Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 Edge may not have an entirely new design but the company has made some changes to the color choices available, and the finish on the front and rear of the handset. With three colors to choose from, which color should you buy and which color stands out the most?

The Galaxy S7 Edge will be available in three colors: Black Onyx, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. One of the biggest changes versus the Galaxy S6 Edge last year is that Samsung has dropped the more gaudy Emerald Green color in favor of a more traditional line up, but as we’ve seen in previous years, the company does have form for launching additional colors of popular handsets at a later date.

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The Galaxy S6 Edge was available in Black Sapphire, which actually turned out to be blue when reflecting light, but this time around the Black Sapphire is actually black. Personally, I think this looks fantastic and this is a welcome change to the blueish-black adopted by Samsung in past handsets. However, just like the Galaxy S7 and last year’s line up which includes the Galaxy Note 5, the glass back is still fairly prone to fingerprints, although Samsung has added a nano-coating to the back to help reduce the collection of fingerprints that accumulate there.


Moving on we have the Gold Platinum, which is one of the most reflective colours with an almost mirror-like finish to it. The reflective finish is rather gaudy but, coupled with the sleek curved edges of the Galaxy S7 Edge, it does make a rather fancy looking smartphones. No doubt this won’t appeal to everyone however as these colours not only change the rear, but also the bezel above and below the front display.


Last, but certainly not least, we have my favourite color: Silver Titanium. Like the silver Galaxy Note 5, this color does feel like Samsung combined a mirror and a smartphone, but despite this, it does look absolutely fantastic. Just like the Gold Platinum version, this colour is extremely reflective but it does have a grayish hue, which helps to tone the gaudiness down slightly.


Each color looks fantastic and I don’t find any of them to be too gaudy, although you may have a different opinion. I’m definitely disappointed that the Galaxy S7 Edge won’t be available in the white color that the Galaxy S7 is available in. What do you think of the Galaxy S7 Edge colors and which is your favorite? Let us know your views in the comments below and be sure to check out all of our highlights of MWC 2016 so far.

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  • Žiga Štupar

    I like Titanium silver color

    • Toss3

      Me too but it’s not available in Europe for some odd reason. Had to order the gaudy gold-version instead as I’m getting tired of all-black phones.

      • Phillip

        You’ll love the gold have it in my gs6 edge plus love it

        • HeatFan786

          It’s not the same though. Sadly. I went with the Silver since the Gold isn’t as subtle as the S6 or iPhone 6/6S. I don’t like too flashy phones anyways. The Silver keeps it classy.

      • namesib

        I’m waiting until I can import it from somewhere. It just looks too nice to pass up.

      • jim

        Black is for people who are devoid of personality

    • I actually kind of dig that color also but as somebody who prefers darker colors, I ultimately when with the Black for my GS7 Edge this morning. Pretty sure the Silver Titanium would’ve eventually gotten on my nerves….. lol

    • Rowlin

      Like the silver also, but wish it had a more matte finish

      • jtw

        Wouldn’t that just be gray then? haha

        • Prain

          Matte like an iPhone for example. Still silver, but not glossy.

          I too wish this was the finish of the S7. The sIlver looks nice but i’m afraid of gnarly reflections from the sun

  • Tom F

    Isn’t there white also?? It is in the first picture.

    • jtw

      Yes, but it’s only available in certain places…not sure where exactly, but I know it’s definitely not available in the US. I don’t understand why Samsung does this…how hard is it to make all colors available everywhere?!

    • Arul kumar

      gold is the sexiest of all….i assure u …ul know its speciality only wen u get the hands on it…..wowwwwwwwww ul enjoy the beauty of it all day

  • Toss3

    Does the gold-version have silver edges as it doesn’t in the pics on the official website?

    • Scott

      The S7 and S7 Edge phones have metal frame colors that somewhat correspond to their body colors: the gold has a slight satin gold frame, the black has a satin gunmetal, and both the silver titanium and white appear to have standard satin silver colored frames.

      Also, the gold champagne color is slightly (but noticeably) more gold than last year’s, which would appear very silver a lot of the time.

      • Toss3


  • BB

    I like a black one.

  • Although I really did like the Blue-ish Black color last year, I went with the Black 0nyx and still think it looks fantastic. that’s the color I ordered for my Galaxy S7 Edge this morning.

  • Vincent

    Here in the Netherlands we only get the White, Black and Gold versions of the Galaxy S7 Edge..
    I chose the black one, but damnn I rather had the Silver Titanium.

  • ToasTd

    Shiny. Shiny. Shiny and shiny. Urgh.

    • Arul kumar

      like the divine gold colour

  • I agree. The shininess is abhorrent. Plus that gold!

  • Super Ovni ?

    I like the black … but no chrome details , I’ll go with silver

  • I barely see a Galaxy 2015 flagship phone that isn’t gold here. The people love it and its clear why. Its is just simply beautiful and an eye catcher

  • Super Ovni ?

    The aspect ratio will be now 4: 3 12MP,pictures, all photos will be square, If you put them in wide angle 16: 9 will drop to 9.1MP meaning that by giving zoom the image quality will be less, although in 4: 3 will give you a good resolution when you give zoom. Look at the first picture, the second and third are examples of the ability of the S6 Edge 16: 9 and zoom macro.

    • 4:3 is not square (that would be 1:1), it’s just not as wide as 16:9. It’s also not zoomed in more, the top and bottom slivers of the 4:3 image are just cropped off so it fills the entire phone display.

      • Super Ovni ?

        I understand your point , I mean is there any quality loss in wide angle if you crooped or zoomed.
        Wich are the benefits of 4:3 over 16:9?

        • Abdou Azzedine (A2Z)

          4:3 is actually 16:12 , not as wide as 16 ninth

    • Jordan

      The 4:3 aspect ratio of the camera is actually one of the things I’m most happy about. Most of my previous phones have had it, and it makes for much easier cropping to a square for instagram. I know that Instagram recently began supporting non square photos, but I still like keeping my instagram photos square whenever I can.

  • libertarian2012

    They probably lost one customer. White is the only color I liked in S6 Edge which I currently own. I’ll look at the new black, but I doubt I’ll like it over my white. I guess they don’t sell enough white phones in US, but it wouldn’t have hurt shipping in a few and only sell it online to reduce inventory.

    • Phillip

      You’d be right the white was a slow mover . Trust if they sold a bunch of white phones they’d bring it back . The black this year is a true black not like the dark blue on my note 5

    • Kevam

      If you love white then go for silver since silver is more closer to white than black

  • Cuco

    Just ordered a Meenova Dash Type-C. But can’t use it on S7. sign

  • Jimmy Donta

    Just ordered a silver titanium!

    • jtw

      Same. I think it looks awesome, and I have ever since I saw it on the S6 Edge+ #sexy

    • I.s.A.

      I have the s6 iron man edition … so i think it’s to bright red thats why i want to change it …
      Looks like it’s from outer space right…!!!

    • zeca

      HOW? In the UK there seems not to be Silver at all :(

      • Craig Lancaster

        i cant find it anywhere silver, frustrated

      • Jay Kim

        there is silver in australia. ;) its all sold out. i ordered my s7 edge in silver.

    • Craig Lancaster

      i cant find it anywhere silver, frustrated a lot

      • Arul kumar

        go for gold its awesome ive ordered one too

        • Craig Lancaster

          Not girlie ?

        • Craig Lancaster

          Got the gold one it’sawesome

      • jim

        silver and black are for ultra flamboyant homosexuals

        • JL

          I guess I can’t get gold any more then

    • Matt

      Do you like your silver one?

  • AlexFirth91

    Correction: Black Sapphire intended to have a blue hue as Sapphire is blue. But the new color is Black Onyx, Onyx is a black stone so it will remain black in the light. I’m assuming they color the devices with the gem/mineral in mind.

  • done uemf

    First choice was the silver but I ended up going with the black… I think in the long run the silver would annoy me in the sun and every image I’ve seen has been nothing but finger prints.

  • Kunal Narang

    silver titanium all the way!

  • Ichy Nipple

    I pre-ordered the silver titanium. This will be my 1st Galaxy S phone that’s not black, white, blue or bluish black. I think silver matches well with anything and I kinda miss it

  • andyroo77

    Saphires are blue, onyxs are black, hence black saphire reflected blue and black onyx reflects (?) Black.

    • Kevam

      lmao nicely written!

  • Steven

    I’m going with Black Onyx here in Australia. A silver or gold phone will probably blind me if I use it outdoors!

  • AndroidBrian

    Black. All the way. I don’t want to see my reflection on the bezels when I’m watching a video.

  • Mohammed Ashik

    I’ve got my silver just now :)

    • Kevam

      How does it look? I am deciding between black and silver.

      • Mohammed Ashik

        Silver looks Awesome and bit fancy..

        • Kevam

          Thanks! But it’s probably not available in UK. I’ll try to find it but if I can’t, then I’ll have to go for the Black one.

          • Mohammed Ashik

            choose black or silver… don’t go for gold… best of luck mate :)

          • Matt

            Is it too reflective in the sun? Is the silver color distracting at all while watching videos? Does it look as nice as black would with the edge screens? Thanks.

  • Kevam

    I am confused between Black and Silver. I have used a black 4S, Black S4 and black 6 Plus. I love the black on the S7 Edge but I am attracted towards the silver one. I just can’t decide. Need some help from owners/ones that have seen them personally! Thanks!

  • Jeff Tiberend

    Where is a white S7? Not to have a nice white phone is just plain stupid!

    • minna

      we have white s7 edge here in Thailand not sure why they are not available in some countries , though.

  • Matt

    I’m torn between black and silver. My current phone is a pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III. I’ve had a black phone in the past, but I’ve also always been intrigued by silver.

  • Sibo

    Picking up the white Edge tomorrow, actually! Can’t wait!!! =D