Galaxy S5 TV commercial touts “meaningful innovation”

April 9, 2014

    Samsung is about to let slip the hounds of war marketing in over 150 countries when the Galaxy S5 finally goes on sale this Friday. How many hounds, you ask? Well, Samsung spent $363 million on advertising last year in the US alone, and a huge chunk of that money went on TV commercials. And that’s actually down 10 percent compared to 2012, if it matters.

    This isn’t actually the first Galaxy S5 commercial, with that honor going to the spot aired on the Oscars’ night. However, this one will probably be aired more extensively.

    Samsung positions itself like an innovator in the ad – right off the bat, the commercial touts the S5’s “meaningful innovation”, probably to counter the idea (widespread, in some circles) that Samsung is a fast follower, or even a copier.

    This clip is just an appetizer. Expect an onslaught of Galaxy S5 promotional activity over the next days, though rivals aren’t likely to just stand idle.


    • Anonymousfella

      Meaningful innovation or just meaningful upgrade?
      Last time I checked, they’re not the same…

      • Bone

        Check again, brah, look for ISOCELL.


    • Mohammed Azoz

      i see no reason of buying this phone …. the upgrades are not that High from the note 3 … and the note still do the job pretty fine + better look , Huge Battery AND awesome leather like Back :D

      • xtriker360

        That’s the upgrade for the s4, the notes are a different line.

        • Anonymousfella

          Two different galaxies…

        • krym73

          Thank you, I can die in peace now, knowing some ppl are smart enough to figure that

        • Mohammed Azoz

          still …. not enough upgrades from S4–>s5 ^_^

    • beatles

      cheap plastic band aid is an ‘innovation’

      • krym73

        Nope ,
        Download Booster
        Heart TrackTracker
        Dual Camera Shooting Mode
        Ultra PowerSaving Mode
        Private Mode-Kids Mode
        Gear2, Neo , Fit
        Thats innovation….since when is innovation based off of what the phone looks like, and the phone actually doesnt look bad or like a band aid in reality.

        • deepen915

          don’t forget the much improved ISOCELL Camera!

    • terpski

      No thanks to this crappy over-priced plastic piece of crap.

    • xd feng

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