Galaxy S5’s launch weekend sales rivaled the iPhone’s – retail data

by: Gary SimsApril 24, 2014

galaxy s5 vs iphone 5s aa (8 of 14)New statistics have been released which show how well the Samsung Galaxy S5 sold over its launch weekend  – Friday, April 11 to Sunday, April 13. According to iQmetrix, who sell retail management software for the North American wireless industry, the Galaxy S5 made up 23% of total phones sold in the U.S., and 18% of total phones sold in Canada, during its launch weekend. By comparison the iPhone 5s made up only 18% of total phones sold in the U.S. during its launch weekend (Sept. 20-22, 2013), and 13% of total phones sold in Canada for the same weekend.

It is thought that Samsung wants to ship at least 35 million Galaxy S5s in the second quarter of this year, which is quite an aggressive target.

These numbers were generated from data samples taken from over 15,000 independent wireless retailers across the North America during the launch of the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S. Initial sales of the Galaxy S5 seem to have been strong and Samsung claims that it shipped 1.3 times as many Galaxy S5s on its global launch day compared with the Galaxy S4. Although this new data is from independent wireless retailers and therefore doesn’t include data from the carriers, it does shed some light on the S5’s reception.

In the six months leading up to the launch of the Galaxy S5, sales of the S4 remained strong and even peaked to a near all time high during the holiday season and January 2014. Once the launch of the S5 approached sales dipped by just under 30 percent compared to the Christmas sales high.

Galaxy_S5_launch_sales_infographic iQmetrix

For the iPhone 5 the story is a little different. Sales of the device dropped more progressively over the months running up to the launch of the iPhone 5S and Apple started to see dents in its sales as far back as late July as the rumor mill started producing iPhone 5S rumors. Since Apple completely stopped selling the iPhone 5, something it didn’t do with previous models, and effectively replaced it with he iPhone 5C then the iPhone 5 sales probably aren’t indicative of the overall sales pattern.

It is thought that Samsung wants to ship at least 35 million Galaxy S5s in the second quarter of this year, which is quite an aggressive target especially when you consider that the Galaxy S4 is estimated to have shipped around 64 million units worldwide since its launch.

It is also worth noting that shipments don’t equal sales. Of the 64 million Galaxy S4 devices shipped it is thought that only 40 million have actually been sold! However the S5 may do much better than its predecessor, as Galaxy S4 sales probably suffered from the fact the S3 was so successful and the S4 might not have been such a compelling upgrade.

What about you? Did you upgrade to the Galaxy S5?

  • namesib

    Who needs virtual buttons and aluminium/glass?

    As long as they have an AMOLED display, a physical home button, removable battery and microSD support, I’m happy.

    • Thoru

      I´m with you.

    • George Av

      Oh, you forgot the camera, not the fake shit like *cough cough htc one

      • Jesus

        Hey man, watch it. ULTRA pixel, vs. just mega pixel.

        • George Av

          Fuck off Jesus I don’t need to be enlightened by you.

  • fhejd

    Samsung has many kinds of phones with a lot of different price point. The fact that s5 alone beat 5s (argubly the only phone apple is selling well?) indicates that apple is in deep sh*t…

    • Mozaik

      lol , you have not read today’s news , and still sales figures are not revealed and its sad also htc one and z2 are good smartphone they should deserve that place but alas Samsung marketing has proved again.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Not the M8 POS, though. Please we are talking high end smartphones here, not ALUMUNUM market.

        marketing is nothing without good product(at least in long term)

        • Mozaik

          Who is talking about aluminium , i am talking that htc one m8 and z2 are equal against s5 or better in some aspect , like htc m8 is more fluid and fast than s5 or z2 camera is much better than s5.

          • simpleas

            hahaha, keep your second rate products. we’ll keep the galaxy.

          • Mozaik

            No you keep ugly look (touchwiz) and lag ;)

          • nak

            Let enjioy holding ur useless aluminum.

          • Mozaik

            At least it will work fluidly , and i wont look stupid with it .

      • George Av

        Not the M7 minus + that this is a metal paperweight from a company that had drowned beyond saving.

      • Jesus

        Forget marketing, but think about the price. If the HTC One was cheaper, I would buy it.

        But for its price, which is similar to the Galaxy S5’s… it’s a ripoff – Shitty 4MP camera, no IP certification, close to stock Android. Why not just get a Nexus 5, and save $100s??

      • Raaj

        Marketing muscle does have its advantages.. However if people bought something based just on advertisements.. Apple would be the only phone sold in this world!

        And please don’t compare competition to Samsung phones without considering the whole picture.. Samsung phones sell because (now) Samsung is associated with a well established service backup.. Well established software update routines (no other Android phone gets updated as much as Samsung phones).. And for all the tech geeks out there, Samsung phones provide the best opportunities to tinker with and hack.

        So, No, none of your fancy wishes of HTC or Sony ever coming close to Samsung in the sales department will ever materialize in the near future unless these companies provide all the tools necessary to make the handset a top grosser. Until then you and me alike will bash Samsung in a public forum and call it all the names we want.. But when it comes to doling out money to buy our hard earned phone.. There is no looking back and Samsung is the de facto choice

        • Mozaik

          Lol apple sold 46 million iphone this quater , they sell 120 million iphone each year.

          • Raaj

            For real dude?
            Lol! Did you even read what I commented?

          • simpleas

            He’s can’t read it cause his screen is too small.

    • mobilemann

      actually it’s growth and sales that indicates those things, (to adults) iPhone sales growth is slowing though! (but still growing) But i’m sure they are doing fine:D One day you’ll realize it’s all technology, and it’s all good.

      • Not slowing much apparently (and I know I’m surprised, since I feel they’ve gotten stale, lost in their own marketing hype, and the Sir Jonny aesthetic isn’t really mine):

        Quarterly earnings just out: “Apple beat expectations by earning $10.2 billion in quarterly net profit, driven by record sales of 43.7 million iPhones.” – all of one screen size and only one new set of guts!

        So no consumer product releases of note since last fall (the MacPro is hardly a “consumer product”), and “all good” in Cupertino at least.

        Meanwhile, the overlap and picking products can twist one’s mind to pretzels, but I’m hoping for at least three hardy and vibrant ecosystems emanating from MS, AAPL and GOOG – and (inevitably and likely in not too long) several more from Asia (and other quarters, perhaps like Amazon), plus some open source sources, e.g., Firefox OS and others.

        S’all good…!!

        • mobilemann

          Wish there were more like minded commenters:)

  • zak

    Samsung galaxy s5 is the only phone in the world that combines best amoled screen + water proofing + dust sealed + fingerprints scanner + heart beat monitor + sdcard + fastest foucs camera + removable battery… Just to name a few. I think it will shatter all records for android at least

    • simpleas

      Good point Zak. Online blogs (not this one) and paid htc shills can post crap online all they want, people ain’t dumb. Your anti-samsung propaganda won’t work guys. I mean good night, if you want to win fair and sqaure, beat it with superior hardware then advertise. Not like crap htc where it starts off with a crap product. Is why their commercials are crap cause they got nothing worth advertising. ANY decent ad agency woulda capitalized on that. hahahahahahaha……. htc.. lol here’s the crap.

  • Roseman Eisen

    Honestly I’ve wanted a note phone since it came out I couldn’t afford the note 2 when my contract was up so now I’ll be getting the note 4 when it comes out

  • I’m an Android user myself, and platform agnostic at this point in the OS wars, but part of the reason for the high unit shipments not pointed out here is Samsung’s huge promotional push. Everywhere I’ve looked I’ve seen 50% off (or free) with contract, BOGO packages, etc. So a lot of the unit figures are clearly at the expense of margins.

    Whereas Apple with its “margins are sacrosanct” model never gives their stuff away. So, sure, it’s a legal, fair biz tactic, and consumers (arguably) benefit (as long you can deal with all the Touch Wiz crap my Moto X is free of), and may even help Samsung push Apple toward future irrelevance, but makes for skewed comparisons of who’s making bank.

    And a shame in my eyes as there are a number of non-Apple phones I’d buy before Samsung’s – all being buried in the blitz. Still and again, nearly all’s fair in love and marketing however cool HTC and other gear is.

    One more thing: As the article did point out, Samsung reports SHIPMENTS whereas Apple more reports actual SALES, so another way in which the thrust of the story’s misleading.

    Just sayin…….

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Apple also report shipment. Stop with the myths.

      • I did say “more”… …I’m not entirely sucked into the “reality distortion field.” :-D

        • The-Sailor-Man

          One more thing:
          “Whereas Apple with its “margins are sacrosanct” model never gives their stuff away”

          You ignorant, do you really think that Samsung is who makes the “BOGO packages” or “50% off” with special contracts.

          And please stop with this old dirty iTrick: “I’m an Android user myself, and…iBlah..iBlah…”

          • You want the serial # on my Moto X? I love it. It’s Samsung’s bloatware I don’t cotton to – which is maybe half for function and half to keep a wedge between them and Google (and their Android also-ran competitors, a fair statement given their market share) – and also mostly half-baked and duplicative, and all of which adds overhead to performance for reasons that won’t improve what I and I think most I know are after from a device. [BTW, I love my Samsung pivot monitor (going strong for years).]

            Also: I have no interest in being anyone’s captive in the great ecosystem wars, and I’m only a “fan” of users. So Win computer, Android phone, and maybe an iOS tablet this fall. A foot in all the camps sounds reasonable and interesting. As in keep an eye on what all these bastards are up to, haha…..

            And what lame criticism. Nobody’s forcing Samsung to offer all those sales – they’re clearly opting (whether with vast encouragement from the cellcos or not) to flood the channel to strangle their competitors – just as their marketing budget dwarfs anyone else’s in the industry.

            Did you see Sony Experias or M8’s offered on such sales in their first weeks on the market…?? Sources, please.

            Meanwhile they have a profit margin for that volume – only Apple and Sammy are making any real money on phones from what I read, but it’s nothing like Apple’s percentage wise. But market dominance and control over their whole user experience are their primary goals, as that will give them much more pricing leverage in the long run.

            Fair and legal, but I won’t be in their mobile device camp. And ya’ll suit yourself and touch yer whizzes as much as you likes meanwhile. :-D

        • simpleas

          grow up

  • Cole Raney

    I would like to see actual sales, not percentages. If the weekend for smartphone sales when the iPhone launched were higher than the S5 launch, then the iPhone could be much higher. Although if it did outsell the iPhone, then we finally have a phone to outsell the iPhone, and that is great news.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    To answer the question, yes I’m upgrading to the S5. Soon as the blue gets available here…

  • Andrew T Roach

    No Apple Store sales data makes this completely inaccurate.