Galaxy S5 pitted against Moto E with surprising results, highlights the advantage of stock Android

by: Andrew GrushMay 20, 2014


Priced at an extremely aggressive $130, there’s no denying that the Moto E is easily one of the best sub-$150 unlocked Android phones you’ll find no matter where you look. Of course, such a low price point means the specs aren’t going to wow those of us that prefer high-end or even midrange devices, but there is at least one ace up Motorola’s sleeve that allows the Moto E to perform much more fluidly than many devices priced well above it: stock Android.

Whether you’re a firm member of the Pure Android camp or not, it’s hard to deny that a clean stock (or near-stock) installation of Android is less bloated and therefore speedier than customized Android ROMs like you’ll find with Sense and TouchWiz. But how much of a difference can stock really make? If a new “versus” video can be believed, quite a bit.

The GS5 is a Goliath and the Moto E is nothing more than a mild-mannered David, but the results of their 'battle' are a bit surprising.

As you can see, the video pits the Moto E against one of the most powerful handsets in the Android world, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Considering the S5 rocks a Snapdragon 801 CPU versus the dual-core Snapdragon 200 of the Moto E, you’d think that this was less than a a fair fight.

While it’s true that the GS5 is a Goliath and the Moto E is nothing more than a mild-mannered David, the video’s creator Tom Rich did his best to launch several tasks simultaneously to give us a brief look at how software performance compares. The results are a bit surprising.

During his brief trials, the Moto E came off the lock screen slightly quicker, booted up apps like Google+ slightly quicker and loaded up its gallery app much more quickly than Samsung’s Touchwiz-based alternative. The ‘tests’ above are far from scientific and aren’t at all definitive proof that the Moto E runs tasks more smoothly than the GS5, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting.

A better test would have probably involved two phones running a clean installation with the same media (movies/music) added, and perhaps even testing the exact same apps. Still, the takeaway is that, while the GS5 can run high-end apps and games that the Moto E only dreams of running, actual software performance with TouchWiz isn’t necessarily as smooth as it could be.

Of course, this nothing new to anyone, as the debate centering the laggy performance of TouchWiz goes back a very long ways. On the flipside, many TouchWiz fans say that these minor glitches in performance aren’t really that noticeable in day-to-day use and that the positive apps and features added by Samsung are well worth the minor sacrifice.

What’s your take, does this video illustrate that Samsung needs to do a better job of optimizing Touchwiz? Conversely do you feel that the complaints surrounding “TouchWiz lag” are greatly exaggerated and that videos like these prove nothing?

  • Kile

    Touchwiz has many useful features over stock android that ARE making Samsung more popular than its rivals. Some features are genuinely useful; the voice controls for camera/music, definately multiwindow (which apple is set to ‘introduce’ so you know it’s important), air view. I want a device with these features and would pay more for them. Also, for all the touchwiz criticism nobody mentiones nova launcher and other launchers which solve these supposed issues and include increase speed options.
    The moto e seems too underspeced. I’m not against it but it’s a cheap shot comparing a phone with zero features against the s5.Has that s5 had bloat apps disabled and been optimised? Like the article says, it’s far from scientific.

    • Gary W

      Thing is, the bloat ware should not be there in the first place.

      • D’Ander McSullivan

        They should include all the bloatware they want, but allow users to uninstall it without rooting. That would be nice.

        • Jesus

          …and that (ability to uninstall bloatware) is a law now in South Korea. The US should follow suit…

        • Martin Jastram

          and it wouldn´t cost them a thing.
          but that would mean a considerable increase in performance, thus removing the need to upgrade early to a faster phone.
          so it won´´t happen.

    • Lula Jardim

      The average user doesn’t want to lose time to optimze his/her phone! You are paying lots of money, the least you could expect is a nice experience fresh out of the box, right?

      Besides, Samsung focuses on features and forgets the basics which are the DIALER and the CONTACTS app. I say this because I own a Moto X and a Galaxy Note 8.0 and the difference is MASSIVE! While the Moto X opens the Contacts almost instantly, the Note 8.0 takes 3 seconds on average!

      • zak

        I have note 3 and it takes less than a second to open my 470+ Contacts

        • Lula Jardim

          The first time I open the Contacts app it really takes that long, after that it is just like yours and takes less than a second. I’m using now another app for contacts and dialer, and even the first run after a reboot doesn’t take that long.

          The Note 3 might handle it better, who knows! Try that again right after a reboot and you’ll probably see what I’m talking about!

          • zak

            You seem to contradict yourself. You wrote “the Note 8.0 takes 3 seconds on average!”. Then you wrote that its only the first time after boot and after that it takes less than a second. That is very mis informative! Maybe people should use linux instead of windows on the pc because the response is so much faster!

          • Lula Jardim

            Sorry about that, It did sound a little strange. I edited my first post.

            Still, lemme try to explain a little bit more:

            When I say “after a reboot”, I mean this is the first time the app is being loaded into the RAM. After that, when you leave the app, Android leaves it in the memory for as long as possible. Which means it will make the app go into a “stand by” mode.

            So, let’s say for example that you open the Contacts app for the first time(which will take a lot of time for Samsung), then go to your Gmail, and finally right back into Contacts. Unless you have a really crap phone(which is not the case here), your contacts app will open instantly. That is to be expected, and, this is not the app being loaded, it is simply being resumed (in developer terms, the app will start from its onResume method).

            On the other hand, let’s say that you open your Contacts app and a lot of heavy apps and then open back your contacts app. Or, maybe you’re like me, and only open the Contacts app occasionaly. Chances are Android will have it removed from the RAM and destroy its instance. This means that the app has to be loaded again instead of resumed. Even in this scenario, there are apps you expect to take a long time (a game for example) and apps that you still want it to load as fast as possible (Contacts, Dialer, Camera, etc).

            TL;DR version: I’m talking about app average load time, not resume.

    • Chris Martinelli

      “Has that s5 had bloat apps disabled and been optimised? Like the article says, it’s far from scientific” – It’s stock, so no… But that isnt the point. Most of that bloat needss to be rooted and most people wont do that. It’s an absolute nightmare of apps running constantly. The S4 was even worse. The fact that the dual core Snapdragon 1.2ghz cpu with 1gb ram operates snappier than the mighty quad core Snapdragon 801 at 2.5ghz with 2gb ram speaks volumes.

    • deepen915

      AGREE 100 PCT!

  • With so many unwanted apps it’s no wonder the system is slow… For me S Planner, S Translator are the only useful ones

    • _X_

      Top Samsung apps: Email, S Translator, Music and Calender.

      Samsung should remove the rest….but Samsung said they will remove or replace samsung hub…lets hope.

      I also whish I can uninstall Google apps like play games, movies, book, hangout, google plus from my phone…then it will be even less bloated!

      • Martin Jastram

        that´s not going to happen, unless you get a custom rom.
        and you still have to be very careful, because some of them depend on each other.
        but since 4.4. you can put them to sleep in the app section.
        i did that and besides the updates stopping, my n4 ist still lighning fast.
        as a bonus those apps don´t show up in the appdrawer anymore.
        it´s almost, as if they really were gone.

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      apps don’t slow down the phone, it’s bad engineering that slows down the phone.
      how do you explain that the Moto E has less free RAM and less storage out of the box, yet it is significantly less laggy?

      • Chris Martinelli

        Bloat slows it… It’s not “apps” it’s too many appps running all at once in the background swapping in and out of RAM. Anyone with a Samsung rooted and debloated knows they are fast as hell once debloated.

        • Martin Jastram

          yes, just like this.

      • Martin Jastram

        all phones slow significantly down, once the get used and filled up with apps.
        even the moto e. they just don´t take that in account in most reviews.

        if the phone is already pretty full to beginn with, thats already bad.
        if they also run all the time (which most samsung apps do – yes, that could be bad engineering. but it´s the way, things are), that slowes down the phone too.
        just look at touchwiz. and all the rooted phones with alternative roms.
        they´re still mostly stock.

        i rest my case.

  • Chris Martinelli

    How is this “surprising”? We all know Samsung adds loads of bloat. It really gives Android a bad name. Anyone who has a clean Android 4.1 or greater with a clean ROM, or even Samsung phone rooted and debloated knows Android is fast as hell now. Samsung should be publicly flogged for the crap they put on their phones. It’s beyond ridiculous and reason #1 I would never buy Samsung again (unless of course they change it).

    • Jeff Pilgram

      it’s not just Samsung that does this though, virtually every Android phone maker bloats their phone with their own software, as a means of “marketing”

      Google should give more incentives to phone makers to release stock versions of Android on their phones as an alternative, if I could get a Note 3 with stock Android and not have to deal with the hassle of rooting and finding a stable ROM, I would gladly pay $50 more for the phone

      • AbbyZFresh

        But then there would be no difference between any brand of Android phone if they were all using stock. OEMs bloat Android for a good reason. To differenate themselves for more appeal.

        • Chris Martinelli

          adding custom stuff its okay, a lot of OEMs do that. But none of them put so much like Samsung where the whole phone is ridiculously slow. if you think its slow compared to a Moto E , you should compare it against a flagship like a g2

          • Martin Jastram

            actually, sadly, LG is big on bloat too these days.
            my G-Pad 8.3 has been lagging for months and it´s like 6 months old?

            samsung is the worst though, rendering a 16 gb S5 pretty much unusable with half of it already filled up with all their bloated features

            there´s good things there and bad. too bad, they don´t know the difference.

        • ratnok


          They should be differentiating themselves in with HARDWARE. Build better cameras, a longer lasting battery, better materials, better speakers, better wireless charging, better NFC, better wifi, better 4g antennas, better PRICING, better processors, memory, storage, etc.


          • Jordan Vasquez

            This, completely agree. I don’t see how people don’t get this, especially considering Windows PC manufacturers have been doing this for YEARS!

          • number29

            And look at how little innovation there is in the PC market, and how many companies are struggling in this market… What Ratnok is proposing is NOT a viable option for the longterm.

          • Jordan Vasquez

            The PC market’s struggling because nobody is buying PCs… Your point is invalid.

          • Thomas Dubbin

            And it sucks when they do it too. HP laptops with bloatware are analagous to Samsung phones with bloatware. They wreck the user experience, and start rumours like “iOS is more polished than Android”….which is only true of the Samsun abomination of Android.

          • number29

            Motorola, LG, etc, can only include better cameras, speakers, processors and memory as and when the companies who make these things develop them. And even then, short of buying up the entire supply of these products, Motorola and LG would have access to exactly the same cameras, speakers, processors and memory as each other, meaning they’d end up with essentially identical products. You can’t include a Snapdragon 900 processor in your phone until Qualcomm have made it, etc. You get my point. So instead, they have to differentiate on software.

          • Jordan Vasquez

            Oh, so you mean the exact same thing as the PC market…?

          • deepen915

            but that bloat is what gives those Galaxy phones their different feel. If they made Galaxy phones stock Android you would lose every single feature that Samsung wants you to have on the phone! I have seen the GPE S4, you lose all of the extra S4 stuff like Air Gestures, Air View, Camera modes, and a lot of Samsung essential apps. I am not willing to sacrifice all of that for a clean Android feel. You should just get a Nexus 5 if you want that experience. I get a Samsung phone because of Touchwiz and the extra Galaxy features, not Android.

          • K2

            These gimmicky features are liked by a few but a smooth performance is liked by all. And nexus is not available in many countries.

          • Armandazo

            I totally did, those Samsung features don’t really add to anything experience wise. Touchwiz is terrible and air gestures and air view are not enough to forgive the terrible performance that the phone has. I used to have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the best performance and experience was when I installed Cyanogenmod 11. Also there’s the thing about updates taking forever, if they make them available in the first place.

        • monkey god

          Yeah, but there are ways of bloating while maintaining basic UI speed. All those launchers we put on our phones could be considered bloat as well, but some of them run just as fast or faster than stock Android while only sacrificing a bit of battery and ram. Big name manufactures could do well to emulate some of the usability of these launchers.

        • K2

          Adding bloat and slowing the phone down just for the sake of differentiation is ridiculous on the part of all these companies

      • Guru Tim

        It’s not the manufacturer apps that slow the phones down, those are just annoying but in essence the same as angry birds or snapchat. It’s poor OS and possibly kernel programming. Either that, or the overloading of features. One way or another Samsung will have to just re-code this clearly poorly-optimised OS from the ground up. I’m just surprised they haven’t yet. They make so much money it could be done in a relatively short period of time

        • Martin Jastram

          aparently it´s easier to fix this by selling us a more powerful phone.
          that´s how they made that money in the first place. ;-)

          • Guru Tim

            Haha right on. I think they think processors and RAM will take care of the issue. But their shit’s so poorly programmed an s801 and 2GB RAM still lags every now and then. And then you have WP which would run smooth as butter if it was powered by a potato haha. Come on Samsung! Use your insane amount of money to just re-programme touchwiz. Keep the looks the same if you want (but please change them hehe), and just re-do it. That way they could pack in even more of their OTT features without slowing their own phones down lol

      • Lisandro O Oocks

        Moto E has bloatware too. How do you explain that it is faster than the S5?

        • Chris Martinelli

          all OEM’s have a bit of bloat added, not generally a problem. Samsung has ridiculous amounts of bloat, to the point it lags out the fastest hardware.

          the proof is in the test in that video shows it. The difference is even more noticeable if you hold it against the flagship instead of a poopy little moto e.

        • Martin Jastram

          bloat ist stuff, that doesn´t necessarily make your phone better, like a different calender app and such.
          enhancements like tap to wake are a different breed though.
          thats not bloat at all and it hardly requires any space on the phone at all.
          the worst part of bloat on samsung though is the sheer amount of it – and touchwiz, which is a joke.
          just by adding a different launcher, the experience already improves a lot.
          but a filled up phone (with bloat) will perfom worse anyways, just because it needs more free space.
          so even if their stuff were programmed well (which it isn´t) and could be useful (most of it is redundant), it´s a bad habbit to fill up half the phone, just because something “might” be useful.
          after all, there is still the playstore, if you need anything.

      • zak

        No need to find any stable rom. Just use stock rom for maximum stability and compatibility. Rooting takes seconds. I would gladly pay $50 more for the extra software that comes with note 3. Especially all the s-pen stuff, multi-window, one-handed operation, screen mirroring, remote control, and more

        • Martin Jastram

          there´s stuff and unique features on the note, that anybody will want to have and i wished some of those were on my phone (especially the s-pen itself).

          but these really useful features are buried under a phletora of crapp- and bloatware and that´s what people rightfully complain about.
          rooting may be easy. but installing a rom – aside from rendering your warranty void – is not everybodys cup of tea. most will just not be able to do it and instead buy a new device, which they wouldn´t need, if the device would perform, as it could.

          it´s save to say, that installing a good custom rom makes any samsung device even faster than it´s successor.
          that´s just a fact.

      • RarestName

        I’ve found other flagship Android devices to be less laggy as compared to 삼성 Galaxy phones, so there’s that.

      • pricky

        That’s called Google play edition devices!

      • K2

        They are already giving android for free, arent they? These companies are already benefitting a lot from android, and you want google to give them even more.

    • Guru Tim

      Amen, brother.

    • Vito

      You mean samsung gave android a good name. If it wasnt for samung nobody would switch from the iphone. Stock android is still very dull and nexus phones are still very ancient. No one would know what am amdroid phone was if it wasn’t for Samsung

      • ratnok

        Absolute nonsense. Even without Samsung, Android globally outsells iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and everyone else COMBINED. Check the record.

        Do you work for Samsung?

        • Shubham Singh

          bro one has to accept that samsung was the flag waver for android but after s2 it has lost it.

        • Mohammad Zahidur Rahman Fahad

          Sorry bro i do not agree With you. Maybe samsung sucks to u. But without samsung android could not beat Apple. I used many phone. But samsung is best. Though i am using s5 now, note3 is the best device samsung had ever created.

      • Chris Martinelli

        No, that most definitely is not what I meant.

        • Martin Jastram

          haha :-)

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Things are different now. Samsung has lost its touch. I’d never buy a samsung anymore.

      • Shubham Singh

        i would agree to that to some extant that because of samsung android became popular but you shoundt forget that becuase of android and nokia fault you are praising samsung or it would have remain a third world brand which it was use too.

      • Martin Jastram

        it´s actually the other way around:

        for years samsung has been trying to make sure, that nobody cares about what´s under the hood.
        for every google app they made their own replacement. they started their own appstore and generally succeded in making a lot of people believe, that samsung, their phones and their os was all the same.
        they sure helped putting android on a lot of phones, but they never wanted people to know.
        only recently they have been following some of the rules of google due to google putting some pressure on oems.

        what you call dull on nexus phones, some would call clean.
        yes, the GEL or it´s predecessors are very plain. but a better launcher is installed in seconds and that´s great. because the right launcher for you ist a matter of taste.
        i wouldn´t want it any other way.

    • Adude345689gh

      It took me less than an hour to root my s4, install kitkat (Samsung official), reboot, clean off all the bloat and install nova launcher and greenify, result much faster and stable works a dream, not exactly difficult to do if you have a brain cell

      • Chris Martinelli

        Yup, I have done that with my old S3 and my wifes Note2 and co-workers Note3… But that isn’t the point. Most people don’t know how and wouldn’t try to learn, and they shouldnt have to… The stock experience shouldnt have so mich bloat that it noticeably slows down the fastest of chips period. There is no excuse for it.

        • Martin Jastram

          true. and by the way:
          my brothers wife owned a galaxy ace two. she tried to root it with help of my brother, who is a pretty good programmer (as far as i can tell).

          they bricked it, trying to root it, though at least one of them definitely was qualified to do it right.

          it can happen to anyone, it´s still risky.

          just as you said:
          people just shouldn´t have to do this.

      • K2

        Some of you geeks are truly a*****nt. Not every consumer can do that. And they form the majority of smartphone buyers.

    • pritish

      I’d rather be condemning touchwiz for it being an ugly UI rather than it slowing down your phone by a millisecond. Anyhow, touchwiz still remains the #1 reason I never buy Samsung.

      • Martin Jastram

        man, for a scond i thought, you liked it…

  • Isaac Lau

    Not only Samsung but also Sony HTC LG Oppo installed lots of unwanted app on devices. The worst thing is that we can not delete these apps normally. Some Samsung app such as S xxx which I have not opened and used. Nowadays, manufacturers want to produce a phone with unique design and customize operational systems.
    Are we really gain advantages?

    • Chris Martinelli

      The difference is the LG and Oppo apps, while you may not want them, arent so many or so badly coded that they slow hte whole phone down like happens with Samsung.

      • Martin Jastram

        sadly, that is not entirely true.
        my g-pad has slowed down like hell, after i put some apps on it and started actually USING it.
        the g2, i had in my hands for acouple days was just annoying after my perfectly customised n4 running only slightly slower.
        but it rooted easily.

  • Daniel D

    I would still buy the s5 over the motto e and I do think that “touchWiz lag” is over reacting. I still own s3 and I’m happy with it. I’ve rooted this phone once to cyanogenmod but I missed all those touchwiz features(smart call, smart stay, swipe left for message and right to call, music player graphics and voice commands, swipe with palm to printscreen, and many others made my interaction with the phone a lot better) and switched back. Samsung haters please don’t bother to reply to my comment cause I really don’t give a shit what you say.

    • Martin Jastram

      i still hate touchwiz, but i can see your point.
      sorry, i replied ;-)

  • igy

    Well I don’t like pure android. UI makes differents despite lag. This video showed better work with stock android but didn’t show any big differents, which avarage users see. Can Samsung make better UI? Yes it can. But is that important? No it isn’t. That Motorola can’t compete with S5 performance. Can only open something 0.5 seconds faster.
    Btw used CM and came back to stock rom with Samsung UI. Sorry too boring.

  • Pitahson

    Well TouchWiz is not an overlay, it’s Android modified and that spinoff is pretty much slow

  • Tuấn Ankh

    Crap. I’m gonna get myself a Moto E.

  • B10

    I bet that Touchwiz runs even faster on ‘TIZEN’ than Android…..

  • BennyBrick5

    Gotta love stock Android. Shame on Samsung for doing such a crappy job at everything and still having the dominant market share.

  • Cao Meo

    haha a slap in the face for Samsung TouchWiz

  • DMR

    +O.D. Brown +Mark Carder You two make good points about this whole article.

    Let me just say that this article smacks of desperation, that someone would try to compare two smartphones that aren’t even in the same price range or performance range. The fact of the matter is that the Moto E was designed to be a budget-friendly device, a low-end smartphone — whereas the Galaxy S5 is a high-end smartphone with specs to boot. To compare these two phones is like comparing a Lexus and a Volkswagen.

    I have been a three-year fan of Android Authority, and, as a tech writer, recommend you all to everyone I know — including my family and friends. What disappoints me is that this article is sub-par as compared to a number of other comparison articles you all have done in the past. Android Authority is a credible site, but some of the articles (this one included) are just disappointing.

    I understand that the Moto E is a budget phone for a great price…and if I wanted stock Android (which I don’t; I’ve got a 2012 Nexus 7 and Nexus 5, thanks), I would purchase the Moto E over any Google Play Edition device. Why pay $650 for a device with vanilla Android when you can get vanilla Android for as cheap as $129.99 (or $79.99 on contract)? When it comes to my Android experience, I want something more. Samsung phones provide that for me. They give me Android with the best of Samsung on top — and I couldn’t be happier.

    As a tech journalist myself, I wouldn’t’ve dreamed in a million years that someone would try to compare two phones, when the Moto E doesn’t even have a decent camera (have you seen your very own Moto E vs. Moto G camera comparison in your recent video?), and many average individuals I know wouldn’t pick up a phone (or even touch it for that matter) with the terrible 5MP camera in the Moto E.

    I could go on, but I want to be respectful. I am just tired of the “vanilla Android advantage” mantra that tech enthusiasts keep shouting about. The average customer is buying Samsung’s phones at an incredible rate because, simply put, they want more functionality for their money. The Moto E will have a good market, but it won’t be the market of high-end customers who are willing to pay $199.99 with a two-year agreement for what they deem to be innovation.

  • sunnyboy

    Stock Android looks like sh*t and “bland”. Even good Chinese brands like Oppo, Huawei, Lenovo, Xioami etc put their own UI on top to differentiate their product from cheap Chinese copy cat. This Moto E certainly feel like one typical cheap Chinese copycat phone with a useless camera.
    BTW, the video show one big bias: He opened the picture gallery & the Moto E is faster…well the Moto E gallery only have one single image folder while S5 have 10 folders. This review is bad and just as low grade as the Moto E.

    • Martin Jastram

      stock android can easily be modified with a launcher of YOUR CHOICE.
      so even if your point of view was valid – where´s the problem?

      on the other hand:
      with every single new device i have to put up with some new, fancy and sensless settings-setup or colour-scheme, because oems think, they have to put everything in a different order just for the sake of differentiating themselves.
      that´s just plain annoying.

      nothing to say against a modified launcher. like it or change it.
      but why, oh why change everything else..?

  • Damon Salvador

    Moto E …

  • Cyrus Dastoor

    Android Silver to the rescue ?

  • Blowntoaster

    it’s a stupid comparison. plain and simple. Stock Android is good yes, but install some apps on that Moto E and load some media and see how it fares then.
    The S5’s animations should have been turned off…it has more photos, and syncing was turned on which delays the gallery quite a bit.
    The animations alone “slow” down the transitions on the S5. turn them off and the Moto E won’t look nearly as fast.
    yes, Touchwiz is bloated, but that also means you get more features than you do from most other manufacturers. Some may frown at those features but some are useful.
    People just really hate Samsung for no reason. had it not been for them, do you think Android would have been where it was now? Their massive sales have given Android a big boost.
    HTC surely didn’t push the boundaries back when Android was still in it’s infancy? LG? they only gained traction recently with the G/G Pro and G2/Nexus 4 & 5. Before that, their phones were mediocre at best. Sony has always been good, but their devices never really stood out until recently.
    All manufacturers have their good and bad points, but, because Samsung stands out above the rest, they get unnecessarily bashed by way to many people with way to many opinions.

  • Balraj

    Touchwiz always lags
    It’s a fact
    No wonder moto e was smooth
    But stock has lots n lots of drawbacks
    Not worth buying stock android unless your looking for just a small budget device

  • samsung push its lots of useless apps in its all smartphone.
    and that’s why it is slow and worst phone to buy.
    Stock rom is far behind the actual android capabilities but for small budget phone it is good.

  • William D

    I will take the 2 Moto G’s I got my wife and son plus the Moto G 4gLTE on the way to me over an S5 any day. If it had come out earlier I would have got the wifes little hands the Moto E , the G is max size for her. I have owned an Infuse, S3 and S4 . Rooted all were great. Stock , except for removable battery I am not a great fan of Samsung or most other brands as far a what you get for the $$$

    2 moto g’s + 1 moto g 4g lte = $ 663.00 total after taxes and shipping you cannot beat that performance at that price.

  • Andrew Hope

    I agree to a point. TouchWizz is an abomination & previous old versions of HTC Sense were so bloody appalling, that was the main reason I never bought an HTC phone until the One M7. However, Sense 5 & up is at least as fast, and frankly better optimized than Stock Android. It is actually my favourite Android skin now…Period…

  • v

    The tweaks are available within the settings of all recent Android phones in a section called “Developer options.”

    This section might be hidden on some phones, but it’s very easy to access. On many phones, you just have to open a certain page in the settings and tap a button seven times. Use Google to figure out how to enable Developer options on your phone if it’s currently hidden (for example, search “enable developer options HTC One”).

    Once you have access to Developer options, simply scroll until you find the following three settings, which may be located on the main screen or within an “Advanced” subsection:

    Window animation scale

    Transition animation scale

    Animator animation scale

    Tapping each of the three aforementioned settings will reveal that it’s set to “1x” by default. If you want to speed up your phone or tablet dramatically, simply change each of those three settings to “.5x” — that’s it. p.s restart your device.

  • Jayfeather787


  • deepen915

    not surprising, but I have the S5 and I don’t notice any slowdowns in daily use. If Samsung went close to stock Android, it would mean getting rid of a lot of Galaxy features. And Apps like the Camera and Gallery take longer to open because there are more features and options packed into those apps on the S5 vs. the Moto E. I hope Samsung sees this though and can improve S5 performance in the next software update

  • Shubham Chaudhary

    Stock Android=Good and fast,clean and fast :) Samsung Touchwiz=Bad and Slow,Ugly and slow :(

    Ever tried opening Flipboard on a note 3 and then on a Nexus 5? You’ll know the difference :)