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We’re nowhere near an official confirmation, but a listing on a website belonging to Korea’s largest carrier is proof that the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime is real and coming soon.

For a brief period, the device was listed among the devices supported by Olleh TV, an on-demand video service operated by KT Corporation, the largest and most important carrier in South Korea. Eagle eyed users managed to grab a screenshot of the listing before it was taken down, showing the device’s code number “SM-G906K” and what could turn out to be its commercial name, “Galaxy S5 Prime.”

galaxy s5 prime screenshot

Following Samsung’s conventions, the “K” at the end of the code number designates a phone destined for KT. “SM-G906K” was previously spotted in a database recording devices imported in India, along with “SM-G906S”, the equivalent SK Telecom model.

The Galaxy S5 Prime moniker has been kicked around since January, when noted KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Samsung would release two versions of the Galaxy S5, a standard model with a Full HD screen, and a souped-up “Prime” model featuring a Quad HD display.

This is the first time, however, when the name is spotted on anything resembling an official website.

As a major local partner of Samsung, KT is likely aware of the phone maker’s plans for the immediate future, so the listing may be a sign that the Prime’s launch is imminent. Past rumors have pegged its release for June.

However, the image accompanying the listing is just a regular Galaxy S5 covered in a Spigen case, so it’s possible that KT used a placeholder for the name as well.

Besides the Quad HD screen, the Galaxy S5 Prime may come with an octo-core Exynos processor and an extra gigabyte of RAM. There’s been a lot of talk about a metal body, however, with the supposed launch date approaching, we have yet to see any credible reports confirming it. But Samsung has always been good at keeping the design of its flagship phones under wraps, so we can’t really dismiss the metal rumors for now.

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  • Waterdroid

    What’s up with that back? :

    • patrik

      It’s a spigen case wrapped around it silly..

      • Waterdroid

        Ah that makes sense! Wasn’t sure if it’s a case after seeing the S5 with it’s bandageback..

      • Ben Edwards

        On a carrier website advertising the phone? Doesn’t really seem that likely. Although you’d hope that’s the case otherwise that’s another ugly back cover for Samsung.

  • tek

    Waiting for this beast to come out.

  • Aar0nC

    this is the S5 we were all hoping for, and didn’t get at release!

  • Dark_Laser

    That name is so wordy, can we start calling it the GS5′ yet?

  • shamatuu

    For the people who say why do we need this if it comes out which it will during the holiday season. They are only having it at some point to compete against HTC,Apple and LG since all 3 are going to have the 805 processes and QHD display. Makesense from a business and marketing stand point. They don’t want to fall behind so make sense. even though its not official from Samsung pretty sure it would be official during the holiday season.

  • markomil

    m8 still betteer :3

  • Kris Richard

    awesome mobile its sale is 10 million in just 25 days….