nexus 6P and LG G4 users can not do this.

            The value of unlocking your phone as you’re pulling a phone out of your pocket is minimal at best compared to the value of unlocking your phone without picking it up. You only gain maybe a half second of time with the sensor on the back? That’s negligible. If it was all that important unlocking as it’s pulled from the pocket can be accomplished with any phone with a front fingerprint sensor.

            You must love your 6P. More power to you. I think it’s a great device although I don’t think it’s better than the Note 5. That’s just my opinion. And I never set my phone down on a table when I’m in public. Besides, I don’t need to set it down for people to see and recognize what a cool looking phone I have. They notice that when I pull it out of my pocket. And it’s a good thing it is made of Gorilla Glass 4. I have no scratches and dents anywhere, not even on the camera housing. But I do often see that as a complaint for Nexus 6P users. I guess Huawei went with a less than durable aluminum and glass lens for the camera. I think you know exactly what I mean.

          • Gordon Bombay

            Oh I dont have the 6p, its an ugly piece of trash if you ask me. I said it the first day I saw the renders, and unlike so many conformists, I didnt renege later on. No I am still the proud owner of an N6, rooted, debloated, Honed to perfection as I need it, from gestures to Viper sound mods, Layers Xposed etc. Skinned in Carbon fiber, its a good phone, but like anything, after a time you get bored. Ive actually been leaning towards the v10, more so after the horrendous g5 debacle.
            But back on point, I work outside. From punch in to punch out I am on my feet, moving, exerting, working. So I guess I can understand your point about offices and desks somewhat, even though I am sitting at my desk now typing this and my phone is in my pocket. I just dont see the need to have it lying around if Im not using it.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Ahhh, well you truly have my respect for being an N6 owner. It got a bad rap for being expensive when it first came out but I think that’s one of the best phones from 2014 that’s still in circulation and is still sought new and used.

            There’s no doubt that there’s a crowd of you who are outside or on the road for work most of the time. Placing a phone on the desk for you guys isn’t part of your experience. I was only commenting on the office workers who have desks or some sort of cubicle which is probably 100% of all office workers, a large population of the smartphone market. For the most part, people like to multi-task. Having your phone charge while it’s sitting idle is part of that mult-tasking experience and without the hassle of plugging it in or unplugging it makes it that much more convenient. So if you can charge your phone AND interact with it without picking it up then the experience becomes invaluable.

            Your smartphone is currently in your pocket while at your desk BUT you’re not seeing your notifications when they come in. No whatsapp, no texts, no emails,no Skype, no Instagram, no Snapchat, nothing. If your phone buzzes or beeps you’ll just have to reach into your pocket and pull out the phone to look at it. Then you’ll have to put it back into your pocket. Easy motions indeed so it’s not a big deal. However, the rest of us using a wireless charger can simply glance to our phone and interact with it in the time it takes you to pull yours out of your pocket. And our phones are being charged while yours is not. When you leave your office your phone’s battery will be at a lower percentage while ours will be at 100%. That’s the difference between putting your phone down on the desk and keeping it in your pocket. Some see the value in that while others don’t.

        • abn

          U cant be for real. Tell us your on meds tomorrow when u see what you had post

  • Drake

    Calling it now. The S7 is just going to be the S6 with the S5 features that were removed. lazy

    • Except for that removable battery. Yup.

    • And hence, no USB-C

      • iTriune

        How can you tell?

      • Jeff Martinez

        Not a deal breaker…but there are those who will always be ????

      • NeilGeorge

        USB -C nothing fancy about it..

    • genecrazy

      I’ll just keep my S5 then. It’s still working great :D

      • jnadke


        My S5 is a laggy POS. 2GB RAM is really limiting in modern Android.

        • pcarsphyxexpert

          U disabled ALL power saving modes??

        • iRonMan

          My Moto X 2014 and Nexus 5 suggests otherwise

        • genecrazy

          Yeah, its weird. I was using swiftkey and it was slowing down my S5 by so much and had no idea that was messing up my phone. But once I uninstalled that and started using google keyboard instead and started using novalauncher, my phone was brought up to speed again and has been okay. The only problem is the damn camera. That is definitely a POS.

      • My dad went from the S5 to S6 and the camera is so much better
        I can’t imagine how the S7 will be

    • jnadke

      To be fair, the 12 MP 1.4um pixel Camera would be a huge feature.

      Essentially this is a Point-and-Shoot grade camera (DSLRs have 3.8um+ pixel sizes). No smartphone has matched old dedicated cameras yet.

      • Cyberstriker

        The Apple iphone 6s has.

        • Reed

          Not in reality. I had the 6s+, and my lg v10 takes better photos. The camera on the new iPhones is really really overhyped and over-praised.

    • Nallaikumaran

      What the hell are you talking about? This is an S7 Edge, You have no idea what you’re talking about the S7 Edge. It hasn’t been released yet. Tell me any other brand as innovative as Samsung, please. Apple, HTC, LG, and Sony have brought to us, year after year, the same design in their flagship models. If Samsung doesn’t suit your needs, then don’t buy it. Nobody forces you. First of all, Do you need to know about the smartphones.

      • Real_SteveJobs_TheWakingDead

        Seems like the headphones in his avatar are squeezing his head too tightly.

      • zerocool

        TBF Samsung only stepped up its game since S6, before that it was all the same shit before. LG had ultra thin bezels, HTC had aluminium body and dual front facing speakers and Sony had the water/dust proof features all long before Samsung came out with its innovation being the curved edge. We wont see Samsung bring anything different this time around but we littrally need all the rest to step up their game now.

        • Walter

          All im saying is SAMSUNG PAY is the best mobile payment option it actually works every where it’s not limited to nfc it works anywhere there is a credit card swiper

          • Cyberstriker

            Your forgetting about the IR blaster tho.

          • Fabio

            Why outside US nowhere works?

        • saksham

          the s3 and s4 were THE MOST POWERFUL phones at the time and feature packed

      • gioinkeys

        What the hell are YOU talking about? LG is definitely doing far more than samsung. they are sticking to their guns and just polishing it. no damn difference.

      • Phillip

        Don’t worry about him just another mindless Samsung hater that can’t stand the fact that they nailed it this time . After all the complaining he’s doing bet he’s the first one in line for the gs7 hahaha a

    • Mit Shah

      I just hope they don’t hold another musical to unveil the phone.

    • Sere83

      except it wont…

    • Jeff Martinez

      Sounds like a great idea to me, I’ll take lazy.

    • JDMillest

      its not lazy…samsung thought people didnt care about those features on the s5 cause it didnt sell, then came the s6, people complain about not having those features when those people probably didnt even buy the s5.

  • It looks like an S3… but edgy.

    • Dhiraj

      Old is Gold :p ;)

  • Sen. Rockie

    Meh. LG (G5) will blow this thing out of the water.

    • Stop being delusional!!

      • Sen. Rockie

        Delusional? What are you trying to say? LG is always a flop? Have you ever owned an LG device? Let me tell you this, I currently STILL own LG’s 2014 flagship (G3) and I gotta say this device is very great! It even got updated to Marshmallow before new year (2016) hit. I didn’t upgrade to G4 because my G3 is still a great performing device and up to now its performance is still up to par to today’s standards especially with the marshmallow update. I have a friend who has the S6 Edge and guess what? IT’S STILL ON ANDROID 5.1.1 AT THIS POINT OF TIME. MY G3 GOT THE MARSHMALLOW UPDATE FIRST! (And of course the G4 got it as well). I don’t even like his S6 Edge because it doesn’t have removable battery and external sdcard support! (I have a 64GB class10 microsd from SanDisk and I can’t just let that thing go to waste by buying a device that doesn’t support it.) Now that Samsung is bringing sdcard support back it still won’t attract my attention because it’s Samsung, it’s pretty much overrated af. I want to show everyone that there’s another contender out there who can do as much or EVEN MORE.

        • Yes I owned the G3 which was PURE GARBAGE, luckily the Note 4 was right around the corner.

          • Sen. Rockie

            Garbage? Care to explain why? There’s a reason why LG won the Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year in 2014.

          • It’s had total lag when I typed, and several other things I don’t remember. But I hated it

      • Sen. Rockie

        Also, I tried to visit Android Authority’s G5 vs S7 poll again.

        Out of 5k+ people…?

        One word, LOL :P

    • Sean Sean

      G5 is soooooooo ugly… :D

      • Sen. Rockie

        Judging by the leaks revealed a few days ago I can say the front side looks okay but the back is meh. But we cannot simply make a final judgement yet as we speak. I will wait for it to be officially revealed before I do. But honestly, I’m not into the design of the phone, I’m more into its features & performance because let’s face it, for example – Samsung. Their phones almost looked the same ever since the S3 and almost no one gave af they still sold like hotcakes. You can’t simply judge a book by its cover mate.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      “blow this thing out of the water” What does that even mean? I just can’t see someone going into an ATT Wireless store asking for which phone that blows everything else out of the water.

      • Sen. Rockie

        It’s an expression that means it will be the best of the best hehe :)

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Oh yeh, best of the best. Unfortunately LG hasn’t managed to create a
          device that can “blow this thing out of the water”. I mean, what
          metric can we possibly use to measure if something has adequately blown other devices out of the water? Is it sales? LG has always lost that battle. Is it customer satisfaction? Nope. As of June 2015 LG’s phone ranked 7th, beat out by Samsung, Iphone, and Motorola. Samsung took 1st, 2nd, and 4th spots. You can google “mobile phone customer satisfaction LG vs samsung cbs news 2015” and you’ll find the article with the stats.

          Samsung also tops LG in customer satisfaction for kitchen appliances. No need to post the link here as this is a smartphone site. So please tell us all what metric are you using to determine which phone or manufacturer will blow everything else out of the water!

          Oh, you can’t because there is no such metric. lol Quit floundering in delusion and join the rest of the world.

          • Sen. Rockie

            Join the rest of the world? Where Samsung and Apple rules the norm? Oh come on whatever man those are just stats, it’s all about user preference. When buying a smartphone of course not only Apple and Samsung comes to one’s mind. For me, with the G3 as my first LG device I can say I’ve had a very good experience with it, even though LG had a dark past. I was a BlackBerry user (Z10) and a hardcore Sony/Sony Ericsson fan (Owned X10 and Acro S) but now I realized it’s not about the brand, it’s about the quality of the product, and I can say LG is very good with making such. Samsung? If you are to search forums many are saying they’ve been slow with updates so far. I have a friend who owns the S6 Edge (still on 5.1.1 as of now) and my almost 2 year old phone got Marshmallow first (released late Dec 2015, stable, no bugs). Have a nice day and I’m done with this discussion. Going back to study and play a bit of dota.

            Imo, S7 is what the S6 should have been. The S7 should be something (at least) totally new in order for them to catch my attention, I just hate the fact that they are going through the path of Apple (iPhone-ish design, no more removable battery and external sdcard support). At least for this year LG is trying something new and who knows what feedback they will get.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            “whatever man, those are just stats”. LOL, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Those aren’t “just stats”. Those stats reflect the level of satisfaction users had with their phones and LG scored just enough satisfaction with their customers to earn 7th place in 2015. You’re the one who expressed that LG will “blow this thing out of the water”. I simply found a metric by which to measure just how much a phone can blow other phones out of the water. So far LG hasn’t demonstrated that they can create a device that can actually do that. What we can recognize from the stats is that Samsung is consistently providing satisfaction (and therefore value) to their customers that buy their phones which means that this whole “updates” issue that you mentioned is quite meaningless to the general public. 3 out of the top 4 spots are Samsung phones (notice the plural). So that’s 3 different phones meant for different segments of the market that earned top marks in satisfaction. I can keep saying it but I don’t think you’ll actually understand what that means. You can hate Samsung for their design decisions all you want and you can find all the forum posts from complaining Samsung customers all you want but you can’t deny that despite all of that Samsung has delivered more satisfaction to their customers than all other OEM’s including Apple.

            With all that said, I do hope LG can come up with a winner. I already know that I’m not a fan of their design language and software so I won’t be buying the G5. But as consumers we all win when OEM’s try harder to be ultra competitive. LG upped its game by improving their camera on the G4 and then even further with the V10. Huawei amazed us with a Nexus that actually had an excellent camera for the first time. HTC failed miserably and may not be able to recover but the heat is on them to be competitive. All of this means Samsung will try to outdo itself as well. So what if the S7 looks similar to the S6. Its camera, battery, and software performance will be better than the S6 and that’s what really matters. Consumers win when there are a lot more excellent choices and styles to choose

  • miro

    To all the apple suckers: BURN IN HELL.

  • pjtpjt

    Wow, the S6 it should have been. A pity it’s a year too late.

  • Cyberstriker

    Samsung should have kept the 16-megapixel sensor because it took a lot of good photos and one of the best camera phones in 2015.

    • Reed

      Megapixels do not a good camera make. Photography 101.

      • Cyberstriker

        Tell that to the people who uses Photoshop for a living

  • Phillip

    Haha the gs7 has covered all the bases so much to the point that even the haters have run out of shit to complain about . Now there just making up stuff off the top of there head . Give it up haters I get it your Hella pissed that Samsung nailed it this year and that’s fine . Go buy your LG nexus are what every Chinese knock off that turns you on and be happy. .. me I’m adding this baby to my collection of note 5 and edge plus. This phone is the one if all rumors are true . It’ll be a beast can’t wait ( drop the microphone)

  • MeanDroid

    The back cover of the phone is a step back in looks

  • saksham

    be sure to watch the video samsung will be releasing on youtube !

  • Francis Kwan

    sigh….. it might have killing features. but .. Really , do me a favor, Samsung. Get a good hardware designer . your current Chief Design Officer is standing in your way to success.