Galaxy S6 concept shows us what the Galaxy line should look like after the Galaxy S4

March 13, 2013

    galaxy-s6-concept-renderThe folks from the Apple Conspiracy, after seeing a “myriad” of Galaxy S4 concepts, have created their own concept render of the Galaxy S6, indicating where they’d like to see Samsung go with its Galaxy line in the future. The renders do not get into specs of the device, but rather the desire to see Samsung make innovation something more than a marketing term.

    It’s quite easy to imagine what the successor of the Galaxy S4 will look like, which is getting announced on March 14, but what will the Galaxy S6 look like? It’s hard to imagine, but the guys from Apple Conspiracy wants it to tout a plastic unibody with a new protective nano coating called hyperskin, “a plastic you won’t be mad about”.

    The Galaxy S6 concept touts a beautiful GravityUX on top of Android 6.0. The phone concept also has an 18MP camera with 4K high frame rate video recording. The most drool worthy part of the concept is a battery that could last a week of heavy usage off of a single charge.

    Last but not least, the Galaxy S6 concept will have a 4.5-inch S-OLED display with a stunning 2K display. These are, of course, simply dreams and desires as the concept has technologies that we have yet to implement, but the folks from Apple Conspiracy say:

    It includes technologies we have yet to implement, but it’s our only way of giving justice to the so-much-used word “innovation” without just being a marketing term. In our opinion, only in next couple of years we could have some real progress in this matter. But new models have to be launched in ever shorter time intervals, and justify their “innovation” by masking the real problems.

    Let’s hope in two years that innovation won’t just be a marketing term so we can actually see something like this in the future.

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    • Diego Odorizzi

      Shut up and take my money!

      • Brad Ward

        You can say that again! I’m seriously wanting some Galaxy UX on my Note 2, now! If only it wasn’t a concept!

        • MasterMuffin

          Shut up and take my money! :D

          • simpleas

            i dont have much but mine too!

    • tomislav

      LOOOL! First of all this is Croatian render which is comming from .
      Look the picture android 6.0 you will see Boris Radosevic and gadgeterija. He is the owner of the web. Apple Conspiracy is the dude who put all his RL to that gadget web. And he loves apple more then his mom….

    • kurolife

      Inspired by the One X?

    • Diego Henrique Pinheiro Damasc

      I can’t see the gallery. ‘-’

    • MasterMuffin

      Looks beautiful and I wonder who will be the first to steal that lock screen from the concept!

      • MCMXCVI


        • MasterMuffin

          Yup :D

    • Leif

      Looks way too thin to be comfortable. Don’t want to cut paper with a phone and charge it every few hours.

    • Andres Valladares

      í wish that the s4 was like that…

    •űvész-Bence/100003548748181 Bűvész Bence

      Very nice!!!!!!! :-)

    • Basatne Electronics

      A battery that lasts for a week of heavy use sounds too good to be true but this mock-up looks beautiful.

    • M-i20

      Wow. Now ya talking!!! Thats got to be the coolest looking phone ever…I can see the Crapple boys trying to copy this one…

      • john

        stfu lol this is not even designed my samsung. If samsung use this design, it’s not considered copying? Hater is just as pathetic as fan boy. Just my objective opinion.

        • airtonix

          and if Apple used this design ? Genuinely curious.

    • Quryous


      Those wide side bezels are doomed. Totally unnecessary, especially with flexible screens.

      They need stereo speakers on their larger models, too. One on each end so that when used in landscape (movie) mode they are on the left and right. Hope the quality improves, as well. Not just boomy phony base, but real quality.

      And, they need to get smart and put charging ports on the side so that when they are docked in landscape (movie) mode they can be charging without a wire sticking out the side. Unless, of course, that wireless charging docks are included in the box and can be angled to hold the unit up at viewing angle while charging.

      Further, they need to insure that the battery and Micro cards are removable.

      Need full waterproofing, as well, along with being superambiphobic (VERY oil and moisture resistant screen faces). Hate fingerprints and the lady hates it when her oily makeup get all over the screen.


      • yj

        Does it need to make sanwiches, too?
        (No offense!)

    • yungqb7

      Hmm… my future phone after my gs4 lol

    • Fernando

      Great gallery, but fire the ass who wrote all the copy for the “adverts.”

    • naurizofficial

      lol, yeah right. Samsung can make only crappy plastic kids toys.

    • Влатко Стојанов

      This is fu***ng beautiful!

    • Anmol Mehroke

      First of all where is the flash for the camera, where is the speakers, where is the charger suppose to go?

      • Brad Ward

        Honestly, I’d expect there to be no charger. If I’m correct, this would release in 2015, possibly 2016, if it were to be a real device. By then, I would hope, we would all be on board with wireless charging.

        As for the flash and speakers, I have no idea.

        • TechDevil

          By 2016, smartphone technology will have reached a level where a single battery life will estimate 3-4 months of use, and charging will take 30 seconds. (I’m not even kidding, that’s going to happen sometime)

          • jeff

            Completely agree

      • D’Ander McSullivan

        The speaker and the camera are under-the-skin of the phone with some kind of badass futuristic technology.

      • nabz

        its wireless charging

    • jayydoggy

      now that is fricken cool lookin

    • Sky Ang

      the battery is enough to make me cry

    • Roberto Tomás

      I hope they aren’t planning on making actually flexible phones. That would be such a waste of money. The cool thing about a flexible display is, really, that is it printed in a cheap process on cheap plastic — allowing for cheap, high quality, and light weight/low energy mobile displays.

    • Jocimara

      What is the price of a cell that?

    • Blowntoaster

      this looks like the specs n design of the S6 mini.
      The S6 should be the same size as the S4 but even thinner bezels and 2K screen, if that would be even possible on a 5-5.5 inch screen.
      a new UX would be nice. The gravity UX looks awesome.
      Samsung, do a “Galaxy UX”, next time round will ya…

    • Tabo

      Samsung phone with 4.5 inch screen would be a joke. In two years samsung will be creating 9 inch phones!

      • Kwackers

        I actually looked at the Galaxy Mega yesterday at the store and… to my surprise it didn’t look too big lol. I don’t think I’d buy it anytime soon, but I can see technology going there. It’s already pretty close to that in Korea

    • xperia fan

      samsung’s design has always been and always will be directly proportional to design of the iPhone

      • Mike Palmer

        So how does any resent Samsung phone look like a iPhone, I’m looking at my Note 2 right now and it looks nothing like a iPhone.

    • chanman

      I think after 5-10 years (So Galaxy SX?… lol the innuendos that will come around at generation 10), ability to charge by capturing airwaves (wifi, radio, etc.) will be commercial-ready; only at that point will a week of use without recharging by achievable.

    • Jordan Shilkoff

      that phone looks so sharp and uncomfortable to hold

    • Joseph Letts

      4.5inch screen?? No thanks my S4 has 5! Although this article was written before it came out, so I guess the concept makers can be forgiven, even if they did have less vision, pardon the pun than Samsung. I’m sure it would have at least 5 inches and not go down in size, if anything given current trends it would increase. The rest of the specs are pretty darn good though.

    • Emerson Almeida

      It’s just a bluff.

    • etiggy

      Meh, call me when it can transform into a car, a spaceship and a submarine. Also, I would like to see a built-in espresso machine before I commit myself to anything.

    • goybs

      the speakers are on the bezels… tiny micro-drilled holes invisible to the naked eye

    • Xen Lee
    • Arc

      Its missing a physical home button.

    • saraswathi

      Nice articles.

      I like to share one think happy recently i brought this Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830 in Ezeekart with 55% discount.Its one of the best online shopping for mobiles

    • Mr_Ben

      S6? What happened to S5?

    • App8ite

      Still not shed that bezel, disappointing :(

    • soraxd

      for a “concept” its pretty bland.. the lockscreen makes for a cool picture.. but aside from that, id be disappointed to see the back/menu/home buttons disappear.

      the rest is just throwing out big numbers..

      • Kwackers

        I’d be really happy to see them get rid of the physical home button though. And for that matter, replace the menu button with the recents button.

    • Luke Wienecke

      Why is there a galaxy s6 concept when theres not even a galaxy s 5 yet haha

    • Shacham Ginat

      This is beautiful…

    • Ben Bauer

      Let’s skip the boring part! Lol they should do that

    • BG

      Things are developing too quickly….the above pretty much exists already with the Xperia Z1….apart from the 4K video, which would be rather pointless – much better to invest development on things like batteries, camera sensors, speaker designs etc…

    • Kwackers

      Why would they make the screen 4.5 inches though? If anything screens will only continue to get larger. I’d expect the S6 to be 5.0 inches at the minimum.

      Also, with the new Galaxy F series rumored to be starting, who knows what their plans are!

    • aaron pompura

      what about the s5?

    • aaron pompura

      what about the s5

    • Sunny Gandhi

      Above concept looks great and no doubts. And what about this?

      shared on
      Well, if phones would be like that then then then lol, how we will handle it and no doubt future will welcome these concepts, as we all need something new :D

    • Tran Nguyen

      This phone is very impress, but I hope that the cover around this phone will be special strong rubber for protection. If Samsung engineers know how to calculate the physic and distribute weight for falling the back of phone that is only hit on ground. No power and volume buttons.

    • Sean Zemunik

      I had an S3 and then an s4, I cant believe how many bugs the 4 had. Same with my friends who had the 4. Gallery freezing and then unusable. The phone shut down once and I had to try restarting it 20 times and then factory reset. The shop I bought it at Gave me a Note three which by far is the best phone I have ever had. Its a power house in every way. I got the Nexus 5 last week and am enjoying that. But I have to say my confidence in the galaxy range has been shaken. Not to mention if it looks anything like the 3 or 4 I am not buying it. They are not crapple. I dont want an incremental increase I want innovation. This concept needs to be a 5 not a 6 or im out till something not boring comes along.

    • al

      and naturally the back facing camera for pictures of self and friends will still be a sucky 2 mp.

    • muddy46

      Absolutely gorgeous concept…I hope they new line does look like that.

    • Denny Crane

      Why would I want a smaller 4.5″ screen? In 2015, will I feel nostalgic for 2011?

    • karne

      Wow, it looks awesome.

    • man

      Future 6th generation of samsung phone s6……………………….

    • rhozze

      ten tumbs up for Samsung..hehe..
      I think Samsung is one of most inspirated company. They make continuou inovation in all time. Their last product is Samsung Galaxy S4. Not long time ago, Samsung Galaxy S5 is released. And now, there is was an information about concept of Samsung Galaxy S6. Very very great..
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    • ercball

      Why applelish very concern about sammy’s design??? Look at ur design first! Kinda boring like hell too

    • mukul chhabra

      waiting for galaxy s6 and really excited about it by watching the features at

    • Nuzulul Hakim

      I want buy Samsung Galaxy S4 , and I not have money hahaha
      Harga HP Samsung

    • hitesh jaina

      Samsung in news for no reasons!!!

      what Galaxy S6 come in 2016

    • Manish

      The above details are great but what I found on was much more interesting!! A 12-core processor, 4K resolution screen, LED notification light!! Well, this was something different and interesting amongst all the s6 details I found on web.

    • srhjn123

      waiting for the Samsung next big phone Galaxy S6 looking at the features on

    • Renu Bisht

      This time Samsung is going to surprise everyone with its new phone named as Galaxy S6, lets hope it will be the best device ever by Samsung.

    • srhjn123

      I have a galaxy s4 (32 GB) and really love it! It is just the
      right size and weight, and has an awesome HD screen and a powerful processor. I
      hope the galaxy s6 will not be any bigger than 5.5″ screen as also mention in

    • iphone6smart

      I’v seen a nice concept here to:

    • abhilashthakur

      i do not like same design of samsung galaxy series smartphone. if samsung comes with new look/design for Galaxy S6 i will go with it.

    • Sohibsanam

      that thing make me crazy to play all application
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    • pradeep

      that is really nice information and concept of Galaxy s6 phone.

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    • pradeep

      the concept looks really impressive having more curve surface and better specification, waiting for it..

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    • Manish Balyan

      Hey, Brand Ward

      This is amazing article with great content,you mention 18 mp camera but i think samsung will come with atleast 20 mp camera as shown here along with 5.5″ Ultra HD Screen expected to have 4K resolution.


      I found a very interesting concept in the internet :

      This concept shows a metallic finish to the Samsung Galaxy S6 .. i would love to see such a phone in real

    • edu techs

      Samsung Galaxy S6 renders in following site are even better

    • edu techs

      Check out the renders of Samsung galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 mini

    • pradeep

      the concept rendered above is really impressive. but what about it’s battery backup and price

      i found something interesting about Galaxy s6 at:

    • Manish Balyan

      Good concept hope Samsung Galaxy S6 will fire in martket.

    • Manish Balyan

      18 MP camera no dude not less than 20 MP with UHD display with lots of features here