These may be the first images of the Galaxy S5 Prime

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 19, 2014

samsung galaxy s5 prime leak (2)

The so-called “Prime” version of the Galaxy S5 is slowly shaping up, following a few months of speculation based on unconfirmed anonymous reports. We now have an idea of the phone’s specs and approximate release date, and, if the shots below are real, the first clues of the S5 Prime’s appearance.

The source of the images is reportedly a tipster of Phone Arena’s, so proceed with caution. With that warning out of the way, what are we looking at here?

samsung galaxy s5 prime leak (3)

The device in question features a metallic frame, possibly made of aluminum. The overall shape is very similar to the Galaxy S5, though the phone in the shots appears to be slightly thicker and wider. Another change is the placement of the speaker on the bottom side of the phone, beside the USB port, as opposed to on the back, like on the standard S5.

The back cover appears to be the same textured plastic found on the standard Galaxy S5, but it’s possible that’s just used as a replacement for the final design.

samsung galaxy s5 prime leak (1)

According to Sam Mobile’s Faryaab Sheikh, the device leaked by Phone Arena is real. Faryaab says that a source of his confirmed the veracity of the pics, but he cannot vouch that the phone is indeed the Galaxy S5 Prime or even a member of the Galaxy S family.

In related news, a hands-on video made the rounds over the weekend allegedly showing an aluminum-clad version of the Galaxy S5. However, that turned out to be a regular Galaxy S5 with a metal aftermarket cover and an edited build.prop file.

According to several sources, Samsung may introduce the Galaxy S5 Prime (note that’s still not the confirmed name of the phone) in early summer, possibly in mid-June. Presumed specifications include a Quad HD display, a Snapdragon 805 processor, and 3GB of RAM.

What do you think of this design?

  • Damon Salvador

    same old shit design . lol at samsung

  • João Ricardo

    Still looks like Sh*t

  • Preben Nielsen

    Whau … as ugly as any other Samsung phone :-(

    I’m still in HTC One but amd excited about LG G3

    • das

      htc one is ugly too

  • Shark Bait

    no no no no no. That looks horrendous

  • _X_

    Apparently it is a fake…look at the usb port…no way to open it…plus the speaker grill is smaller in the top photo compared to the bottom photo

    • Xavier_NYC

      It’s the Same USB flap that’s currently on the Note 3 and regular GS5 to give it that IP certification..

      • Sam Hamed

        I think what he means is that there’s no little divet to insert your fingernail unlike the note 3 and the gs5

    • Maybe it uses wireless charging.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Same old design? At least they did something when they refreshed the S4 with the black edition.

  • Xavier_NYC

    Isn’t the word the word ‘Prime’ suppose to mean the premium model? This doesn’t look very premium to me.

    • Piotr Rogulski

      It’s just Samsung, it can’t be “Prime”

  • TeeHeeMuffin

    If this is the S5 Prime, it looks like LG might actually have a chance this year. I know I’m a sucker for the underdog, but AHHH I’m so excited!!

  • Joe Butler

    Aww yeah, loving that metallic edge like the iPhone 3GS had.

  • Neon

    So when they named it ‘Prime’, they actually did so in the context of ugly. I’ve never seen a smartphone more uglier than this one.

  • B10

    Samsung GALAXY ‘PRIME’. :-)

  • Rooney-

    Still same! No premium !

  • Fauzan Adhi Rachman

    It just look like ‘Samsung’

  • Isaac Lau

    Samsung, where is your passion?
    Where is “The Next Big Thing “?

  • Bilal Mahmood

    The Galaxy note 3 has the best design Samsung should use that design on all its flagships the galaxy s4 black edition was absolutely beautiful the s5 look shit in comparison

    • Jon George

      Agreed Bilal…love the look of my Note 3..only wish I could get to see it more often than when I take off my Otterbox or swap to my Spigen SlimArmor What would be nice is if they gave the “leather” a slight rubberized coating so it didnt feel like what it is…plastic! Via my X-Note & CivZ SnapKat powered n900t !!!!

    • Arnaldo

      Agree. I love my Note 3. It’s the best design for productivity and ergonomics. Samsung shouldn’t look any further, and specially not look at the shit of the Apple design, materials and form factor. And please, Samy, continue wifh the plastic. It is light, but strong, looks nice and it is a pleasure to handle. Thanks.

  • Scott Ricketts

    The physical buttons are really depressing. This “Prime” edition plus a GPE ROM would make this an easy sell for me.

  • V-Phuc

    Funny how various people called Samsung design by all kinds of derogatory names such as “sh**t, horrendous, ugly as hell, etc.”. However no one that I recall has put forth some ideas how their own design looks better. Go ahead, give it a try and let’s see how people react to your own Di Vinci’s design?!!! LOL. I sincerely believe we’re a bunch of spoiled brats, asking always for more and never offer anything in return. What do you really want from the phone design, triangular, round, hexagonal? LOL. Materials? Want gold, platinum of plastic? Willing to fork over 10K?

    • Oh, I don’t know. There are phones that look pretty awesome to me. Xperia Z2, HTC One mini (the 2014 one), Moto G, among others.

      And I’ll be extremely happy to design a new phone for Samsung. :D

      • V-Phuc

        Well, that’s why a lot of people like Android. There are a lot of variations, specs, design, size, etc. to satisfy almost everyone’s taste. What I don’t like is when people just say, “Samsung phones just look like shit”, and offer absolutely no idea how they think phones could be made better. Constructive criticism instead of purely destructive, demeaning behavior would improve the products. Care to share your ideas then? However keep in mind that if all your proposed ideas make a Samsung phone look just like a HTC, or Sony, then you fail since why bother, I might just go out and buy an HTC or Sony instead of waiting for Samsung to modify their handsets.

        • Um… yeah. Samsung doesn’t pay me to design phones for them. They pay their design people for that.

          • V-Phuc

            No one is mind-reader. Demeaning calling doesn’t help improve a product either. So either keep quiet or insult without offering any improvement tip lead to nowhere. Samsung doesn’t pay you to design phones, but you can speak up for what you want.

          • Improvement tips? Sure. Make the button layout a bit more sensible. Remove those crappy dimples at the back (remember the S3 and S4? They looked better than the S5/S5 Prime). Remove that “silver lining” around the bezels of the Prime – make it look more integrated. This phone looks like it’s been stuck together with glue…

            Oh, and maybe Samsung can’t read *my* mind. But read all the comments here (other than the ones by you). It wouldn’t be too hard to understand what *everybody* is saying, right?

          • Christopher Linnett

            What it really comes down to, is will people buy it, answer is yes. Why argue over whether you like it or not. It’s just a matter of opinion, everyone is going to disagree and nothing will change that

          • Hm… that’s sounds good. :) Shutting up now.

          • Michael Samsara

            Jeez – you would think they were arguing over something that matters! Who Cares about the case except people who have way too much time on their hands? I like Samsung – and am saving myself, my virtue and money waiting for the Note 4. Upon which I will put a nice, attractive case to protect it and never see the actual case thereafter.

            Personally, I spend my time with a device gazing upon the screen and am most impressed by what its computing power gives me not its backside.

            If I am in the mood for fetching backsides I will seek them among the denizens of the human species.

    • Gary W

      Never offer anything in return? I thought most of us have to pay for our phones. If a smartphone company wants my money, it has to wow me with its design.

      • V-Phuc

        How to “wow you with its design”? Perhaps if you spell it in more details, that would be helpful. And if billions of other people agree, I’m pretty sure Samsung will pay attention to it. After all, what’s the use to sell a phone with a design or specs that no one wants, right?

  • Aar0nC

    I personally don’t really care much of the external looks since the phone will be in a case the majority of it life. The notion that the speaker is on the bottom vs being in the back is a feature that I very much like! Won’t have to awkwardly cup the phone much to listen when watching YouTube!

  • Dave Weinstein

    come on guys, they don’t even know if this is the phone yet, but you’re condemning it based upon unverified photos.

    it would be nice to TRY to verify the features (i.e. 1440p screen, processor, memory, fingerprint scanner, rootable, etc.)

    it seems that it’s all going to be coming out in the next weeks, so plenty of time to make a buying decision between a S5prime, LG G3, and OnePlus One.

  • Bryan Z

    Samsung do us all a favor…. leave Android alone or just do ONE Google Play edition and then just do your thing with Tizen.

    • V-Phuc

      Why? How about you doing us a favor and… leave? If no constructive criticism, then just… go. Don’t let the door hit your on your way out, yes?

      • Bryan Z

        How about… you Sh ut the F u ck up! and stop being such a little pu$$y. You got your feelings hurt go cry to your mom you stu pid f uck!

        • V-Phuc

          Poor you. Got all offended, huh? Why should Samsung leave Android? Dumb idea, they’re making tons of money using this platform, so why leave? No smart businessman would do stupid thing like that. Are you a smart or stupid businessman? Who cares about GPE? Android is popular because it offers many possibilities of customization. Samsung is no by no means obligated to offer ONLY GPE. You don’t like TouchWiz. Go root your phone and install a custom ROM. You know how to do it, right? Unless you don’t and have to have for Google to put in their GPE for you. So please…leave while your ignorance is still a bliss. Perhaps using iPhone would suit you better, yes? BTW, where is your constructive criticism, beside the stupid remark that Samsung should leave Android? Dumb and Dumber.

          • Bryan Z

            Offended by some dumb piece of s*hit like you? Well look who wrote a f*ucking essay just to make a point. You are a JOKE a straight up loser. More than that you are fanboy without a life. Anyone would feel sorry for you.

          • V-Phuc

            so you don’t like Samsung design, software, etc., where’s your ‘grand’ idea of how it can be better? Care to share? Or you just go around pouting, and throwing insults without anything to back it up? Who’s more pathetic? I’m a joke…Humm, anything I said about Android with its multiple options of customization, and Samsung making lot of money using Android platform was false? Prove it then. For you just to suggest Samsung to leave Android is so LOL. Besides, you have nothing to back up that same argument! Why should they leave? You must NOT be a smart guy to suggest such a dumb move. Next time you say, this X and X company should leave, care to provide a reasonable and intelligent reason, would you? Grow a brain in the meantime.

          • Bryan Z

            You are a pathetic FANBOY look at how you defend Samsung its so cute, you probably wish you could get them to f*uck up the ass like the little pussy are. Go ahead and keep defending Samsung.

          • V-Phuc

            Bryan, bryan boy! Not because I said something intelligent that I should be called “fanboy”. FYI, I’ve owned devices from Apple to Android. No fan of anything. I see what’s best of each device or platform or company. I don’t sprout stupid arguments out of my mouth like “Samsung should leave Android”. Why? Care to explain. Can’t, huh? Tell you why: because you have no basis for such baseless opinion. Crawl out of your rock and see this: Samsung has made BILLIONS, yes, BILLIONS of dollars out of their Android smartphones. They certainly do NOT need me to defend them or make money, thank you. You know that, right, smart boy? Why should they leave such a good deal? Just because of you, a disgruntled, ignorant guy who can see further than his nose. I kept asking and you kept dodging my questions because you can’t explain why Samsung should leave Android. What about your grandiose scheme of how Samsung design can be better? Care of share with all of us?!!! Or you have NONE! You called me “pathetic”. Well, look at the mirror: the pathetic fanboy is the one who cannot explain his argument. Now go and ZZZ now. Try to grow a brain to support better your arguments next time, OK, bryan boy.

          • Bryan Z

            LOL nice attempt at trying! You just keep showing what a pathetic loser you are. writing long ass essays to defend yourself. I don’t even bother discussing business with a pathetic FANBOY such as yourself. You are one f*ucking little bitch, a FANBOY and a little pu*ssy a$$ and you know thats true.

          • V-Phuc

            “Don’t bother discussing” because you can’t, isn’t it right? LOL. You lose, bryan boy. Good thing that Samsung didn’t hire you to work for them, huh? With such a “savvy entrepreneur sense of business” like yours, they would have bankrupted longtime ago. LOL! My advice: next time you want to open your mouth for an opinion, THINK and RETHINK, and RETHINK again (repeat it a few more times wouldn’t hurt). Go ZZZ now to help you mature and grow a brain, OK.

          • Bryan Z

            I lose? wtf did I lose you stupid little piece of shit, Not only you are a Fanboy but you really are a p*ussy a$$, I bet you really a loser with low self esteem I can talk sh*t to you all I want and you take it like the little b*itch you are. HAHAHA! I lose? You say. Fcukn loser, Now go ahead a write me long ass paragraph defending your bit*chy little as$.

          • V-Phuc

            O great cyber-warrior! So brave to hide behind the cyber screen to cuss and insult people.
            Let me explain why you lose since you can’t comprehend it: Loser because you cannot defend your argument, brainless child.
            You cuss because that’s your only way to defend your argument. LOL. Can’t even write a decent sentence w/o cussing! Spelling mistakes, can’t even use the auto-spelling technology to help you write, huh? Wonder where you went to school.
            Still can’t explain why Samsung should leave Android, huh? What business do you run, o great entrepreneur?!!! Bankruptcy, or foreclosure? Seems to me with your ‘savvy sense of entrepreneur business’, these are the only 2 things fitting you the best. Unfortunately for you, Samsung needs none of that, don’t they? LOL. What contribution did your original post bring to this topic? NOTHING since it’s idiotic. Leave.

          • V-Phuc

            Just realize perhaps your child brain can’t comprehend too much, here are 2 things for you to explain if you reply:

            1. Explain why Samsung should leave Android when they have been making load of money with their Android smartphones. Lucky that Samsung is not run by “smart” people like you, huh?

            2. Share with us how your own ideas can make Samsung phones can be better.
            If you cannot answer to both issues I mentioned above, then please…spare us your childish insults since you look just like a little child throwing tantrums because he cannot get his milk bottle right away. And leave the stage for discussion for other INTELLIGENT posters who can support and/or defend their arguments better than calling everyone “fanboy”.

          • Bryan Z
          • V-Phuc

            Hiding behind the anonymous “guest” icon now, huh, Bryan boy. So pathetic. Can’t write, instead of using a gif. BTW, is that you clapping in that gif? Looks just like you, I swear. LOL. Hey, at least, you spare us of your childish, and meaningless cussing. Where’s your grand idea of the exciting phone? Care to share, or the cat ate your tongue?

    • hoggleboggle

      no thanks. the google play edition is nothing but a crippled version of the regular version. I would prefer Samsung continue improving on the core and making it more efficient than throwing it all away and leaving us to mediocrity.

  • EvelynBen

    Samsung is pathetic, introduce same as old design again.. Samsung must have to learn from

    • V-Phuc

      and what would your “grand” design be? Please share your own sketch! Seriously all the smartphones have essentially the same design, shape, and form. Some are a bit smaller, some are a bit bigger. Besides that, what else do you expect? Some kind of hexagonal, round shapes? LOL. As for the material, I don’t really give a damn about it being plastic, metal, or aluminium. Tell you why, the day after I got my SGN3, I put it in a case. I don’t go around with a “naked” phone just to tout that it’s made in …X kind of material. Dumb idea and dumb arrogance anyway.

  • _X_

    Well lets hope the G3 will come with a good bundle on contract in South Africa, because the reason why people in SA buy the S5 is because it comes with like 3 to 4 times more data than a SONY or LG plus it is cheaper. In SA we get an Awesome warranty where they replace your screen twice if you break it by accident, they offer better trade in value and same day repair or they give you a S5 demo to use untill your phone is fixed Plus SA Samsung offers 1GB free wifi…LG and SONY doest even have their own stores in SA…

    That is why I will buy S5….you get the whole package and a decent phone…

  • Guest

    Note 4 surely?

  • bbghhh

    Look lousy and out of date. Samsung seemed like having no new witty invention.

    • V-Phuc

      So what would you do to make them not to “look lousy and out of date”? Share with us your “witty invention”.

    • JDM

      i see nothing wrong with the S5 design.

  • Sal

    Wow I would gladly take a big dump over that shitty looking so called “Prime” version.

    • V-Phuc

      How would you make it ‘not shitty’ then? I asked that question a few times and no one came up with their ‘grand’ idea of an exciting, ‘not shitty’ phone!

  • DirtyFred

    I like the design but if the back looked like the note 3’s, it would be better.